God of destruction
4 The Pagoda and the Manuals
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God of destruction
Author :Teraphoenix
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4 The Pagoda and the Manuals

As he got closer to the chest he got more careful and slowly touched them as the pain surged through his body he just gritted his teeth as he didn't accept to wait any longer if he can stronger immediately.

As he opened them he saw two books burning in black flames once he touched these flames he was set ablaze by the flames he immediately started to scream and roll on the floor,

after a what seemed to be hours the flames got completely absorbed in his body as he woke up he could fell that his body was refined by the flames and his whole body reconstructed.

As he looked down on his body he saw that it had tuned fairer and was more smooth he was at first confused about this as he thought that he must have gotten rid of all those impurities but then he thought that he was a huge idiot as he forgot that his impurities can't leave his body if they are tuned to nothingness by the flames so he was also a bit thankful for the pain and he once again felt that pain is the answer to power but too few take it and if they take it they are forced to do it or have a weak mind and lose it after too much pain.

But then he remembered that he still didn't look into the manuals so he entered the Pagoda again as he entered his mindscape again he didn't fell the pain anymore and guessed that it disappeared as he already unlocked the manuals as he got inside he looked at the manuals again and saw the titles of them on the first one [Flame of destruction] "must have been the reason for the black flames guess this is the body tempering manual, will be a hell lot of fun."

as for the second [Destruction of the chaos] "Now how should I understand this?"

He grabbed The cultivation Manual and opened it, it stated that the ancestor of everything is chaos but chaos can't exist without destruction as chaos is created by destruction but destruction can't exist without creation as there would be nothing to destroy the manual stated that existence in itself is there to be destroyed to create chaos but out of chaos everything will be created again.

Richard was confused as he always that everything was created out of chaos and will one day return to chaos this also means that chaos is indestructible. So the manual is more or less a paradox as noting can destroy chaos.

At that moment, a question rose inside of his mind.

"How did everything start? Just how was it just there is this world a smaller world but even so that bigger world also needs a beginning so how and more importantly why?"

He put this question immediately in the back of his head and let it there for once he achieves godhood.

Then Richard saw a book next to them with the title: Pagoda of the End.

"Now who would have expected that?"

He read through the book and he got a good understanding of this pagoda and its layers.

There were six layers.

The first had 1 - 99 with a 100-year-old boss

The second 101 - 999 with a 1.000 boss

The third 1.001 - 9.999 with a 10.000 boss

The fourth 10.001 - 99.999 with a 100.000 boss

The fifth 100.001 - 999.999 with a 1.000.000 boss

The sixth 1.000.001 to 10.000.000

Richard thought that the last floor was slightly overkilling as spirit beasts at such an age are just

as powerful as Gods as those just failed to achieve true Godhood but were able to survive so long using the laws they comprehended to that came that they were created by the current ruler over existence and were attributed with power of absolute destruction so their attack power should be a notch higher especially for the one attributed with chaos as they should have a slight affinity with all other elements but he then red a short notice that these would not be renewed unlike the ones on the other floors which was a slight relive for him but it was still quite shocking for him.


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