God of destruction
5 The Spirit Awakening
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God of destruction
Author :Teraphoenix
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5 The Spirit Awakening

For the next year Richard trained in the manuals he got to build a perfect foundation.

He felt tremendous pain refining his body but he could fell that he was growing stronger but after he first started using the manual he couldn't stop circulating it and if he tried to forcefully stop it he felt like being drained of his whole lifeforce he guessed that this manual has already fused with his soul, but it also had a constant effect as he would get stronger every second of his life this might give him a constant pain but he accepted it but what was true torture was that he couldn't get used to it as the further he came in the refining the more pain he would fell. This made every second of the day true torture and he felt that he was slowly losing his mind.

As for the other manual, he found out that he first needed to awaken his spirits before he can cultivate, he didn't know the real reason for it but he found it quite fair as he already had the other manual.

On his sixth birthday he went with his mother who had been training him in the past year in many different martial arts to the main hall to awaken his spirit, in the hall was a long table with all the titled Doulos sitting that the spirit hall had under control they were talking about wich spirit Richard would awaken and thought that he would he would have at least a similar powerful spirit as his mother other were talking about how Richard grew up and that he was a master in so many martial arts as many of the titled Doulos in this room trained him in their own style and without their spirit power he was even able to rival and beat some.

As Richard entered the hall everything became quiet and they all watched Richard.

He stepped up to Qian Daoliu who already had his own spirit out the Seraphim and was exuding his spirit power of a 99th rank, ready to awaken young Richards spirit.

They both looked into each other eyes Qian Daoliu with disgust while Richard just had a slightly amused expression.

Richard then started summoning his spirits without saying even a single word some of the titled Doulos snicked at this but looked with interest to see what kind of spirit he would awaken, in that very moment did the sky turn dark and unimaginable pressure of death and chaos suppressed everyone in the hall.

All of them were scared of such a strong aura of death they summoned their own spirit to resist this pressure but after this another shock assaulted them they saw the spirit of Richard it was a being that didn't show its face but one could see the dark cloak over its body one could see its dark and disgusting claws and it had a big scythe which let all shudder.

Qian Daoliu calmed down faster than the others and looked at Richard.

"So what is the name of this spirit of yours I have never seen this before and it wasn't recorded in any of the ancient records?"

"It doesn't have any name as it is the first being created out of the chaos but one could call it death as its sole purpose was to Judge over life and death."

Richard suppressed his other spirit the dark Phönix (NA: it is different than Ma Hongjun's as for the exact difference you will find out soon enough).

As he didn't want it to be revealed, this would give him an advantage and it will calm them down as twin spirits would be just too powerful but he planned to tell his mother a few things soon enough.

After he went with his mother back to their mansion where he told her that he wanted to rest and just let her stand just like the titled Doulos in the hall as she was just as shocked.


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