God of destruction
6 First Spirit Ring
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God of destruction
Author :Teraphoenix
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6 First Spirit Ring

After the awakening of his spirits, he immediately went inside of the pagoda and fought his way through the first floor using his superior technics as they were the most useful to him as he still wasn't really the strongest and needed to get some real combat experience most of the spirit beast on the first floor weren't a real problem as they were just corrupted animals and on some occasions he found a ghoul his main goal was the boss room as he planned to take every boss as a spirit as they would be the most powerful at the selected age and would Richard would still be able to increase their age.

The first boss was a beast called Ghoul overlord as Richard entered the room a wave of immense pain suffer and agony washed over him he tried not to get down to his knees and after he stabilized himself he started running towards that monster.

The Goul overlord summoned a wave of ghouls ( kinda to be expected ) they were even weaker than the monsters on the first floor so he was easily able to finish them off but the problem that they did their job to distract so that their Overlord could attack and evade easily.

"The struggle is real" he smiled and ran toward it to finish this fight.

The fight ended shortly after and over it appeared a yellow spirit ring but it exuded a deep and monstrous amount of death aura and killing intent (for a hundred-year-old spirit ring).

Richard sat down and started to absorb it as the spirit entered 'death' he was assaulted by another wave of pain but subdued it shortly after.

After about five hours he opened his eyes and went forward towards the next floor to test his powers out and raise the age of hid spirit ring as he got on the next floor he saw a hell like scenery [Imagine a wast plane in hellfire with demons lurking everywhere]

As Richard saw just how many there were he smiled as he started running towards one of them and killed as it wasn't as strong like the Ghoul Overlord after he killed it he used his ability and the demon rose again and got to its knee in front of Richard seeing this Richard had an evil grin on his face and started to laugh hysterical. He saw so many possibilities with this ability.

In warfare and more importantly torture.

As he started killing them he also felt himself getting stronger.

"Well didn't expect the initiate ability of 'death' to be this strong" he smirked as he absorbed a blackish aura it was what seemed to be the aura of death Richard thought as he just knew that he had to absorb the energy or what he guessed was the soul of fresh corpses.

His rank raised in a monstrous manner as he already achieved rank 18 after only a few hundred demon souls.

Richard could also fell his body tempering manual acting up as he felt the pain increasing every second and he gritted his teeth, he felt that his body and mind was changing even if only slowly he could fell that he was turning to something nonhuman.

But in total, he was a bit amazed as he was still only a six-year-old kid. but one could imagine this picture to be very funny and scary at the same time as there was a six-year-old kid smiling in front of a huge army of demons as they were just looking at him like complete retards (which they kinda were).

Richard wasn't concerned about this but more about that he might change in looks and that he might get exposed as this would bring many problems with people like his grandfather who saw that anything that was nonhuman should be eradicated.

As he started thinking of a way to conceal this progress and a way to alter the looks of his body his consciousness was fading and he woke up in his room.

It was in the middle of the night but he could fell someone getting closer to his room.


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