Heaven's Wrath
2 Behind the Mis
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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2 Behind the Mis

Like he had always done when he was just a servant Ace woke up before the sun could rise, but unlike a normal day Ace would not be going to chop woods to meet his morning quota but he would be preparing his luggage that he would take inside the Immortal Demon Sect.

"This should be everything." Ace didn't need to pack anything other than his bow and his quiver of arrows because he didn't have that many items with him even when he entered the sect and as for clothes he only needs to change to the outer sect disciple uniform given to him yesterday by the Observer.

Patting the dust off his clothes Ace went out to wash his face and clean his body. The dirt that he got when he fell from that tree was still on him as he didn't have the time to clean himself up after he came back from hunting wild rabbits and leveling up that was supposed to be his lunch.

Ace dried his face off with a towel and proceeded to clean his entire body. After a while, Ace finished cleaning his dirt covered body and went inside the servants quarters and took the outer sect disciple uniform.

The uniform he wore was red in color and was lined with a black color lining on the edge of both sleeves. The black lining on the sleeves showed his identity of an outer sect disciple. Ace checked the fitness of his clothes and head out to the meeting place even before the sun rises.

Ace didn't use the usual path he uses when he sneaks out to observe the mist barrier, instead, he went out and walked off the servants quarters and went to the mist barrier using the regular pathway.

Ace attracted attention while walking leisurely on the road. Eyes filled with envy surrounded him making him feel some kind of hero that came back from fighting in a Heavenly War, Ace was naturally enjoying the looks of others but he didn't try rubbing it on their face by looking down upon them because he also knew how it felt when someone from the foot of the mountain obtains an outer sect disciples clothing and started showing it off to everyone like he was mocking them.

No, Ace wanted to look dignified befitting a disciple of an Immortal Sect that rules the Old Dragon Continent. Ace passed the servants and found himself in front of stone steps that lead up the mountain.

The stone steps had many steps even when Ace counted the farthest that he could see from below was the ninety-fifth step but he knew that didn't stop there. Ace took a deep breath before taking a step forward and start climbing up the stone steps.

Ace is a cultivator now so it was nothing for him. The heavenly essence in his body had finally been molded into a Soul Seed… although his Soul Seed was a little bit different from a normal Soul Seed.

From a book he read about cultivation, a Soul Seed would look like a mustard seed and will have the same size as a peanut. When in some cases the Soul Seed will have the size of a walnut, this kind of situation also reflects their talent early on.

However, in Ace's case his Soul Seed greatly differs from the norm because his Soul Seed did not look like a mustard seed from any angle, it was more of a mutated monster. His soul seed had a warped image, half of it looked completely normal while the other had a little hole in it that glows in crimson and d above it was a little pointy branch that looks like a horn.

Ace was surprised when he saw his Soul Seed after he woke up from suddenly blacking out but when he thought of the strange system Ace slowly accepted what was happening. The system in on itself was a mysterious thing that he didn't know about and he can't say to anyone else so like the system he chose to keep quiet regarding his Soul Seed when he reported to the observer that he had broken through the ranks of mortality.

Reaching the top of the stone steps what greeted him was the towering wall of mist and two young boys who were seated on top of the stone steps. Ace notices that the clothes the two young boys were wearing were the same as his.

One of the two had a handsome face but his face carried a cold pair of eyes making him look rather scary, and as for the other person his body was rather larger than normal men, his body was like a ball of excess fat but behind those fats, he also had a handsome face.

The young fatty notices Ace walking up the stone steps so he got up from where he sat and said hello to him;

"Hello fellow brother of the sect seems like we three will be advancing at the same time, haha this must be destiny! My name is Yuan and that guy with the scary looking eyes over there is called Greed."

The young fatty Yuan had a friendly smile on his face when he went over to say hello to Ace, his fat bounced around but that didn't seem to stop him from moving at all.

Ace smiled and said to fatty Yuan.

"Seems like you're right brother Yuan, my name is Ace." Ace introduced himself to Fatty Yuan and to the stoic Greed who was keeping his eyes close the moment Ace got there.

Fatty and Ace was able to hit it off and immediately the of them became friends and although Greed only talked a little Ace found that he was a not a bad person after all and was able to befriend him as well and before long Fatty, Ace was laughing together and Greed who was near them only listened in to their conversation.

While they were having fun someone walked out of the mist barrier alerting Ace and the other two with him.

"Seems like we have some energetic people advancing to become an outer disciple." An old man had a happy look on his face while he walks and talks at the same time.

When he walked out of the mist barrier the mist parted and created a path for him and after he stepped out the mist barrier returned to normal. The old man looked kind and the air around him was very calming making Ace and the other feel at ease when they saw him.

The old man looked to be in his sixties and his hair on top of his head had already turned white same with his beard that draped all the way to his waist making him look like some kind of great sage or a hermit who secludes himself in a mountain.

Three youths saw the old man and immediately the three of them didn't delay and bowed to show their respect, "we pay respect to the elder." The three young boys said and bowed at the same time, the three of them were so in synch that they looked like they practice this movement a thousand times.

"Hoho, enough with the formalities I don't like it that much… take this." The elder tossed them three black color medallion.

Ace caught the medallion from the air and started checking the medallion if it had something good on it and after a few seconds of checking Ace found nothing.

"Those will be your sect medallions try channeling some of your heavenly essences to the medallion." The old man instructed and the three did what they were told and started channeling their spirit energy to the black medallion.

Ace channeled heavenly essence then both side of the medallion lit up with light and when the light dissipated Ace went to check what was change only to see his name was already engraved on both sides on the medallion, "Ace".

Looking at the surprise and happy

"Those medallions will let you passed through the mist barrier that separates the servants and the disciples so if ever you want to come back here you will be able to do so. This medallion will also let you guys enter most of the sects facilities without needing to show anything and this medallion will also change in color after you break through the next realm.

Ace listened to the old man explaining and immediately got the gist what the black medallion was for and after some more introductions, the old man finally beckoned them to follow him to the mist barrier.

This the moment that he had been waiting for since he entered the Immortal Demon Sect, he usually only observe the mist barrier and dreamed of one day crossing over it to see what lies behind those intangible walls and now that he's actually about to cross it, Ace's heart could not help but beat faster and become wild.

Their footsteps echoed in their ears as the mist parted creating a path for him, the old man led the way while making casual remarks from time to time. Then, when the old man in front took a step forward, light entered the mist barrier, blinding Ace, Fatty, and Greed.

The three blocked the bright light coming to them and slowly walked out of the mist barrier and when their eyes regained their proper sense of sight, scenery that will be forever etched in their mind was presented to them.

They didn't know when the sun had risen up but they were thankful that it did. The sound of screeching howls of Magical Beasts echoed in their ears when a flock of feather beasts flew up the air from below, the wind created by the feathered beast created strong wind pressure enough to topple any mortal warriors.

The flock of feathered beasts had a strange image, its mouth was that of a lion and its feet was that of an eagles talon its tail was a snake and its wings were of a giant bird. The flock of feathered magical beasts flew and disappeared in the near mountain range.

The Immortal Demon Sect was truly beautiful, there were islands that float in the air and on the islands were buildings and infrastructure that towers what can be considered a luxurious, there were waterfalls that flows endlessly both in normal land and floating islands.

The constant roars and howls of the Magical Beasts were constantly heard, the sound of someone or something fighting can be heard from where Ace stood.

The mountain ranges stretch as far as the horizon and Eleven Mountain Peaks pierce the sky at the end of the horizon a Palace floating up the sky.

"This is the Immortal Demon Sect, the Eleven Mountain Peaks of the Elders and the Sky Palace of the Celestial Demon is the greatest aim of every disciple in the Immortal Demon Sect and with the seat of the Prime Disciple open the fight for the top is at its fiercest."

Ace's heart was thumping from excitement.

'So this is the place where one of the strongest people in the whole Nine Worlds reside, the one who leads the Immortal Demon Sect, the Celestial Demon can be found here and the Prime Disciples seat is open.' Ace was having a hard time trying to keep his excitement down.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》