Heaven's Wrath
3 Promising Juniors
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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3 Promising Juniors

"This is awesome! How can such a place be hidden from right under our noses, I mean the time we spent on crossing from the side of the mist wasn't that long so how come such a great place exist!? Is the Immortal Demon Sect inside of a Magical Space Realm!?"

Fatty Yuan asked with his eyes glittering with curiosity.

"What you just said is half correct and half wrong. The Immortal Demon Sect is not the one inside a Magical Space Realm, but the place called servant's quarters is the one inside a Magical Space Realm."

The old man laughed and Fatty Yuan and the other two were both shaken to their core. Hearing what the old man had just said the three of them showed a confused look on their faces, 'we were in a Magical Space Realm?'

The old man's laughed stop turn to them and then said.

"The three of you have yet to become a true disciple, you guys still have to go through the Illusory Heart Mirror and be judged but after the three of you pass you guys can finally be called official sect disciples of the Immortal Demon Sect and choose a Core Technique in the Martial Pavilion."

Ace's heart that should have calmed down thumped vigorously once more and this time it took him a long while before he was able to keep it in check. Ace had finally done it and entered the Immortal Demon Sect and after the Illusory Heart Mirror judges his mind and heart his first Martial Skill will be finally be given to him.

"Oh, it seems like it's time for me to go. Can you guys do this old man a favor and not tell anyone that you saw me here? If someone ever asks the name of the observer who guided you just say it was Observer Yu okay?'

The old man left in a hurry as he quickly jumped off the nearby cliff. Seeing someone jump off a cliff startled Ace so he hurriedly went to check what happened to the old man but after he did, Ace saw no sign of the old man.

"Did he die?" asks Greed.

Ace only shook his head and didn't answer because he didn't know the old man's current condition after he jumped off a cliff at this height.

When Ace went and checked the old man he realizes just how high he is right now.

"I think we are a couple of hundred meters from the ground below." Ace was not sure whether his calculation was right but base from what he saw and his estimation his guess have a high probability of being right.

At this moment Ace and the others heard a loud screech coming from above them, they turn their heads and looked up and saw a beast casting a giant shadow over their heads.

The Magical Beast's whole body starting from its Lion like head all the way to its snake tail was about 20 meters long and as for its unfurled giant wings its length from one tip to the other seemed to be even longer, the feathered beast from before reappeared and this time it was much bigger than before.

Fatty, Greed, and Ace were all level 1 Core Formation warriors and the thought of taking this giant beast down was nothing but a pipe dream so the only thing they could do in this kind of situation was run and try to preserve their life.

The three of them met eyes with one another and made gestures that they should run back to the savant's quarters.

The three of them didn't waste any time and was about to make a mad dash when they heard someone's voice from the back of the feathered beast.

"Do not try to run away, you guys are the new people advancing to become outer sect disciples correct? Don't make my job any more bothersome that it is." It was a woman's voice and the person who possess that voice was also a beauty.

Ace's eyes reflected the light coming from the sun but he clearly saw the young girl coming down to get them. The feathered beast landed and the young girl dismounted the feathered beast then said to Ace and the other two.

"Who's the observer who guided you here? He should be here with you until I come and pick you guys up."

No one answered until Ace took a step forward and answered her question.

"I-it was observer Yu, the one who guided us was observer Yu."

Ace stuttered a little but he was able to answer back, he didn't know why he lied like that without any hesitation but he already said it so he can't take what he said back anymore.

"Observer Yu? Oh yeah, that makes sense, observer Yu doesn't like to be bothered by this kind of activity." The pretty young lady look at the three of them one by one from head to toe and then said, "Well you guys are lucky to have all your limbs still intact, well observer Yu should be finishing his assignment of observing mortals by now so he should be happy, that makes sense."

The pretty young lady started talking to herself and Ace was still trying to figure out why he answered back when he was asked even though he clearly didn't want. While thinking of the weird event the pretty lady who was talking to herself spoke up;

"Hey, you three I don't have much time so get on already."

The pretty young lady ordered the three and Ace and the other two complied obediently. The four climbed the back of the giant Magical Beast. Seeing the three of them get on the pretty young lady ordered the giant feathered beast to go.

With a flap of its gigantic wings strong winds blew the surrounding dust, the feathered beast screeched and flew up the sky carrying four people on its back with ease. The three young boys didn't have any kind of experience riding a Magical Beast making this travel something new to all of them but it didn't go so well at first especially for Greed who sat on the very back who almost fell off the back of the feathered beast when it suddenly flew up.

The three of them had to hold on tightly on the strange fur that grew on the back of the feathered beast, if not they will most likely fall to their deaths.

"Are you both okay back there?"

Ace asked

"Yeah don't worry about it, Greed is having a slight problem but it won't result in him getting blown off by the wind."

The one who answered was Fatty Yuan.

Ace heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing Fatty. Keeping his head down Ace slowly tried releasing his grip of the feathered beast's fur. His grip was fully released and what comes next was his body to be straightened.

In front of Ace was the pretty young lady who was leisurely sitting on the feathered beast's back without a care for the world and for the three passengers who were struggling behind her.

His movement was slow but after getting used to it Ace was finally able to sit up straight and when he did he saw everything from a higher vantage point from before. The green ocean of trees below him was especially beautiful.

"Brother Yuan, Brother Greed lift your head and watch this with me." Ace was in awe of what he saw and he wanted to share it with his companions… with his sect brothers.

Fatty and Greed didn't actually want to lift their heads, however, seeing Ace actually sitting like that made them feel uncomfortable. The two of them had their spines bent over and their heads lowered but seeing Ace's sitting position the two immediately tried getting up.

The two of them tried sitting up straight and the first person after Ace who was able to do it was Greed, his back was like a spear and his narrowed eyes and flowing hair made him look like a heavenly general flying to his next battlefield.

Fatty didn't want to be outdone by the two of them but trying to sit up straight in this place where the wind was constantly ramming against his rounded body made it hard for him. It took him much longer than the two but Fatty Yuan was finally able to do it.

It was just the normal act of sitting normally but the three of them felt like they had accomplished something and the beautiful scenery around them was the price they got from doing so.

"This is so awesome Brother Ace the with the wind hitting my face and flying this monster I feel like some kind of a General going to battle, alas a fat General."

Fatty Yuan let out a sigh.

"Don't worry about it, who said someone with your physique cannot become a great General like those in the legends, Elder Liu also has a round body but he's now in a position that can someday become a part of the Eleven Peak Elders, and we also have Eight Elder Shi who's already a part of the Peak Elders."

The one who said those encouraging words to Fatty was the pretty young lady who had been quiet. This young lady had seen many young boys and girls who were able to become an outer sect disciple from being a servant but most of them did not have the chance to enjoy their travel but was already in fear of dying when they got on her beast companions back.

Being a cultivator requires a steady heart and a strong willpower that doesn't waver in front of danger, although it was a small matter for her to sit like this on the of her partner for this three it was something that they only got to experience today after breaking the limits of a mortal and as someone with the position in the sect it made her happy to see some promising youths who try looking forward rather than constantly looking down.

With a smile, the pretty young lady ordered her beast companion to go already. The flight didn't take long before the four of them reach a populated area. There were buildings that house cultivators built down below while somewhere some kind of facilities like a place where youths can be seen constantly training and sparring with one another.

This place was the outer area of the sect where outer sect disciples reside, both their lodgings and food were provided here. The beast companion of the pretty came down from above and slowly it started descending and gently landed on the ground below.

The place where Ace and the others were was the Judgement Palace. The three of them climbed down the feathered beast then bowed to the pretty young lady to show their appreciation.

"Thank you Senior Sister."

The three of them were once again in synch.

"Just wait here for a while and you guys will be met by a member of the Punishers. When you meet them you just have to show your medallions that observer Yu gave you and they would take you to the Elder in charge." The pretty young lady explained.

Once again the three thanked her in synch.

"Thank you Senior Sister."

"Sure, also my name is Luo, the three of you looks promising enough so I will give you some advice if you want to advance to the inner sect conquer the Demon Rankings." Luo's words were surprising as she had just explicitly said that these three juniors who have not even receive the baptism of the Illusory Heart Mirror will one day enter the inner are and become inner sect disciples.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》