Heaven's Wrath
4 Geniuses
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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4 Geniuses

Ace watch Luo on her way until he couldn't see the feathered beast anymore. The three of them turn around then raised their heads and saw two giant words carve directly on the wall 'Judgement Palace'.

"What an overbearing name." Fatty praised.

"This place is also well known outside the sect for upholding the fair judgment in the Immortal Demon Sect and for thousands of centuries they were able to groom promising disciples that shook the world and became a strong and righteous immortal."

Even Greed who had kept to himself all this time looked at the Judgement Palace in awe. Ace, on the other hand, was rather calm but he was still happy to see this magnificent place. While they were looking at the carved words a young man wearing all white with blue lines walked out from Judgement Palace's door.

The youth saw and waited for them to take out the black medallion. Ace and the other two took out the black medallion and showed it to the young man and the young man gesture for them follow him inside.

Ace looked at the young from top to bottom man while walking behind him 'This guy must a member of the Punishers.' He thought as he continued walking.

The four of them reached a giant door.

"Elder Li I have brought them." The punisher member announced from outside the door.

"Enter." The voice that came from behind the door was dry but it carried weight. The Punisher's member opened the door after hearing Elder Li spoke up.

Ace followed that young man and saw a room that was adorned with marble stones and floating books. The room was spacious and had a high ceiling, the light was shining through the glass panes lighting up the whole place and in the middle of this room was a man who looked like in mid-forties was sitting on a chair whilst looking down at Ace and the others from above.

Ace together and the three people with him cupped their hands and greeted the elder with respect.

"So you three are the young blood entering the sect this time. Naturally, the three of you should have already reach Core Formation gaining you the qualifications to enter the sect but before any of you guys officially becomes a disciple you must first be judged by the Illusory Heart Mirror."

A five-meter long mirror appeared in front of them. The mirror had an elegant design, with the curving patterns on both edges of the mirror an image of a bird soaring through the sky and aiming for the sun was formed, the beauty it had was appreciated by everyone inside the room.

"One by one all three of would only need to sand in front of the mirror and it will judge you guys in all fairness, if you do not have any ill will for the sect you nothing will happen to you however if anyone of you carries any kind of bad intention that will harm the sect the Illusory Heart Mirror will judge and send you to the afterlife."

Elder Li explained to them in detail. The Illusory Heart Mirror was an Immortal Treasure owned by the first sect master, it has terrifying power when used in combat but after the second sect master inherited it hundreds of thousands of years ago he decided that it would be best to place it in the Judgement Palace where hopeful youths come to be judged.

The second sect master focused on killing the venomous snake that hid in the shadow waiting for the right moment where they can take over the sect but after his great efforts that took a whole one hundred thousand years, the Immortal Demon Sect was rid of any treacherous villain that will harm their own and with the Illusory Heart Mirror the future disciples would be more trustworthy.

At present time the Immortal Demon Sect focused on raising the future pillars of the sect, although there are fierce competitions going on inside the sect current squabble for the open seat in the Tenth Mountain Peak and the Demon Rankings of the outer sect disciples, but after many years the sect had learned many deterrents for this kind of situations and adapted by to the changing time.

It could be said that one of the foundations of the current Immortal Demon Sect was built from the Illusory Heart Mirror.

"You're first." Elder Li pointed to Greed who followed immediately after hearing the instruction to step forward.

Greed stepped forward and stood in front of the Illusory Heart Mirror where his own image was reflected. Greed's eyes had always been narrowed making him look intimidating to many people but standing in front of an elder from an immortal sect Greed's eyes were even narrower than before to the point that he can't almost see what's in front of him.

Elder Li shook his head when he looked at Greed, 'Seems like no surprises will appear this time.'

But his expectation was beaten almost immediately when the Illusory Heart Mirror shone at Greed with blinding light.

"What's happening?" cried Greed.

Greed stood in front of the Illusory Heart Mirror and when it shone a very bright light he became confused and made him ask himself if he did something wrong and thought if he will be killed on the spot by the mirror but nonetheless Greed didn't move and gathered what confidence he had left inside his heart, he wanted to prove that he didn't have any ill intention towards the sect.

Seeing Greed's body shaking previously Elder Li didn't put much hope in this test but this reaction from the Illusory Heart Mirror only means that a genius was amongst them.

It wasn't known to the public but the Illusory Heart Mirror have another function other than confirming one's intent and that's evaluating someone's hidden talent and physique some elders even gave it another fitting name of Golden Mirror of Truth.

In the past, there were people who performed what many may call miracles when they entered the sect even though they came from the servant's quarters and all those people who created a scene like Greed's, either became a very power cultivator who wanders the Nine Worlds or an important personality in various empires.

Elder Li frantically got down from where he was sitting. Elder Li placed two of his fingers on Greed's core and said, "Relax I will send my heavenly essence in your body to check something so ease up and it will finish much no less than five breaths."

Like Elder Li instructed Greed eased his bodily muscles and surrendered his meridians to Elder Li.

When Elder Li's heavenly essence entered Greed's body his eyes showed genuine surprise, "T—this is a Revolving Sun Physique!!" Elder Li's voice was loud that everyone in the room was able to hear him clearly.

Ace was standing on one side with Fatty Yuan and the two of them were both dumbfounded to the sudden change of events. The two of them didn't know exactly what a Revolving Sun Physique was but from how Elder Li was reacting it sounded like truly overbearing.

"Hey, brother Ace doesn't this mean I have been living with such an amazing person without me knowing anything? This scary eyes guy is too much for an opening act, I will definitely get overshadowed by him well there goes my dreams of standing out on the first day."

Fatty was trying to sound like he was saddened but the smile on his face betrayed what he said. Greed was a friend of his at least he thinks of him like one and seeing a friend having a moment like this where he can rise above the rest made Fatty Yuan both want to cheer him on and want to surpass him.

Greed talked to Elder Li for a long time so he was not able to return to Fatty Yuan and Ace's side. The other punishers didn't want to continue this anymore and immediately want to talk to Greed who will become a successful cultivator in the coming future so they called the next one.

"You're next." A punisher beckoned Fatty Yuan to stand in front of the Illusory Heart Mirror. Fatty Yuan didn't mind the way they treated him as he leisurely walked up in front of the Illusory Heart Mirror and with Elder Li being distracted by Greed, Fatty had nothing to be nervous about.

Fatty Yuan stood in front of the Illusory Heart Mirror and waited for the result. This time everyone's attention was not focused on Fatty Yuan who was being judged but on Greed who had hidden physique.

However, their attention were once again taken because another blinding light appeared and the brightness that it showed was not any dimmer than Greed's.

Everyone was shocked by this because this kind of thing where two people being hidden away by chance was a very rare occurrence. But, the one who was more surprised than the people in his surrounding was the one who caused it, Fatty Yuan cannot believe that he has some kind of genius level talent.

Fatty Yuan can't believe this was happening and thought that he was in a dream but when he tried pinching himself on the arm and felt pain Fatty Yuan started laughing.

"Haha, am I also a hidden dragon amongst my peers!? Haha, look brother Ace and Greed I am a genius, but you better be careful because the world may end tomorrow!!" Fatty Yuan was rattled to his very core when that bright light appeared. Who doesn't at some dream of being a genius and being someone above the other people?

Elder Li who had turned his back to Fatty and Ace once again came back to check Fatty Yuan's body and just like what he did to Greed he reminded Fatty Yuan to relaxed his body and let him take care of it. This time around unlike the situation with Greed Elder Li took his time when he checked Fatty's physique.

It took Elder Li a couple of minutes but he was finally able to make out what was happening and after he checked, Elder Li's face had a full smile when he announced what was special on Fatty Yuan's body that he was considered as a genius by the mirror.

"The Ancient Devil Emperor bloodline flows in your veins. Haha, this explains your bloated body!!" Elder Li was laughing but one sentence of his caught Fatty Yuan's attention.

"Elder Li can I ask what you mean when you said why my body is like this?" Fatty was curious because for the longest time he had been trying to slim down and lose all this excess fat so he can move more efficiently but alas even till today he failed to do it so Fatty Yuan wanted to know the reason.

"It is simple, the Ancient Devil Emperor's bloodline at its early stages or in your teens won't let you go slim because when you reach the age of eighteen the Ancient Devil Emperor bloodline will come to life and most of your vitality will be drained so if you slim down before your bloodline comes to life you will become dry rations with your life and vitality being drained out of you until you die."

Elder Li didn't mind explaining everything to Fatty Yuan as he was in a good mood at the moment, Elder Li led the Fatty to Greed's direction but he remembered there was one more person who had yet to be judge, 'Is he genius just like them?' he questioned himself so he stayed to watch this Ace.

Ace was called to stand in front of the mirror after Fatty Yuan. Ace walked in a leisure pace not too quick and not too slow, he didn't show much emotion like the other two making Elder Li's attention focus even more to him when he finally stood in front of the Illusory Heart Mirror Ace's heart was already racing.

He was praying inside his mind with all his heart and like the heavens were answering his plea for help Ace got what he wanted… the illusory Heart didn't show any reaction and only showed a regular flash of light confirming that he didn't have any ill will.

Ace turns to Fatty and Greed and said, "It was short but it seems like we have to part here."

Ace knew that with the hidden potential that the Fatty and Greed had shown they will become inner sect disciples and with his poor performance here Ace was sure that he was bound to become an ordinary outer sect disciple.

But from how he acted Ace didn't mind being a regular disciple.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》