Heaven's Wrath
6 Learning More About The System
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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6 Learning More About The System

Ace was walking in the residential area of the sect.

Holding the address that was given to him, Ace had been trying to find his new residence ever since he took off from the Martial Pavilion six hours ago.

Ace was already at the very back of the residential areas and the houses in this place were beginning to thin out.

Then, as he walked farther out, Ace finally saw the place he was trying to find. However, after he saw his new home with Ace had to double check if the position of his house was truly located here.

"So I am in the very back of the residential area?" Ace thought as he got closer to the house in front of him.

The house in front of Ace was not small but it was not big either, the way it was built doesn't seem to have any flaws it was pretty much almost perfect if not for the fact that behind his own house was a forest and near two rundown houses that no one seems to have been using for years.

"At least they placed me in a better house." Comparing the house that he got from the ones around made feel Ace better.

Entering the house, Ace found a bed, a table, and a chair. These three are the only furniture inside his house aside from these three, there was also a lamp on top of the table. The interior design of the house was very simplistic and did not have any color other than the natural color of the stone used which was brown.

Ace lit up the lamp and put his leather bag on top of the table then he sat on top of the bed.

After sitting on the bed he found that it was made of rather high-quality material and felt comfortable, but immediately after feeling comfortable, Ace stood up run outside his house and went to the near forest.

"Okay let's start."

Ace focused his mind and without even needing to manually circulate the essence inside his body he was able to use the <<Flame Serpent>> without a problem. The body of the serpent was naturally made of red colored flames and its body was half the size of his own arms.

"T—this is too overpowered isn't it?" Ace was truly surprised and even if he sounded like he wasn't too happy about learning a Martial Skill like this, his smile from being too excited says it all.

The <<Flame Serpent>> coiled around his right arm. Ace tried finding a target and saw a nearby tree.


With a loud shout Ace punched out using his right arm and the <Flame Serpent>> flew in the air heading towards its designated target. The <<Flame Serpent>> coiled around the tree and set it ablaze.

"What power this skill have." Ace praised while looking at the blazing fire of the <<Flame Serpent>>. The fire slowly died down and after it did, the only thing left of the tree were ashes that was blown away by the night wind.

+ 5

Ace jumped with joy seeing how powerful his technique was then when his mind went to his Martial Skill column Ace found that the <<Flame Serpent>> had already gained +5 experience points and was only + 5 experience away before reaching the next level.

"What will happen if the <<Flame Serpent>> levels up like mine? Will it become stronger and have its destructive capability rise?" Ace gave himself an important question so in order to find the answer Ace continued training.

"<<Flame Serpent>> ..." Ace used the <<Flame Serpent>> to burn another tree near him and like the first one the tree that was set ablaze didn't last long and was turned to ashes.

+ 5

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 2n,d level.'

'Character experience +100.'

"Oh, Sh*t."

Ace was already surprised that he can level up in his Martial Skills like this so easily but it seems like his character or his cultivation can also gain experience by leveling his Martial Skills.

"It was said that cultivating a Martial Skill can also improve your cultivation so it also applies to the system."

Ace gained +100 experience and he didn't even need to kill anything like before. After taking note of this fact Ace immediately created another <Flame Serpent>> and threw it to another tree.

+ 2

+ 2

'Ding… <<Flaming Serpent>> raised to 3rd level.'

'Ding… <<Flaming Serpent>> raised to the next level.'

'Character experience + 100.'

'Ding… character leveled up.'

When Ace cleared up another ten trees with his <<Flame Serpent>> was once again raised by another level and with the level of his Martial Skill reaching the next level he once again gained +100 experience and with the experience he just got his level also went up reaching the second level.

Ace was tired after continuously using <<Flame Serpent>> his breathing was disoriented and his clothes were soaked with sweat, he plopped down on the ground on his bottom and checked the current update of the system.

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 2

Experience Points: (0/500)

Stored Experience: 0

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 3rd level (0/100)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 1st level (0/50)

Cultivation: Core Formation (To be unlocked: Minor Saint)

Extra Jobs: None

"I leveled up." Ace was in joy as his level became higher, he wanted to continue burning trees with his <<Flame Serpent>> so he can raise its level but he first took a quick break in order to catch his breath.

When he felt that his body had regained its strength Ace stood up immediately made another <<Flame Serpent>> then firing it to the nearest tree he saw. The tree caught fire and smoke rose up to the sky and turned to ashes after some time.

+ 1

Only a single experience point was added to his <<Flame Serpent>>. Ace had noticed this already but the amount of experience he can get for using the <Flame Serpent>> for burning down a tree seemed to have decreased and it will decrease the more his martial skill levels up.

Ace can only use the method of burning trees to level up his Martial Skill one last time and considering how much experience the <<Flame Serpent>> needs in order to level up, Ace found that he would need to use the <<Flame Serpent>> skill continuously until its experience reaches one hundred.

Ace's body shuddered at the thought of using <<Flame Serpent>> one hundred times over. Normal people would be complaining about such arduous task like repeating a skill over and over but Ace grit his teeth and started using the <<Flame Serpent>> without saying anything.

The system he possesses was a cheat and Ace clearly knew this fact with the system he can become a peerless genius even in the Immortal Demon Sect, but having a cheat skill doesn't mean he can slack off because he also need to put in the effort or nothing will change.

Deep into the night, Ace managed to burn down 38 trees it was clear that he was far from done. Ace was panting and his body was completely soaked with sweat, his right arm was already aching from the continuous usage of the <<Flame Serpent>> but he kept it up.

Most of the disciple was on their own houses resting and cultivating but at this time Ace was the only one still practicing outside just like this.

Then, as he was doing this kind of practiced the dark sky was suddenly illuminated by a bright light as if morning had come already, it happened very quickly like a passing shooting star but Ace clearly saw it happen.

He didn't know what just happened Greed and Fatty Yuan appeared in his head.

"That must have been Greed."

Even without having anything to base his assumption on Ace was convinced that the light he had just seen was from Greed. Seeing that flash of light Ace was once again motivated and went back to using <<Flame Serpent>> to burn more trees down.

"Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 4th level.'

'Character experience + 100'

Morning came and Ace was still in the forest behind his house. The sun shines upon his dirty face and felt the exhaustion that had been accumulating in his body come in one go, and he immediately he collapsed on the ground and started sleeping.

After a few hours, Ace woke up only to find it was already noon. After waking up he found that his body was already okay and he was feeling fine, the fatigue that he got from using the <<Flame Serpent>> was already gone and he can already move just fine.

Doing some light exercises Ace notices his clothes were soaked in sweat and was covered in dirt. Looking around Ace finally noticed what happened to his surrounding,

"Will I get into trouble for this? No one is here so that means no will ever notice this kind of accident.

Ace felt bad about destroying the trees in the forest but after thinking that it was for his cultivation he felt lighter about what he did. He turned around and went back to his own house leaving behind scorched grounds and ashes flying all over the place.

Entering his house Ace took his leather bag and took a fresh set of clothes. After cleaning himself Ace changed his clothes and sat on the bed to check its content especially the white bottle he saw yesterday.

Ace took the white bottle out and opened it. He took what was inside and saw a medicinal pill that was the size of a bean.

'Ding… acquired Restoration Pill...'

'After Ingestion: experience points + 100'

'Effects: Increases the circulation of heavenly essence, strengthens the body, and refines the internal organs.'

"There's about 20 pills here so that's two thousand experience points." Ace took one of the Restoration Pill and started ingesting them one by one until he finishes the whole bottle.

'Ding… stored experience + 2000'

Ace ate all the pill he had in one go and all of the experience he obtained went to the stored experience that had been empty all this time.

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 2

Experience Points: (100/500)

Stored Experience: two thousand. (Can level up character level, can level up martial skill level)

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 4th level (0/1000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 1st level (0/50)

Cultivation: Core Formation (To be unlocked: Minor Saint)

Extra Jobs: None

It was another strange application and from how it looks Ace can see how bizarre this new stored experience will be.

But Ace could only accept what the system is so he just went with the flow and tried giving out experience to his character level.

'Ding… character level up'

In a manner of seconds Ace was able to level up and although it costs him five hundred experience points Ace could not care less so he decided to raise its level once more.

'Ding… character level up'

After the last one Ace tried to level up but found that he couldn't and not only that he also found that he couldn't add what remaining experience points he had in his character level.

He couldn't level up his character and he also couldn't do it with the <<Flame Serpent>> so he tried putting it on the <<Lightning Demon Body>>.

'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> raised to the 2nd level.'

'Character experience + 200.'

"So it only works if I have enough to level it anything from character level and martial skill in one go."

Learning of this rule Ace decided to place everything he had on the <<Lightning Demon Body>>.

'Ding…<<Lightning Demon Body>> raised to 3rd level.'

'Character experience + 200.'

In one and a half day after joining the sect Ace's character level was already level 4 and his martial skills were enough to be considered to have reached another level mastery.

But his Martial Skills doesn't seem to have any limitations when it comes to levels so how strong will it become after reaching new heights?

Ace went outside and went to find a place where he can get some pills, "The Alchemist Association should be accepting new members... right?."

Ace thought as he heads out for the Alchemist Alchemist Association.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》