Heaven's Wrath
8 Lower Demon Plateau
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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8 Lower Demon Plateau

Ace was excited at the idea and immediately he left his house for the "Lower Demon Plateau". His idea of fighting others to gain experience points made his blood boil and so he went to find some opponent that will fight with him.

The Lower Demon Plateau was the gathering area of outer sect disciples to test their might against other disciples. They spar with one another to see how far they have gone in their cultivation and to see who is the strongest of them all.

The top ten disciples listed on the Demon Rankings all started their fights at the Lower Demon Plateau. Although they fight to learn who is strongest in the sect, the Immortal Demon Sect forbids any kind of life or death battle between disciples so some observers are scattered all around the Lower Demon Plateau.

Unlike the observers from the servant's quarters, the observers in the Lower Demon Plateau acts as a guide and a guard to ensure that no life would be lost and they are also the ones that confirm who enters the Demon Rankings.

There's one hundred total available position in the Demon Rankings and those who are able to enter the Demon Rankings are considered the best in the whole outer sect and they are considered the strongest for a good reason.

The top one hundred to top seventy have cultivation base of first to third level Minor Saint and as for those who sit at the very top of the Rankings are all peak Minor Saints, some are even half-step Great Saint stage and as for those who have reached Great Saint stage they have already moved up to the inner circle of the sect and participates in the inner Devil Rankings.

Entering the Demon Rankings is considered as a great honor and the benefits of becoming a ranker are also immense, like a greater number of Restoration Pills will receive every month and some even say that the person at the number one sit receives Essence Condensation Pill.

Ace moved quickly passing the Alchemist Association and the Martial Pavilion and in just thirty minute Ace was already standing outside the southern entrance of the Lower Demon Plateau.

The southern gate was the biggest gate of the three gates as it was facing the residential area of the outer area of the sect.

People came in droves as they instinctively released the intent to fight after all this place is a battlefield where they can fight freely. Ace entered the Lower Demon Plateau and the sound of explosions immediately entered his ears.

When Ace was outside he didn't hear any sound of anyone fighting but after entering the plateau he heard many fights occurring simultaneously.

"There's a barrier place around the plateau." Ace concurred as he was walking.

As Ace was walking he saw two disciples fighting and from their appearance, he can see that it was a tough one. Their cultivation base wasn't hidden so he was able to see it.

The two disciples fighting were both at the third level of Core Formation. The one on the right was using a sword while the other was using a spear.

Ace stopped for a moment and started watching the two disciples fighting. The one holding the spear made a powerful thrust mixed with his heavenly essence.

The spear thrust was intense but the other disciple with sword fended him off by desperately using the body of his sword as guard permitting the sword to grind against it resulting for sparks to fly all over the place.

The swordsman disciple then dropped his body and dashed forward giving out consecutive slashes but the spearman disciple dodges them all by utilizing some kind of movement technique.

With the appearance of the movement technique, the swordsman was clearly surprised as his movement became dull and the spearman noticed this flaw and he immediately uses his spear to hit the swordsman in a horizontal manner.


The pole of the spear hit the swordsman sending him crashing to a nearby boulder.

Ace on the side who acted as a bystander was impressed by the fight, although there was no flashy skill used in the fight he was still drawn by their techniques. After watching the fight he was about to leave in order to find an opponent when he saw the spearman disciple walking up to the swordsman disciple.

The spearman disciple walked up to swordsman and took three Restoration Pill from inside his clothes. Ace saw this happen and remember one of the special rules in the Lower Demon Plateau... it was betting.

In fights that happen in the Lower Demon Plateau a bet would be placed most of the time and after betting the agreed amount the man who won will be allowed to take it away from his opponent like some kind of compensation.

However, when this first appeared many disciples took advantage of one another and started taking more than they should, some even takes their opponents clothes. But, after ten years of continuous unwanted misfortunes, most students stopped making bets and some even stopped going to the Lower Demon Plateau.

The sect took note of this and gave the observers the rights to bring down upon punishment to those who abused others and after another ten years everything went back to normal and for those who place bets they made sure to take the precise number of what was agreed upon because if they didn't an observer will surely come for them.

The Immortal Demon Sect was not some kind of righteous sect that will help anyone in need but the sect believes in solidarity and anything that may spark infighting would be taken out.

Ace walked away and went deeper in to the Lower Demon Plateau to find an opponent that will face him but to his own bad luck even after walking for a while Ace was not able to find anyone on his level so he chose to sit on top of a big boulder and started watching the fights unfolding from afar.

While he was watching his face showed an uninterested look. Ace's looks were actually on the good side, with his white skin and finely shaped countenance, coupled with his black hair and almond-shaped eyes that had a tinged of red, Ace was gathering unwanted attention while sitting on top of that boulder.

The young men of the sect saw Ace and their anger was incense for some reason, it might have been sparked by the jealousy from his looks or simple irritation from Ace looking at them from above. Then one young man could not help it and step forward.

That young man steps forth and shouted at Ace... he wanted to teach a lesson so he would stop showing off.

"Hey you, if you're in the Lower Demon Plateau then you must be looking for a match right? I am looking for an opponent as well, why don't you and I spar with one another? We can also bet something if you want to."

That young who stepped up was a fourth level Core Formation stage disciple. The smirk plastered on his face was irritating but he knew he had the strength to show off in this parts and Ace being here must also mean that at best he's a fourth level Core Formation just like him.

"What do you say, junior brother." The guy said while looking up to Ace.

Ace looked down and saw the guy speaking and saw those pair of eyes filled with malicious intent. With a smile, Ace answered him.

"Senior I am but a new guy in the sect, I only have five crystal essence with me at the moment can I bet with that?"

"Of course you can, I will bet with you but I don't have crystal essence so I will give you one Restoration Pill as compensation."

That man was truly confident that he will not lose against Ace and the bet just now was actually favorable to himself. One Restoration Pill can be bought in exchange for three crystal essence and although he may look like he was cheating Ace right now Ace also knew what was happening.

'Crystal essence doesn't give out experience points like Restoration Pill if he wins I'll just think of the excess two as compensation for fighting with me.' Ace thought, then he jumps off the big boulder and faced his opponent.

Ace took out five crystal essence to confirm that he truly did have what he promised the other party did the same and took out one Restoration Pill. Most of the time a fight in the Lower Demon Plateau will not attract a big crowd but at this moment Ace and his opponent were circled by other disciples.

A fight like this one didn't have don't have any time limit as long as you win, no matter what method you use unless it's not life-threatening the sect will not care about it and the observers will just do their jobs and continue watching over.

"As a senior, I will let you make the first move." He boldly and confidently announces.

"Thank you very much, then I will give it my all." Ace answered.

The others were smiling and laughing as they enjoyed the incoming show of force that will be presented to them. The man who challenged Ace had quite a bit of reputation for beating up disciples who he envies in some way and when he did beat them up he does it until they are battered and bruised.

"Koji, stop before you kill him or else the observers will come for you." Someone said in the crowd.

"Don't worry he's a professional with this kind of fights, the last guy he beat up turned out to be quite a masterpiece so I wonder what will turn out of this fight." Another answered back.

Ace could hear everyone who was watching the fight and from his estimation the people surrounding him numbers to thirty-five or more.

'I cannot disappoint such a large crowd, but I need to test how strong the <<Flame Serpent>> had become.' Ace said to himself, and with that thought a red colored vine fire started coiling from underneath his feet and slowly it crawled on his body until it reaches his right shoulder.

"What is that technique? Does he cultivate something from outside the sect?"

The people that had been chatting happily all stopped and looked at the bright red Serpent that appeared on Wang Xue's body. It cannot be seen just how big it truly was because it was coiled over but from what they estimated they can concur that the body of the snake was not any smaller than one-meter.

"T—that is not possible, for such a young man to reach peak mastery of the <<Flame Serpent>> martial skill is simply not possible."

Then, from amidst the crowd a man who cultivated the <<Flame Serpent>> like Ace suddenly started talking, letting everyone know that this big snake was just a simple Martial Skill from the Martial Pavilion,

"Peak mastery? Are you sure?"

"Yes, I also practice the <<Flame Serpent>> but I can't make it any bigger than an arm, and that one-meter serpent is surely the result of mastering the <<Flame Serpent>> to the very peak."

Everyone was in an uproar after seeing the <<Flame Serpent>> be mastered to the peak but what they don't know that Ace can still upgrade this skill and make stronger.

"Please take my attack." Ace said respectfully but when he punched out using his right arm to send the <<Flame Serpent>> a look of anticipation appeared on his face.

Koji had long wanted to say something like giving up but his clattering teeth stop him from doing so. The one-meter long snake that was made out of burning flames was coming for him but he steeled his resolve and believe that he can take it so he prepared himself and planted himself on the ground.

He threw a punch and a water blast out of the air. The water was strong that it had the might comparable to a fired cannon, 'Water is the antithesis of flames, and this is my strongest technique <<Water Cannon>> using this I can even match up with a fifth level Core Formation stage expert I will beat you up l..'

His thoughts were already running wild but when his <<Water Cannon>> met with the <<Flame Serpent>>, steam suddenly scattered all over the place creating a mist that blocked his view. But he didn't need his sigh to know the <<Flame Serpent>> was already in front of him because his body was already sweating like a pig at the moment.

"Get away." He screamed but the <<Flame Serpent>> still made its way through the steam and gobbled him up starting from his head.

Ace was able to control the <<Flame Serpent>> to an extent and he knew how dangerous and powerful his skill was so to avoid killing Koji he made sure to cancel the skill after two seconds.

"Ding… fourth level Core Formation defeated… experience + 500"

"Ding… Flame Serpent +100"

Ace walked through the steam and made his way all the way to Koji who was burned from head to toe but

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 4

Experience Points: (900/3000)

Stored Experience: (Can level up character level, can level up martial skill level)

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 4th level (100/1000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 3rd level (0/1000)

Cultivation: Core Formation (To be unlocked: Minor Saint)

Extra Jobs: Alchemist level one (0/10) (Apprentice)
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    《Heaven's Wrath》