Heaven's Wrath
9 The Fierce Bet of One Restoration Pill
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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9 The Fierce Bet of One Restoration Pill

"Strong, his <<Flame Serpent>> is simply too strong that skill just might be a real peak mastery skill." People who surrounded Ace saw Koji lying on the ground, his body burnt to a crisp, his hair standing and his clothes were slightly burned.

Everyone knew that Koji didn't die nor did Ace injure him too much because no observer appeared to punish Ace.

Ace felt many stares directed at him, those eyes surrounding him that should have been hostile had unknowingly changed and turned into surprise and respect. The Immortal Demon Sect respect the strong and Ace was not only strong but he clearly has enough talent to master a skill to the peak so it was only natural that they respect him.

"Seniors I will be going now, please tend to his wounds there isn't much injury except for a minor burn but he might need some assistance to regulate his essence." Ace said while smiling.

Everyone saw Ace left and could not help but feel a little strange after seeing such a response from him.

Seeing his back quickly disappearing from their eyes, some people started to go about their ways while Koji's few companions started tending to him, they respected Ace but that was it, the fight was already over and so was the show was but an observer who had been watching Ace's fight earlier think differently and decided to follow him.

"The <<Flame Serpent>> is nothing but a low-level Martial Skill at the Core Formation stage, I have never heard of anyone training it to such extent." Although the observer went over to follow Ace he couldn't stray much from his position so when Ace left his area he notified the other observers to keep watching him.

Ace left that place and quickly went to find another person he could fight with at this moment he was fervently trying to find an opponent because the amount of experience he got from that single fight was bigger than anything he got from the past.

'Both my martial skill and character level got experience points, so doesn't this mean I'm killing two birds with one stone? The only problem now is how I level up the <<Lightning Demon Body>>.'

This is his current problem. From what he know about the <<Lightning Demon Body>> in order to cultivate it one would need the power of lightning to temper one's body but the weather was too bright for a thunderstorm to appear luckily Ace was able to level up the <<Lightning Demon Body>> through the stored experience he got.

'<<Flame Serpent>> also required me to feel the fire and control it like a snake but I was able to use it the moment I learn it and training it is completely different than the norm so going with that logic does training the <<Lightning Demon Body>> requires me to do something?'

Ace was thought as he made his way in the Lower Demon Plateau. As he went deeper Ace noted some things. The disciple that gathers deeper in the Lower Demon Plateau were stronger than those who hang around near the entrance.

While continuing forward Ace saw a group of people talking and chatting happily, he saw the group and was ready to turn to another direction when he heard someone calling for him. Ace turn over his head and found that the group who had been chatting happily with one another was heading towards his direction.

"Brother wait up, we need to talk." The group went to him and started talking to him like they were friends.

"Brother, you seem to b,e trying to find an opponent, how about one of us fight with you? You have the right to reject our offer if you don't want to."

While he was saying these words that person had confirmed Ace's cultivation and made sure that he was weaker than him and his companions. These group of five may look like they were a bunch of common disciples but their strength was already at the seventh level of Core Formation stage.

"Well, what do you say? We are in serious need of Restoration Pill so we are doing this but so as to not feel you're not being cheated we will even bet twice the amount you bet against us."

They might sound pretty desperate right now but they made sure to throw in bait to entice Ace. A payout of twice what you bet was truly enticing and most disciple would happily latch on this opportunity but these five were simply to known in the Lower Demon Plateau so they can only do this to new disciples.

These five were well known to place big bets but no one has even heard them lose once on the outer parts of the Lower Demon Plateau. Ace looked at them and thought for a while, he only needed one look to know that these five were simply too suspicious he didn't know why they thought this kind of thing would work but Ace wanted to see his limits and see if his idea work so he answered agreed.

"I want to but I only have one Restoration Pill with me, will this suffice?" Ace presented his one and only Restoration Pill that he got after beating Koji.

These seniors saw him take out one Restoration Pill and their faces that was previously filled with smiles became downcast and turned to a frown. The person leading the group wanted to punch him in the face at this moment and get out of here fast so despite the low bet he chose to accept the match against Ace himself.

The leader didn't even show the proof that he have a Restoration Pill with him simply because he knew that he will win either way, with his cultivation at the seventh level of Core Formation no one in this parts of the Lower Demon Plateau can beat him and Ace was an ant amongst ant that wandered here.

"Senior please." Ace stood there and didn't even put up a stance, he showed utter disregard to the sudden shift of mood the leader had and seeing how calm Ace right now made the leader angry and released his cultivation to the fifth level of Core Formation.


+ 2000

Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> raised to 4th level.'

'Ding… experience + 200.'

Ace couldn't even see what happen but his body was already sent flying to another direction and his stomach was hurting enough to make him want to pass out. His eyes captured the blue sky and he felt the ground catching him with a thud*.

"Lorenz, don't you think that's too rough? That kid is only a fourth level Core Formation after all." Someone from the back of the group yelled after seeing Ace threw up blood.

"Don't worry about it I made sure to pull my punch so he won't die, one of you go take that lousy Restoration Pill from him."

But before Lorenz could even turn around Ace's body suddenly twitch and slowly he got up from the floor even though his knees and legs were both shaking.

That punch he had just received was truly strong and any normal person would have passed out or be writhing in pain by now but Ace's body was tempered by the <<Lightning Demon Body>> and although it was only a little, it still helps him to strengthen his defense.

"Where are you going senior, this is still not over I have yet to be defeated so you can't leave yet or give two Restoration Pill as a sign that you surrender."

He was one the losing side but Ace sounded like he was winning. Lorenz saw Ace get up and thought if he pulled back too much on his punches so once again he went and delivered a straight punch to Ace's abdomen and when his fist touched Ace's body he felt a sting on his fist.

+ 2000

'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> raised to 5th level.'

'Ding… experience + 200.'

Ace once again flew in the air but this time he was able to keep himself from flying to far and he merely fell on both knees. In the corner of his mouth was blood dripping out and inside his body, he felt that something was moving around like an energetic worm.

Wanting to know what that wriggling was Ace was about to check his body when a foot suddenly appeared out of nowhere and kicked his face flinging him away like some kind kicked trash metal can.

Lorenz had already been irritated by Ace when he dared take out a single Restoration Pill earlier but now that such a low level disciple survive his kick his anger was incense and he went after Ace even though he was still kneeling on the ground, but after his right foot touched his body that sting he felt before came back and it came back stronger.

'What the hell is with this kid?' Lorenz muttered under his breath as he saw Ace tumbling and turning.

The <<Lightning Demon Body>> have five known levels of mastery this martial skill was widely known as one of the strongest body tempering skill at Core Formation stage, but only a few ever dare to practice in it as it was simply too hard and dangerous.

The need of being struck by lightning while in Core Formation stage was simply life threatening and to this day no one had been able to reach its third level but Ace had already reached the peak and he had yet to see a single bolt of lightning strike him.

Ace was bleeding but he still stood and faced Lorenz, he knew that Lorenz was hiding more power so he chose to stand up.

With his right hand as support Ace got on all fours and slowly he tried to stand up but another kicked send him flying three meters away.

+ 1000

"I am getting tired of this." Lorenz had long been enraged by Ace's and after he decided to finish this farce the air around him change and a chain of lightning suddenly formed and that started wrapping over his fist and acted like gloves of lightning.

"Hey, he just might kill that guy if this goes on somebody help me stop him!"

"Are you serious? I am not getting killed with that poor guy, I may not look like it but I have my own plans."

The sight of those lighting gloves even made Lorenz's companion shudder because those pair of gloves were a Martial Skill on par with the <<Lightning Demon Body>> known as the <<Twin Lightning Fist>> and the power it has was immense and like the <<Lightning Demon Body>> training on it was extremely hard and painful.

Ace saw Lorenz jump over the air and he immediately let the wriggling energy underneath his skin to surface and his whole body was suddenly coated by lightning that sparked and shone.


Ace's body was coated by lightning and Lorenz saw that but he pushed through and tore through his defense and his punch landed on Ace's left shoulder.

Fierce lightning entered Ace's body and after this one attack Ace showed a literally shocked look, his hair stood and his clothes were slightly burned but he was alive.

'Ding… experience + 5000.'

'Ding… <<Lighting Demon Body>> raised to 6th level>>.'

'Ding… <<Lighting Demon Body>> raised to 7th level>>.'

'Ding… character experience + 400.'

At that time Ace learned two things first was that the <<Lighting Demon Body>> gain more experience when the attack is covered with lightning and the second was that he found a good opponent this time and he will be paying him back for this treatment so he gave it his all to stand up.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》