Heaven's Wrath
11 All According To Plan
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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11 All According To Plan

Ace was sitting underneath a tree near the Medicinal Pill Workshop waiting for Lei-Lei to come out. Out of boredom, he started playing with the energy underneath his skin. The lightning flashed and sparked as he released some of it outside his body.

As he watched the little sparks move around on top of his palm Ace had a sudden thought and made a mini version of the <<Flame Serpent>> and let it coil around his thumb. With the <<Flame Serpent>> and the lightning of the <<Lightning Demon Body>>, present on one place Ace started directing the lightning to go and interact with the <<Flame Serpent>>.

Then, finally the two met and the lightning crawled and coated the <<Flame Serpent>>. The <<Flame Serpent>> was accepting the lightning without any problem when the little serpent suddenly dissipated to the air.

'Ding… Synthesis (locked, insufficient level).'

As the <<Flame Serpent>> disappeared Ace had a look of disappointment but when he heard of the announcement about something new being locked Ace didn't lose any hope of combining Martial Skill that he already had.

'If it's locked then that means I can unlock it one day.'

When Ace was playing around he had thought if he can combine two kinds of attacks in one. He had thought that if he had something like that he will be able to fight people who have high defensive capabilities that can withstand attacks he has.

Ace's body was already strong and with lightning coating his body Ace could even attack using his bare hands but his attack has yet to reach this point of overwhelmingness but if he can combine the two Martial Skills and form one powerful attack it may just compensate for his current weakness, then again Ace only needed to find some way to level up his <<Flame Serpent>>.

"Ace, here's what you're looking for."

Then, as he was lost in thought Lei-Lei had unknowingly come out of the Medicinal Pill Workshop and was standing right in front of him. She appeared without him even noticing her and he would not be able to notice her at all if she didn't call out to him.

Ace was a little startled and flustered when he heard Lei-Lei call out to him. He raised his head and saw her stretching her right hand to him as if she was trying to give him something.

He stretched his left hand forward and Lei-Lei handed him five Restoration Pills and then she heard him say.

"The most I can get you is five, the currency used in the sect is Sect Points and this is not different in our Medicinal Pill Workshop but thanks to your sister here I was able to get you a pretty good price."

Lei-Lei sounded oddly spirit when she talked about doing Ace a favor her cheeks looked plump as she smiled happily and looked at Ace.

'This guy will become my junior in the future so I have to help him a bit right?' she through as she continued smiling. Lei-Lei left that place and went back to the Alchemist Association.

Ace looked at her as she walked away seeing her enter the Alchemist Association Ace left that place but he didn't immediately went to the Lower Demon Plateau and chose to head back to his house so he can go to the Lower Demon Plateau to by passing through the Forest of Dreams.

Like before he went back to the Lower Demon Plateau by passing through the Forest of Dreams. He had taken with him the white bottle he got from the leather bag and placed the five Restoration Pills in there to keep them safe and some other things.

It took Ace a solid hour before he can reach the Lower Demon Plateau and he didn't waste any time and entered the plateau, unlike before Ace immediately went deeper to the Lower Demon Plateau and went to the place where fifth level Core Formation disciples fought.


As he was running, Ace came across many people fighting in the outer area of the plateau and when they saw him many gave him glaring eyes. He ignored their stares and went to find an area where many disciples gather.

Ace didn't have to wander around that long and he was already able to find someplace suitable. Taking a piece of cloth he brought with him Ace took out a piece of wood that he got from the Forest of Dreams and burned it turning the wood into charcoal.

Crushing the charcoal using his bare hands Ace took his time on writing words on the red cloth. As he was writing Ace garnered some attention from other disciples and got their attention they got curious as to what he was doing and started gathering around him.

Ace had finished writing the thing he wanted to write for a while now and seeing the people surrounding him were enough and their cultivations mostly the same as him Ace lifted the red cloth tied to two branches fro each side that was placed on the ground.

'Devil's Bet.'

The cloth was like a little sign that was sticking from the ground.

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know but it looks interesting so I'll be sticking around to find out, well we can just make this a reason to challenge and bet with him to get some Restoration Pills so why not stay for a bit."

People were talking and Ace looked around them while holding his hands behind him, he took a deep breath and smiled at them brightly as he started speaking in a loud voice all of a sudden.

"Hello fellow brothers in the sect, I am here to make a challenge to anyone interested. This challenge would be quite good for anyone who joins in on the fun and if you win this bet you can even gain a large sum of Restoration Pill that will help your cultivation."

Ace's voice was loud and everyone was able to hear him clearly without any problems whatsoever and everyone's attention was all taken by him after he spoke about a chance of getting a large sum of Restoration Pill.

"What do you mean by that?" someone shouted at the back of the group.

"Easy, those who have confidence on their strength would only need to bet the corresponding amount of Restoration Pills we gather everything in one place and the strongest individual will be able to win it all. Anyone here may enter and in consideration for you all I will put the starting bet."

Ace took out a bottle and inside that bottle was two Restoration Pills jumping all over the place and then threw it inside to one side.

"This will be the set amount of the bet, anyone who has the balls and wants to know who the strongest is can join."

Ace's voice was irritating to some people but many were riled up when they heard the words of "finding out who's the strongest" and "earning a huge sum of Restoration Pill" and one by one, many people who had reach the fifth level of Core Formation stepped forward and before long the number of people who joined this ridiculous idea of Ace numbered near a hundred people.

Who didn't want to be called the strongest? Although this little fight will only happen in this kind of small place everyone was still wanting to win so they can make a name for themselves and get the pile of Restoration Pills.

It had been a while and the Restoration Pills on the ground had already numbered a lot and the more it gathered the more everyone want to enter this little 'Devil's Bet' that Ace suddenly announces.

No one knew who Ace was and even now they didn't know who he was but everyone here knew that anyone who makes a bet must follow what he says or else the observers will come for him and punish him accordingly so they didn't worry about Ace doing something that can be considered cheating.

"Let's start this already, I want to finish this get those Restoration Pills and get back to my place."

"Stop bragging, we all know that I John will be able to get those Pills so you better shut your mouth for now or else I will be letting you taste my <<Buffalo Horns>> soon enough."

Ace opened his eyes and saw the place where he placed the Restoration Pills had already made a mound and there were already a huge number of pills gathered and after counting the people around him already numbered at one hundred fifteen Ace stood up and said in a loud voice.

"For those who want to join come and enter but after this, no one is allowed to enter anymore."

After saying those words five more people entered and no one stepped forward anymore and the only people left watching were third level disciples who knew their limits. Ace took out a leather bag and placed every pill inside the bag, he then threw it to one of the spectators then says:

"Hold that for a moment please."

Everyone's eyes were drawn to that bag and into the disciple and they couldn't help but direct some evil look to that disciples by accident resulting for the disciple's knee to buckle.

With a clap of his hands, Ace said in a loud voice.


It was a simple signal but everyone around him was suddenly thrown into chaos as they fought in their own battles and Ace was no different than them as he was already thrown into a fight where two people were fighting him at the same time.

They started pounding him with continuous and repetitive movements. Each move of the two complimented each other as they hit Ace continuously in the body, but every time they manage to land a hit a numbing sensation will enter their fists and feet.

+ 500

+ 500

Ace smiled as his <<Lightning Demon Body>> continuously gained experience points but even if he were happy about these things he didn't want to keep drawing things out as he had already planned on why he went out on his ways to plan this whole thing.

Tapping his right foot on the ground a bright colored snake appeared out of nowhere and coiled to Ace's right arm startling the other two and without wasting such opportunity Ace gave a punch that burned that air and burned the body of his opponent.

The <<Flame Serpent>> was unleashed in a place where many people were fighting and many unsuspecting people were caught in this surprise attack that Ace made for them.

'Ding… defeated fifth level Core Formation disciple + 700.'

'Ding… defeated fifth level Core Formation disciple + 700.'

'Ding… defeated fifth level Core Formation disciple + 700.'

'Ding… defeated fourth level Core Formation disciple + 500.'

'Ding… defeated third level Core Formation disciple + 300.'

'Ding… character leveled up.'

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 5th level.'

His <<Flame Serpent>> run through the whole battlefield getting everyone's attention to himself. But before they could even react and think of what they should say on what Wang Xue just did when he showed that <<Flame Serpent>>, Ace released another one.

And as their attentions were placed upon him Ace showed a smile of satisfaction as he once again called for another <Flame Serpent>> after the second one disappeared.

This is what he had been looking for, a place where he can gain a whole bunch of experience in one fell swoop and this time he was able to get a whole lot in this outer area of the Lower Demon Plateau with his <<Flame Serpent>> and <<Lightning Demon Body>> he was practically invisible that even when someone was able to sneak up on him his body just released an electric shock and that person will be on the ground twitching.

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 6th level.'

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 7th level.'


Ace walked towards the disciples who was holding the leather bag and took it from his hands. He rummaged around and took out ten Restoration Pills and gave it to the disciple as thanks then he left that area with a red cloth and a leather bag leaving behind bodies on the ground writhing in pain.

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 8

Experience Points: (1900/200000)

Stored Experience: (Can level up character level, can level up martial skill level)

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 10th level (3000/100000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 8th level (7500/100000)

Cultivation: Core Formation (To be unlocked: Minor Saint)

Extra Jobs: Alchemist level one (0/10) (Apprentice)

In just one day Ace was already out to get back to finding Lorenz so he can pay him back for treating him so dearly.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》