Heaven's Wrath
12 Altair
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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12 Altair

Ace's level climbed up a couple of times and even his Martial Skills were able to reach the next level. As he was walking his thought went back to the earlier fight and remembered the <<Flame Serpent>> growing as it goes up in level and right now the <<Flame Serpent>> was already five meters in size.

'What will happen if it reaches the tenth level or even the twentieth level? Will it grow big enough to swallow a whole house without problems or destroy a whole village by simply using it once?'

Ace's thought drifted as he had never seen such a powerful low-level Martial Skill before and if his hunch was right the <<Flame Serpent>> he is using was already comparable to a low-level Minor Saint skill and if the <<Flame Serpent>> truly didn't have any limits Ace may even create an immortal martial skill out of a simple one.

'A simple <<Flame Serpent>> swallowing even immortals. That kind of thing had never been seen in all the Nine Realms and if I can get the Synthesis this Martial Skill will evolve into a completely new one that can turn a whole mountain into rumbles in mere seconds.'

His thoughts were running wild as he imagined various scenarios where he soars through the sky whilst riding a flame serpent and his body releasing terrifying lightning that can destroy anything.

It took him a while before he was able to suppress the excitement inside his heart and after a while, Ace took the leather bag that hangs over his shoulders. He started checking and counting just how many Restoration Pills were inside and after a minute Ace stopped on his tracks as he once again counted over it to confirm.

One hundred nineteen people joined his little bet seeking to get Restoration Pills, the leather bag he was holding contained over two hundred Restoration Pills a hundred more times more than what he originally.

He came to the Lower Demon Plateau to fight and gain levels but he didn't think that he will be earning this much and although he was in need of Restoration Pills it was mostly because he needed them so he can fight with Lorenz and gain some experience for the <<Lightning Demon Body>>.

"But Lorenz is nowhere to be found in this place, I better head deeper or else I will be scouring this place for him all night and I will still not be able to see him."

Ace went deeper inside the Lower Demon Plateau and with his character level already at the eight level he will be able to travel in the Lower Demon Plateau without any problems, if he chances upon Lorenz at this very moment Ace will not even need to use the full power of the <<Flame Serpent>> and he will still win with an overwhelming gap.

Hidden in the shadows was an observer that had been watching Ace since he saw him enter his area and after seeing him set up that betting of his the observer was intrigued and watched the whole thing unfold until the end and what Ace showed him can only be described as perverse.

"What kind of monster is this guy? Is he really an outer sect disciple or was he sent by some peak elder so he can train with the outer area of the sect, either way at his current speed he might actually enter the top 100 in a month."

The observers were all able to communicate with one another as their medallions were enchanted by the fourth peak Elder of the Mountain Peak. Since this is the case information concerning Ace was already circulated and from what the latest information entails, Ace should have received a rather big injury when he fought with Lorenz earlier.

He later gave a detail explanation about Ace's fight with the one hundred nineteen disciples and how the <<Flame Serpent>> was not normal and had been trained to an abnormal extent he also mentioned about an unconfirmed body tempering technique that lets Ace control lightning.

"Carefully observe the young man reported by the two brothers earlier today, he should have been injured but his body is completely fine and after leaving the first area, complete and utter chaos with the lower level disciples have ensued so control the situation accordingly if something happens."


Ace traveled deeper in the Lower Demon Plateau this time he went to the area where seventh, eighth, and ninth Core Formation disciples gather.

The deeper Ace went in the Lower Demon Plateau the more the landscape and the area surrounding environment change. When he first stepped foot on the Lower Demon Plateau Ace was only able to see vast lands and a few trees and boulders scattered all over the place.

But the deeper he went Ace noticed that the trees were getting more frequent and there were a few men made constructions and as for the boulders they were still scattered all over the place but when Ace looked ahead he was able to see a mountain range that stretches over the horizon.

Also, the people in this area were much less compared to the disciples before and he was only able to spot a few people fighting and sparring against one another.

This is not that strange because the deeper he goes in this place the higher the cultivation of everyone around him meaning, the number of Pills that they need are also much more compared to lower level disciples so the one to five Restoration Pills that were bet in the outer area of the plateau was nothing but change to everyone here.

While he was entering this place Ace saw a disciple resting underneath the shade of a tree, his head was lowered making Ace unable to see his face but Ace knew that he was not asleep or resting because of the rhythm of his breathing so he went over to ask some questions.

Ace approached that disciple and tried asking a few questions but he was met with silence and an open palm that beckons him to give him something first.

'This guy actually want payment for someone asking a question?'

Seeing him ace like this Ace took out five Restoration Pills from his leather bag and was about to hand it to the disciple but when the hand holding the Restoration Pills stopped on top of his palm Ace didn't directly gave him a Restoration Pill and said.

"I don't know what brother's name and I do not feel right conducting business with someone whose name is even unknown to me."

The disciples looked up to Ace and a very youthful countenance was seen. The disciple was so young that he looked like he was two years younger than Ace but his cultivation was already at the eight level of Core Formation so his strength not to be scoffed at.

"Senior brother my name is Altair, so what is senior brother's question?"

Altair carried a smile on his face when he introduced himself to Ace, his earlier attitude of disregarding everything was rip off his visage and started conducting himself in a shameless manner like he would do anything for the Restoration Pills. Ace looked at him and smiled and replied back;

"My name is Ace, brother Altair I just want to ask a few questions and it seems like you are pretty knowledgeable so I will be counting on you to answer some of my inquiries."

"Of course senior brother, just ask anything you want to know without any reserve if you have enough I will even answer any questions about the top 100."

Altair was quite talkative when after his mouth was opened and quite frankly Ace liked him better when he had his head down and was asking for Restoration Pill after he asks him a few times. Showing a wry smile Ace said;

"What's the usual bet in this place and about how many people are mostly gathered in one place and do you know any seventh level Core Formation disciple named Lorenz?"

Altair heard Ace and could not help but scratch his head upon hearing the questions given to him. Most of his questions were all considered as common sense in these parts so even Altair didn't want to make Ace pay for such info.

"Most of the time the disciples gathers in the place known as the Grass Plane to spar it is not far from here so you can still hear the sounds of other disciples fighting."

Ace focus his hearing and just like what Altair said there truly were people sparring somewhere Far East.

"The normal bet placed here are twenty Restoration Pills and because we only get thirty Pills every month only those who are either gambling addicts, battle junkies, or those who are truly in need of Restoration Pills fight and bet with one another, most of the time we only spar against each other in order to review our progress."

Altair took a deep breath and smiled at Ace and answered him.

"I don't know much about small fries like those but I hear that he was able to train the <<Twin Lightning Fist>> which was supposed to be hard to cultivate getting the attention of Molat the one who sits at the ninety-ninth position of the Demon Rankings."

Ace heard Altair and heard everything that he wanted to hear so he was about to give Altair ten Restoration Pills for his help but Altair shook his head and said.

"I, Altair as an aspiring God of the Shadows have my own set of values so just pay for what I told you so senior brother so just pay for the last bits of information about the Lorenz guy and we will call it quits, everything about the bet and the common gathering place were nothing but common knowledge."

Altair said and puffed his chest out and Ace upon hearing the name 'God of the Shadows' remembered something about people that sell information inside the sect, although it wasn't an official name in the sect, the title of 'God of the Shadows' is given to people who gathers information and sell it to others.

'So he was one of those guys.' He thought as he handed him ten Restoration Pills.

"Just take it, I have plenty more here. Well, you call yourself an aspiring God of the Shadows so do you also do work with spreading some words?"

Ace didn't know Altair was someone who aspires to be a Shadow God but upon knowing that Altair was someone who was Ace wanted to try something that can help him gather people in one single place.


The next day

Many topics in the area of the seventh, eighth, and ninth Core Formations disciples were about a way to get many Restoration Pills word about a massive bet that anyone can win was about to happen in the Grass Plane.

In the Grass Plane.

Two poles were hammered on the ground as a red cloth with black colored words danced with the wind, in the red cloth two words were written;

"Devil's Bet"
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    《Heaven's Wrath》