Heaven's Wrath
13 Ace The Monster
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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13 Ace The Monster

The red banner danced with the wind and with the black colored words written on its surface the people who have gathered nearby were looking at Ace who sat in the middle of the Grass Plains underneath the banner in a weird and intrigue manner.

"Who's that? I don't remember seeing him in this place before is he someone from the outer area?"

"Maybe, I also have never seen him but this looks rather entertaining and according to the many talks around this place can give us a large opportunity of obtaining a lot of Restoration Pills in one go."

People were conversing with one another while standing by the side. They have never seen Ace nor have they heard his name before, if not for the attraction of the Restoration Pills more than half of the people here will not even think of going to the Grass Plains for no reason at all.

The talks around suddenly stopped when Ace stood up from underneath the red banner and the two poles. Moving slowly, Ace's countenance that had shown no emotion whatsoever all this time showed a welcoming and excited smile for everyone to see.

Ace spoke in a loud voice.

"Good day fellow sect brothers, welcome to the 'Devil's Bet' where you can earn hundreds and even thousands of Restoration Pills."

Ace's bold announcement was heard all over the place and after hearing the words hundreds and thousands of Restoration Pills everyone's attention was caught some even leaned forward to hear Ace better.

"If you are wondering what I mean then let me explain brothers, there are about a hundred and fifty people in this place and you only need to bet once and those who bet will gain the right to fight for the title of the strongest and the person who beats everyone will obtain both fame and resources."

Everyone's will to fight was ignited by his words of obtaining fame and resources that they will need in order for them to cultivate and fame in hopes of obtaining the favors of the Elders and if they manage to do that the day of entering the inner sect will come to them.

"I will also join the bet.' Saying that Ace took out a bottle from under his clothes and place them to the side; "I will place thirty Restoration Pills as the starting point, the only rule of this fight is that no one beyond the eighth level of Core Formation shall enter."

The people around Ace were mostly at the eighth level of Core Formation, although there were some ninth level Core Formation disciples there at the same time no one rebuked Ace as they just stood by the side and kept watching for anything interesting that may happen.

"This kid is interesting, I wonder if senior brother will accept him?"

Many thought of recruiting Ace under their banner but no one stepped forwards because they wanted to know what he can do. Every eight level Core Formation disciples were stepping forth to enter the Devil's Bet that Ace had set up everyone that is except for Altair who was watching by the side.

Yesterday when he talked with Ace he was asked to spread around many rumors about this Devil's Bet of Ace. He didn't know why he wanted to spread such rumors but seeing him do this kind of thing made him want to quickly get out of there but the number of Restoration Pills were simply too much for him to ignore so if he can't take it he wanted to at least know who will obtain it.

His cultivation was already high enough to enter the Devil's Bet but he chose not to because Ace was entering this insane bet that he had set up himself. Altair also wanted to enter but when he thought of the reason why Ace will set up something like this Altair felt that he should just watch by the side.

One hundred and forty people entered the bet and placed thirty Restoration Pills as the entrée fee. Everyone placed thirty Restoration Pills but no one thought that they were losing out that's because everyone who joined in this fight was confident in their skills and that they will not lose to fellow disciples of the same level.

In the inner area of the Lower Demon Plateau, pride was a common thing if no one had the mindset of someone aiming for the peak of the world then one cannot advance in ranks and enter the top 100 of the outer area of the sect.

"There should be three thousand Restoration Pills there, after this fight I will need to go and enter seclusion and finally break through the next level."

"Keep on dreaming, all these will be mine and everyone who stands in my way will be cut by Yours Truly."

Arrogant remarks were heard all over the place. Walking over to the piles of Restoration Pills Ace took out a leather bag and kept them inside mad just like before he threw it to some random person and also just like before many glared at the disciple who held the bets.

People shouting continued and after a while Ace got annoyed by these banters so tapping his right foot on the ground a very deep and loud sound was heard followed by Ace's loud voice.

"Entering the bet will be closed after ten seconds, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one…. Fight!"

Ace roared and everyone started picking fights to anyone close to them and fought until one of them were on the floor and couldn't move anymore. If they were to fight like these Ace knew that their numbers will start to thin out before he even realizes it so without even waiting for any opponent come closer to him Ace's feet left the ground and a red serpent came crashing down from the heavens above.

A five-meter long <<Flame Serpent>> were released. The <<Flame Serpent>> started descending from high above and immediately the <<Flame Serpent>> opened its mouth and was ready to swallow everything standing on its path.


Many tried to intercept Ace's <<Flame Serpent>> but nothing worked and before long the <<Flame Serpent>> hit the ground and the previously grassy plains were simply turned to a hellhole where a fire was spread everywhere.




"What is that? Is that a... <<Flame Serpent>>? How can it be so big? How did he train it to such extent?"

Altair that had been watching all these times stood there with his mouth agape and his thoughts running in full speed. As someone aspiring to become the God of the Shadows Altair had delved deep in many things and Martial Skills were no different but even after searching through his memories Altair had never even heard of such things.

"So senior brother Ace truly is amazing, I am lucky that he warned me not to join. This senior brother Ace knew that this kind of thing will happen so he warned me beforehand, I don't think I can be a match to him at the moment but in a week I might be able to."

Altair thought of improving his cultivation a bit and didn't even doubt himself for a minute that he will be able to do so, in fact, Altair even started planning of trying to spar with Ace when the time comes.

As he was thinking of fighting Ace, a large explosion happened again and another <<Flame Serpent>> was formed and descending from above which gobbled up a lot of disciples. By this time everyone's attention was taken by Ace because from the time he jumped up the sky and until he touched the ground Ace created a three <<Flame Serpent>> and by now a third of the participants were twitching on the ground.

'Ding… <<Flamer Serpent>> raised to 11th level.'

'Ding… experience +100'

"<<Flame Serpent>>"

Ace didn't waste any time and used the <<Flame Serpent>> and sent one forward racing towards the direction of the other disciples this time around the <<Flame Serpent>> he released was different than before as it was bigger by another meter and the power it brought with it was simply too much that even the ninth level Core Formation disciples didn't know if they can fend Ace's attack.

"This kid is a monster, if I can get him to join senior brother then we will rise as the number one in the outer sect."

"Shut up, this one will be taken by us so better luck next time guys."

The recruitments of promising young blood to their own group inside the Lower Demon Plateau had always been rough but this time after seeing Ace in action everyone wanted to take him under their wings.

While they were fighting there a sudden heat came and all of them who gathered felt their faces warming up and their bloods were rolling. Ace went to get the leather bag and made sure to give the disciple who watched over his resources ten Restoration Pills.

Seeing Ace walked out of the field everyone wanted to approach him right there and then but before they could even get close to him Ace suddenly raised his hands as if he was surrendering and said;

"Sorry but I am already affiliated to someone so I cannot accept your invitations although but I still wish to forge a great friendship with everyone."

Ace's little announcement stopped everyone from approaching him so they can reel them over to their sides. Although it sounded like a lie Ace was truly already affiliated with the Alchemist Association so didn't want to go to other places even if he weren't affiliated with any power Ace will still reject them.

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 8

Experience Points: (109000/200000)

Stored Experience: (Can level up character level, can level up martial skill level)

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 11th level (21000/200000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 8th level (6000/100000)

Cultivation: Core Formation (To be unlocked: Minor Saint)

Extra Jobs: Alchemist level one (0/10) (Apprentice)

Sighing Ace didn't know whether to laugh or cry because the more he trains his skills that harder they are to master and his character was the same. With these thoughts, Ace kept the leather bag and saw Altair running towards his direction.

"Senior Brother Ace that was simply amazing, fighting hundreds of disciples all at once while being in the same cultivation is too impressive. So after this what will senior brother do now?"

Altair got close to Ace's face.

"Find stronger people to fight the stronger the better so I'll be going deeper in the challenge some of the seniors."

Ace didn't know but there were two people dress in white hiding in the shadows, both were observers but the one of them were simply there to watch over Ace and check his strength.

One of them nodded his head and left while the other stayed and continued watching Ace.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》