Heaven's Wrath
14 Payback
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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14 Payback

Ace left and Altair followed closely behind him.

"Why are you following me? I don't have any questions so far so you don't need to follow me in hopes of earning some Restoration Pills out of me."

Ace found it weird that Altair was following him when he proceeded further in the Lower Demon Plateau. When he asked Altair to spread those rumors about the Devil' Bet Ace paid him one hundred and fifty Restoration Pills which made Altair float to ninth heaven out of happiness.

"Don't mind me, senior brother, I have my own reasons for following you like this… well, to be honest, I just feel like I can watch some entertaining fights like the earlier brawl."

Altair was truly honest and answered Ace truthfully. After watching the fight where Ace dominated over one hundred disciples made Altair feel that if he sticks around Ace he will be able to watch a fight like that of such intensity, but Ace thought otherwise.

"Sorry but that won't be happening soon."

Ace said as he swiftly runs forward. The earlier fight was seen by many disciples and unlike when he fought with those fourth level Core Formation disciples earlier the ones who watch were affiliated to someone inside the sect and by now, news about him and his fight should be circulating all over the place.

"You don't need to explain senior brother I understand but that doesn't matter much, a brawl is amazing and all but I want to see how you will fight against someone stronger than yourself."

Altair replied, in regards to knowledge about information gathering and spreading he was confident that he understands it more than Ace so he knew what was going to happen.

"Well I know you may find my presence a bit of a nuisance but in exchange of allowing me to fight I'll teach senior brother that concerns the location of other disciples, I get to watch a good fight while senior brother gets to bet with others like you wanted it's a win-win for the both of us."

"Suit yourself, but when I fight don't stay too close or you may get caught up in the fight as well."

Altair nodded his head in agreement and the two of them swiftly and quietly made their way through the Grass Plains leaving behind the damaged and scorched land that resulted from the fight.


Ace went deeper inside the Lower Demon Plateau and it had been three days since he left this place and went back home. He had been moving from one fight to the other and was madly gaining experience points both for his character level and Martial Skills.

A five-meter snake rose up to the air and clashed against a sickle formed by sharp winds. The giant sickle was held by another disciple who was facing Ace in a heated battle.


Ace roared and dashed forward with a sudden burst of energy. The ground sunk and rubbles were created, wriggling lightning coated his entire body as Ace charged forward and held the sickle formed wind then broke it in half startling the other disciple.

The <<Flame Serpent>> moved in and together with Ace, the other disciple was devoured and bathed with the burning flames inside the body of the blazing snake. The other disciple howled in pain, but Ace stayed quiet and endure the burning sensation.

After a short while Ace released the <<Flame Serpent>> and the disciple he was fighting fell on the ground with a thud.

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> + 1000.'

'Ding… character experience + 5000.'

'Ding… character leveled up.'

As he crouched on the ground and took fifty Restoration Pills from his defeated opponent, the announcement of his character leveling up rang inside his head. Delight and excitement filled his mind as the thought of leveling up.

After fighting for three days Ace had finally reached this point it wasn't strange that he was so happy about it.

Unlike before when he was fighting in the Devil's Bet that he himself set up Ace could gain multiple experience points for his Martial Skills and character level all at the same time but after the name of the Devil's Bet spread all around the Lower Demon Plateau Ace lost the chance to start another place to bet.

But despite this fact, Ace wasn't bothered too much and instead, he made use of this chance to improve and level up the <<Lightning Demon Body>> and after three days of fighting against ninth level Core Formation disciples the <<Lightning Demon Body>> had finally reached the next level.

The <<Lightning Demon Body>> that was supposedly one of the hardest to cultivate body tempering skill in the whole Immortal Demon Sect was already beginning to become something more and the more it changes the more powerful it becomes.

From the original description of the <<Lightning Demon Body>> the only thing that Ace should have was a body coated with a few sparks of lightning that strengthen the exterior of his body comparable to bronze and the interior of his body by making his meridians sturdier and more flexible but the <<Lightning Demon Body>> that he uses had longed been changed.

When he uses the <<Lightning Demon Body>> in a fight Ace would have a significant change in both exterior and interior parts of his body.

The lightning that surrounds his body was so strong that he use it to fight and overwhelm a ninth level Core Formation disciple and after using the <<Lightning Demon Body>> in actual spars where he didn't just overwhelm his opponents with the <<Flame Serpent>> Ace found that his speed sharply rose when he activates the <<Lightning Demon Body>>.

"Haha, you are truly a monster like the others say senior brother Ace, for the past three days of fighting you have actually beaten twenty-ninth level Core Formation disciples without suffering a single defeat."

Altair appeared right beside him showing Ace a delighted and excited smile. Altair followed Ace around to see interesting fights and after watching through every single bout Ace goes through Altair always find himself entrance by how exquisite Ace's skill.

Ace saw him acting so enthusiastically and remembered how Altair had helped him in finding others in this wide place. Like what he was promised Altair helped him try to find suitable opponents that are willing to fight against him and after being acquainted with each other for a couple of days Ace had long treated Altair as a friend.

"Well that should be enough for now, I need to go back as I have a prior engagement tomorrow."

Ace said to Altair. Tomorrow should be last sixth day since he had gotten those books from Lei-Lei and Min Ren and to show that he was hardworking and determined to become a true alchemist Ace wanted to go there early in the morning and show what he had learned.

"Are you serious senior brother? I have finally found that Lorenz guy though, are you sure you want to go now senior brother?"

Altair asked.

"What, really? I only have a few questions for him so can you just lead me there now? After that, I'll be going back."

Altair didn't dally and led Ace to where he heard Lorenz frequented these days. Ever since Ace asked where Lorenz was, Altair had been trying to find him, normally he didn't need four days just to locate some small fries like Lorenz but for some reason, Lorenz had gone missing for four days and when he came out he had already reached the eighth level of Core Formation.

"The guy you have been trying to find seems to have gone in secluded cultivation in order to break through the next level. Hehe, see that senior brother? Aren't you lucky to have a future God of the Shadow as a friend?"

Looking at Altair's satisfied and arrogant face Ace couldn't help but let out a snicker and then said.

"Yeah sure, and I know you're mostly doing this to earn more Restoration Pills from me the future God of the Shadow is truly greedy." Ace shook his head and repeatedly clicked his tongue.

"Don't say that senior brother, I have been helping you from the innate kindness that I have in my heart as I consider you a true brother please don't take my kindness as something so light that I only pursue payment from senior brother." Altair replied.

"So you don't want to get paid?"

"I never said that though."

"Senior brother is that him?"

Around fifty meters from Ace and Altair, a group of five men were talking and laughing with one another as they conversed with one another and one of these men were the same person that Ace had been looking for.

"Yeah, that's him, good job finding him well I'll give you five hundred Restoration Pills as payment for actually finding him."

Ace casually said and threw five bottles to Altair which contained one hundred Restoration Pills each. Catching them Altair saw the contents of the bottles and wanted to return it as it was too much but when he turned his head Ace was already heading towards Lorenz's direction.

Ace looked at Lorenz's familiar face and remembered the beating that he took from him and didn't know if he should be thankful to him or not. As he was moving towards Lorenz and his group he saw one of Lorenz's companion point at him and Lorenz turned his head towards his direction.

Lorenz saw Ace's face and immediately after seeing Ace the smile on his countenance disappeared as it was replaced by irritation, it was clear that he still remembered him from a few days ago.

"Hey aren't you that insane kid that fought with Lorenz? You sure have a tough body for actually recovering from that beating after a few days."

"Hehe, what are you doing here kid? Do you want to have another rematch against Lorenz?"

Ace laughed at the moment he stood before Lorenz, hearing those mocking words Ace only replied by showing a smile and a soft voice directed to Lorenz.

"Brother I am not here to fight against anyone I am just here to asks some questions regarding the <<Twin Lighting Fist>> you used against me."

Ace said.

"I don't have any obligations to tell you anything just scram out of here."

Lorenz coldly replied.

Ace fell silent and didn't say anything back and after a while, Ace smiled at Lorenz and said.

"Well how about a bet then? If I bet against you and I win you will answer a few questions about the <<Twin Lightning Fist>> and if you win I'll give you some Restoration Pills."

"Bet with you? Do you actually think that I will bet against you without anything to gain from it? I already took the only Restoration Pill you have, you don't have anything you have that I need come back after you have some Pills."

Hearing Lorenz Ace took a little bottle from his leather bag and showed to Lorenz.

"This bottle has a hundred Pills inside it should be enough as a betting material for a few questions right?"

Lorenz saw the bottle and immediately his eyes lit up from delight and greed. Standing up Lorenz smile at Ace and stared at him as he kept the bottle to the leather bag.

"I don't know where you get so much Restoration Pills but I'll be taking that from you."

While speaking Lorenz's two arms released a large amount of lightning that released terrifying sparks. Lorenz didn't wait for anything and immediately used the <<Twin Lighting Fist>>.

When he first fought against Ace he found out that Ace had some kind of resistance to his blows and the only thing that manages to take him out was this very same technique and he didn't want to waste any more time on hitting Ace and immediately poured his heavenly essence on the >>Twin Lightning Fist>>.


Lorenz's fist hit Ace directly on the face but the intended reaction that should have come out of Ace didn't appear.

+ 2000

Ace didn't even step back and he didn't even seem to have suffered much damage.

"What? This is impossible, you shouldn't be able to stand after that." Lorenz didn't want to accept the fact that Ace didn't even flinch from his punch and while in denial Lorenz launched a flurry of blows that landed all over Ace's body.

+ 2000

+ 2000

+ 1000

+ 900

+ 800

Ace noticed the number of experience that was being added on the <<Lighting Demon Body>> was starting to drop and after ten more lightning covered punches hit him Lorenz finally stopped as he was already out of breath.

+ 10

"My turn."


Ace sent Lorenz flying with a single electrifying slap right across the face.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》