Heaven's Wrath
17 Senior Brother“s Lesson
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Heaven's Wrath
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17 Senior Brother“s Lesson

Min Ren's orange flames dance with elegance and vigor, its heat pervaded in the air but it was as if Ace didn't even feel this heat because he didn't even tried stepping backward but chose to stand there and watch, not moving from his place.

'Ding… Elemental Variants unlock… Flame Type: <<Core Flames>> (unlock).'

'Core Flames: the most basic of all flames that all cultivators have, this flames stand above Earth Flames but is still below to the true Flames of a cultivator. This Flame is useable for combat and Alchemy, the success rate of pill concoction will be low as the quality of the flames is low.

'Ding… Lightning Type: <<Core Lightning>> (unlock).'

'Core Lightning: the most basic of all lightning that all cultivators have, this lighting enables the use of low-quality lightning that is even comparable to a regular lightning bolt that comes from thunderstorms, but lightning destroys all evil and purifies the wicked and the <<Core Lightning>> is the same.'

'Flame Type: <<Core Flames>> 1st level (0/10).'

'Lightning Type: <<Core Lightning>> 1st level (0/10).'

Ace had unlocked another kind of applications inside the system without even knowing it and what's more, is that this is not the end of because there was some kind of update in the system as the stored experience points can now also be used to level up the new 'Elemental Variants'.

'Stored experience: 100 (Can level up character level, can level up the martial skill level, can level up elemental variants.)'

Ace noticed that he still had some experience points from the previous time he ate all those Restoration Pills. While Min Ren was explaining and Rea was listening Ace stood there with his mind, consciousness, and sight as he focuses on something else.

In front of him was the Flames of Min Ren but inside his head was his own red-colored flame that was like a fire from a matchstick. Inside his body, he can see the two different type of energy segregated into two rooms both of his elements were so tiny that they seem to be extinguishable if Ace ever touch them.

He wanted to fiddle with these two elements inside him right now, but observing them like this was the best thing he can do before he can come back to his own house. He made his consciousness go back to the world and he looked on at the floating pill furnace and as he just continued listening to Min Ren the topic had just shifted from flames and pill furnace to the actual pill concoction.

"Pill concoction can only be done if the ingredients are gathered and the impurities inside every ingredient are taken out without leaving behind a single amount of impurities inside. If you use an ingredient with impurities still present inside them the pill you will concoct will not have one hundred percent effectiveness and for our Immortal Demon Sect only high-quality pills are allowed to be distributed to everyone and that includes the simple Restoration Pills you both received every month.'

Min Ren spoke, proud and dignified. The Immortal Demon Sect was one of the few Immortal Sects and they deserve that name not only from their power but from the way they treat the disciples who join them, this is also one of the many reasons why youths flocks to the Immortal Demon Sect to obtain the right of becoming a disciple and why disciples who were already enrolled tries hard to advance in their cultivation.

If the resources given to them were all of the highest quality despite being an outer sect disciple no one would complain that they are being mistreated inside the sect and could only focus on improving themselves.

"Every pill have their own affectivity, if you can concoct a pill that still has a third of the impurities remaining then you have concocted a twenty-five percent effectiveness pill, if it still has half of the impurities then it's fifty percent effectiveness, and if it doesn't have any impurities at all, it is called a one hundred percent effectiveness pill and just like how it has a chart for how effective it is every pill also have their own grades."

Min Ren stopped for a moment to catch his own breath and proceeded when he saw his flames were stable once again.

"The Restoration Pills the Alchemist Association distributes are mere Mortal Grade pills but because their effectiveness is at one hundred percent they can be treated as peak level items. Starting from Mortal, Earth, Saint, Sovereign, and for now the Deity rank pills this is the ranking of the pills and in your current cases Rea can concoct at most Earth rank pills while Ace can create mortal rank pills."

Ace was surprised to hear senior brother Min Ren say that Rea can already concoct Earth rank pills at her age. Ace looked at her through the corner of his eyes and couldn't believe that this girl who doesn't seem older than fifteen or sixteen can already concoct such pills.

Rea saw Ace looking at her and when she did her eyes narrowed and said.

"What are you looking at? Are you so enchanted by my beauty that you can't actually look straight and listen to senior brother Min Ren's lecture? Hmmp, you are far too low class to be with me so just be satisfied with mere looking alright?"

Ace heard Rea speak and when she stopped her words from flowing out of her mouth Ace wanted to check this girl in the head to see if her mind was working or not. But as the thought of opening Rea's head appeared in his mind a sudden orange flame flickered from in front, and just like a whip Rea and Ace were both hit on the arms.

"Stop doing unnecessary talks or do you want me to break your bones already?"

Min Ren's anger was incense and when he looks behind him and met eyes with Ace and Rea, the two youths shudder as the thought of senior brother Min Ren might hit them again. Although Ace was rather frightful when senior brother Min Ren was involved he was still happy to see Rea gets punish like that.

"I apologize senior brother Min Ren."

Ace and Rea bowed to Min Ren as they apologized for their actions.

"Good, now shut up and listen carefully. I don't care if you don't get it but I will not repeat myself if you don't, the two of you are my only junior this year so you will shoulder the burden of creating the medicinal pills we will distribute to the outer sect disciples, although me and sister Lei-Lei will help and assist you but in two months the seniors of the Alchemist Association will be reporting to the first peak to receive guidance from the Peak Elder who is assigned to concocting Pills so we won't be able to help you at that time."

Min Ren didn't hide any secrets from Ace and Rea. There were hundreds of thousands disciples in the outer sect and hearing that Ace and Rea have to concoct pill for them Ace suddenly shuddered. It might be plausible if he only needed to concoct one pill for each and every one of them but a single disciple receives at minimum thirty Restoration Pills a month.

"Do not worry both of you, we at the Alchemist Association will not let our junior suffer so before the time comes we will finish a third the portion and purify each ingredients before leaving the rest to the two of you, besides Rea is someone who is capable of creating Earth rank pills and from that reason alone the two of you will be able to do it."

Min Ren had a point if the most taxing part of the pill concoction was already done which is the purification of each ingredient, concocting Mortal rank pills like Restoration pills that numbers in the thousands will be possible.

"So now that both of you knows your duty, you better listen to me or else when I hand you the ingredients later and doesn't show me any results then I will grind and break the two of you."

Min Ren warned and immediately Ace and Rea listened attentively. Clearing his throat Min Ren continued.

"Mm, this is the last and most important part of pill concoction so listen, every time someone concocts a pill the act of merging different ingredients is being utilized so when concocting such things the only thing you need to know will be the fact that you must control your flames and distribute them equally to every ingredient to achieve harmony but this kind of method doesn't work for every pill."

Min Ren flipped his hands and the pill furnace started descending from above.

"There may be pills that will only need this kind of method to create a pill but any pill that's above Earth rank will have their own special procedure like how you flames shall be used in one of the ingredients. Take the Soothing Devil Pill, the core of the Soothing Devil Pill is the core of the Dream Devil and in order to concoct this Heaven rank pill your flames will have to support the ingredients not to be swallowed up by the Dream Demon's core while simultaneously forcing the Dream Demon's core to open up.'

'So being an Alchemist really is hard no matter where you look at it.' Ace thought.

"The lesson will end here, I have told you everything you need to know and showed you how to control flames but Ace still didn't know how to purify any ingredients and I have yet to see your abilities Rea so in order to help Ace you will concoct a simple Restoration Pill right here and now."

With that said Min Ren waved his hands and three medicinal plants appeared from out of nowhere and Rea who had just been ordered to concoct a pill stepped forth and without any hesitations a violent flame appeared and danced on her palms, she then looked at Ace and said.

"Watch and learn from this genius."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》