Heaven's Wrath
18 A Prodigy in Alchemy
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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18 A Prodigy in Alchemy

Rea flipped her hand and violet flames started fuming out of her hands. She looks forward into the silver pill furnace that Min Ren was using earlier and after one breath her flames run through the ground to the silver furnace lifting it from the ground.

Ace look at her violet flames and immediately he saw distinct characteristics it held. Rea's violet flames were burning with great intensity, not showing any weakness nor any kind of laxness but it didn't overwhelm the furnace.

Rea sat on the ground and used her flames to grab the ingredients on the ground. Her violet flames carried the ingredients above her head and into the mouth of the pill furnace where it was covered with her own flame.

"Watch her flames Ace, you may not believe it but she is truly a year younger than you but her skills in Alchemy is top notch that she can directly move up to the inner sect, she may have a rough personality, but just like her flames, she is also pure."

Ace heard Min Ren's praise to Rea and could not help but doubt what he had just said, 'This girl is pure?' Ace couldn't believe that part but he did believe that her flames was pure and held no kind of blemish and its movement was as refine if not, more refined than that of Min Ren.

'Rea could actually enter the inner sect if she wanted to, I hate to admit it but other than her mouth she is practically perfect in terms of physical appearance and in talents.'

No matter how much he disliked Rea from his impression of her, Ace didn't deny that her talents and potential was huge. That violet flame of hers may seem easy to use but from what he can see, Rea's every movement were attributed to her intense focus.

The three ingredients were raised to the air and her flames covered in its entirety without missing out any kind of spot. Her fingers moved like they were a conductor's stick in an opera and every movement she exhibits didn't show any kind deviation to her concentration it was as if she and her flames were one.

Black dots slowly but steadily came out of the medicinal plants signifying that she is capable of using her flames to purify three ingredients at the same time. Ace at this very moment was looking at Rea in disbelief, he absorbed the information of the <<Pill Concoction>> book and in one those records, Ace was able to learn things he never knew.

In the eighth chapter three hundred sixteenth page, there were some records that states of rare people who can handle the purification of multiple medicinal plants at the same time. The book says that talented people can do this when they became capable of concocting Heaven rank pills and in very rare cases prodigies are born and they gain the ability to do it when their level are still in Earth rank.

"Senior brother isn't that the kind of talent the sect should be focusing on? That is the level of prodigies who have Immortal Physiques and Bloodlines like the two new geniuses of the sect."

Ace asked while having his eyes glued on the whole process in front of him. Min Ren nodded his head as he proceeded to answer him.

"I know what you mean, you must know Elder Li right?"

"Yes senior brother, he's the one that supervises the Judgement Palace right? He was there when I was judged by the Illusory Heart Mirror so I know who he is."

"Mm, Elder Li governs the Judgement Palace and witness the judgement that new disciples go through but he is also the one responsible for leading new disciples inside the inner sect, just like how he led the two new geniuses that day Elder Li offered Rea to enter the inner sect for her great talents but for some reason she refused it and decided to come here in the outer area, but nonetheless she is a true genius and this is also one of the reasons why I am showing her skills to you right now."

Min Ren placed his hands on top of Ace's shoulder and continued.

"Talent is something that only blessed people can obtain but that doesn't mean they do not work hard in order to attain the position where they are now in all truthfulness geniuses are the ones who works the hardest in order to meet the expectations they carry so there's only one way for normal people like us to keep up with them and that's to train until you are on the verge of death and carry a heart that will not waver no matter how tough the ordeals are before you."

Ace heard Min Ren and as he listened more of his words the more he found out his real motives for showing Rea's methods of concocting a pill.

He wanted to show Ace what a genius is as early as possible so in the future when he learns of the great barrier that separates the normal people from the monsters Ace will be able to keep his heart strong and have the will to continue on his path.

Min Ren was a true senior brother that will help his juniors if they are determined and he wasn't wrong in his approach of teaching the difference geniuses and normal people had, but he was wrong to tell these words to Ace.

Ace is normal and at the same time he is not, he was average in everything except for his face, but he have the system inside him that holds secrets deeper than any ocean in all Nine Worlds.

'Senior brother truly cares for his juniors and his passion for Alchemy is true and as a junior I cannot fail his expectations of me.' Ace thought as his determination was once more ascertained.


At this moment warm air started converging into Rea's pill furnace.

The three medicinal plants that she was purifying let out a wondrous luster that made it look like they were shining. Rea raised her head and saw the three medicinal plants and in one second she started gathering the three purified ingredients at the middle of the pill furnace.

The three medicinal plants started forming to be turned into liquid and after a short, while the three liquidized medicinal plants converged and started forming a round object from that's the size of a single bean, her flames were precise not a single unnecessary fluctuations were made.

The sweet aroma coming from the pill made Ace recognize the pill as the Restoration Pill that the Sect distributes every month. The process was already reaching its final phases and Rea was trying waiting for the right time to finish the pill, and when she finally found it, her violet flames spun all over the whole pill and before his very eyes a Restoration Pill of the highest-quality was created.

The pill furnace started descending from above, and Rea caught the Restoration Pill that hovers over the pill furnace's mouth and threw it to Min Ren.

Min Ren started checking the Restoration Pill Rea created and nodded his head in satisfaction.

"This is a true Restoration Pill of the highest quality, the flames you use was precise and the purification was on point leaving no trace of it anywhere. Ace, you must learn from her examples but do not copy her methods, every Alchemist has their own kind of method after all."

Min Ren looks at Ace and reminded him of one of the greatest teachings he could give him. The earlier words he said to Ace was not heard by Rea not because she was too focus but because Min Ren made sure she wouldn't hear, after all, he didn't want her getting big headed while he watches over her progress.

"Thank you, senior brother."

Rea heard Min talked and thanked him for his kind words. When she bowed and thank him, Rea was a little bit downcasted for some reason but she made sure that no one saw her and just turned to Ace and started showing off.

"Hehe, do you now see how great I am? Now call me senior sister and I will even consider teaching you some skills in terms of Alchemy." Rea wiped the unwanted emotion she had on her face and faced Ace.

Ace gave her a look through the corner of his eyes and finally, he had enough of her arrogant words so he couldn't help it and answered in a fairly loud voice.

"Shut it, you may be good but I can become better than you if I try. I don't know how long it will take me to reach your level of creating Earth rank pills but I know that I can create high-quality Restoration Pills in no time if I put my mind into it."

Rea heard Ace and started laughing as if she had just heard a funny joke so she when she answered back her voice was still giggly.

"Do you really think that becoming an Alchemist is easy? You know what? I commend your guts for saying that to my face after seeing me concoct a pill, well best of luck to you I supposed. Oh, I forget to tell you if you want to be as good as me then you have to have the ability to concoct a Mortal rank hundred percent affectivity pill in two months."

Rea sounded really arrogant but she had acknowledged Ace for his guts for trying to talk to her like that.

"Hehe, you never know I may very well surpass you if I try, well just wait for me and I will reach your level of Alchemy in no time."

Ace was confident, because just like a genius if he put in the effort, while ignoring the hardships Ace will be able to surpass anyone and with his extra job as an Alchemy already unlocked and was only waiting to be levelled up Ace knew that he will be able to start concoction as soon he get medicinal plants as ingredients.

"That' the spirit junior brother Ace, I want to instruct you to every detail but sadly I cannot. Take this paper with you and you will be able to get one hundred batches of medicinal plants for the Restoration Pill, so you better practice. You don't need to report back daily but you need to come here a week before the end of the month, that means two weeks from now so you can help with some of the minor workloads."

Min Ren showed a peal of rare laughter to both of them before giving Ace and Rea a piece of paper with various words written on them.

"You may go now."

The two of them left and that concludes the lesson of Senior Brother Min Ren.

Ace looked at the piece of paper then directed it to Rea and said;

"This says go to the reception, do your job and give these to me."

Ace didn't even bat an eye for ordering a beauty like Rea.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》