Heaven's Wrath
19 Crazy Rumors
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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19 Crazy Rumors

"Here, one hundred Wild Essence Leaf, one hundred Three-tailed Flower, one hundred Healing Flower, one hundred batches of ingredients confirm, one bronze pill furnace confirmed and the basic method of concocting the Restoration Pills."

Rea handed Ace the necessary ingredients needed to concoct a simple Restoration Pill, as she was handing Ace the ingredients she smiled and couldn't help but speak.

"I already checked it so it should be correct, you better get going you know? You only have two months to concoct a one hundred percent affectivity Restoration Pill, well base on your talent I say that you might be able to create a fifty percent affectivity Restoration Pill."

Ace looked at her and bagged all of the things he received. He didn't have any kind of spatial item that can hold items and because he refused to practice concocting a pill here, Ace had to carry everything by hand all the way back to his house and as he was just about done Ace looked at her then said.

"Do you really believe that I can't create one in two months? Do you really think that talent is everything? I know you also worked hard to get where you are but I just have to triple the effort you put in so I can surpass you."

Rea frowned after hearing Ace's little comment, 'Put in more effort than I did? If he only knows how much I have done just to get here.' Rea rested her chin on her hands and looked at Ace then smiled in a playful manner.

"Why don't we bet on it? You seem like you can do it and I don't believe you so why don't we bet on it?"

Ace look at her once more and shook his head then said;

"And what would I get if I bet with you? It's not that I will even be able to give you something other than giving you some Restoration Pills."

Ace didn't lie, when he entered the Immortal Demon Sect the only he brought with him was the simple bow and arrow he used to hunt rabbits in the Servant's quarters, other than those two things the only valuables he had with him were the Restoration Pills he collected from the bets he did on the Lower Demon Plateau.

"If you can actually concoct a one hundred affectivity Restoration Pill in two months I will give you something that you will not be able to get in the outer sect of the Immortal Demon Sect, a Heaven rank Pill but if you were to lose then you must become my medicine servant for a whole two years."

A Medicine Servant is someone who works for an Alchemist to test the medicinal pills that's given to them. This kind of occupation was something that poor people tends to accept when they hit rock bottom or something that slaves go through.

The job pays high but it was dangerous. If something went wrong with the medicine then the medicine servant may die after taking the medicine and in most cases, poison masters are the ones who frequently hires medicine servants in order to test the poison and antidote they created.

Seeing Ace's face that was under deep thought Rea said.

"Don't worry, I won't test any poison," Rea reassured.

Rea motioned and gave Ace a taunting gesture with her hands that says, 'Come on I already gave you some advantages to take, so accept the bet if you dare.' Ace didn't actually get the message through her actions but he had the general thought of it so without a second thought he answered back.

"Hehe, you better not turn on your words because I will get that Heaven rank pill." With that said Ace and Rea made a bet with one another and the thing on the line was a Heaven rank pill and the punishment of becoming a medicine servant for two years.

Ace didn't worry for himself because the bets were in his favor. He gains stored experience every time he eats a Restoration Pill so if he becomes a medicine servant and started intaking large amount of Medicinal Pills Ace will be able to get experience points without him doing anything and if he were to win a Heaven rank pill will be delivered on his hands.

This bet ignited his competitive heart and made him want to actually win this bet no matter what, 'If I can get one hundred experience points for a Restoration Pill then how many will I gain for a Heaven rank Pill?' Ace thought.

It was already noon when he got out of there.

Ace didn't linger in the Alchemist Association and went back to his own home whilst carrying with him the ingredients and items he got from the association, then as he was walking through the stone paths he noticed that there were many people around the place compared to normal.

In normal cases, Ace wouldn't even bother noting this down but the weirdest thing he noticed about the disciples around were that after he walk pass someone they will look at him and stare at his face as if they were looking at a magical beast in some kind of circus.

Not wanting to stick around that place any longer Ace hurried along and decided to walk faster and was about to start sprinting back to his house but three disciples wearing the same clothes as him stopped him from doing so.

He looked at the three disciples and sighed before saying;

"Can I help you, fellow brothers?"

He knew that he wouldn't be able to avoid anything that they want to do so he chose to speak first and confront the situation head on that's coming to him, 'If you can't avoid trouble just meet it head on and suck it up.' this is his thoughts.

"Are you the one who's named Ace? The one who started the 'Devil's Bet' in the Lower Demon Plateau and the one who holds the one-hundredth spot in the Demon Rankings?"

The one who just spoke was the disciple who stood in the middle of the three. His body was big and he was half a head taller than Ace, so when he spoke Ace had to raise his head in order to see his eyes.

Ace nodded his head and said.

"I am Ace and I did start the 'Devil's Bet' in the Lower Demon Plateau I don't know anything about the Demon Rankings, if you're mistaking me for someone else I will be going now as I have many other things I need to do."

Ace took a step to the right to avoid bumping into them when he left but the disciple who stood on the left of the big disciple stopped him from doing so resulting for him to bump into that disciple and making him stop on is tracks once again.

"What do you mean you're not the Ace of the Demon Rankings!? You already admitted that you're the one who started the 'Devil's Bet' so why lie in front of senior brother Molat!?" The shout that rang around the whole area was sudden and Ace was startled by the man who was currently in front of him shouted while looking at Ace with his eyes both red.

The disciple who stood beside Molat started shouting and everyone around the area heard what that disciple had said and immediately there was a sudden commotion that rock the whole area.

"So that guy was really Ace? I already had my suspicion but I never thought the guy dubbed as the 'Lightning Fire Demon' was someone so quiet looking who didn't have much presence on him."

"I know right? It was said that he went and fought a giant brawl with all of the eighth level Core Formation brothers and what was supposed to be a royal rumble turned to be a one man versus a hundred people, but he doesn't seem much like when I see him in person."

"So this is the person who soared on becoming a ranker in the Demon Rankings after entering the Lower Demon Plateau after one week? Truly a hidden dragon amongst us, I wouldn't even think he was that demon if he didn't admit it himself."

Ace heard many people talking around him and after hearing them he started having questions appearing inside his head.

'What did they just said? Lightning Fire Demon? One man versus a hundred? Hidden Dragon? When did I earn such nicknames?' Ace was placed in deep thought and he wanted to just grab someone near him and start questioning that person to know what was happening.

Before going to senior brother Min Ren's lectures Ace didn't remember having all these ridiculous rumors about himself and right about now he wanted to see Altair and get some information about the whole situation, but without Altair Ace started thinking of what might have caused this kind of situation.

"Hey, you dare ignore us, senior brother Molat even personally came here just to meet you and invite you so you better be honored!" The rowdy disciple spoke once again.

Ace look at him in the eye and answered back:

"Can you stop screaming and shouting? You're not a dog so stop barking without reason but if you want to prove my observation wrong I won't stop you."

Ace had some ideas what's happening by now, 'They said I'm already in the Demon Rankings but because I don't know when and how it happened it must have been when I was asleep last night, the only thing I need to know now is how this crazy rumors came to be.'

Ace looked at Molat who was standing in the middle of the two and said.

"I have to find a friend so can brother Molat please inform me of brother's intention of finding me?"

Ace stated and Molat smiled.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》