Heaven's Wrath
21 Changes
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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21 Changes

Ace walked into the Lower Demon Plateau and as he walks, many eyes were starting to be attracted to him and as he was starting to get annoyed by these stares Ace had already entered the plateau and was running through the lower areas and was heading for the higher level areas where the stronger seniors hang around and train with one another.

However, even before Ace could go through the area of the sixth level disciples Ace already saw a group of ninth level Core Formation disciples that numbers around from twenty people to thirty. Ace saw them and they saw Ace and when he saw him, some of them smiled while many had a look of seriousness.

"Stop right there senior brother, we already know that you are Ace so stop right there."

One of them shouted then paused before continuing;

"Nobody knows what you did to replace Riku from the Demon Rankings but unlike him, you're only a ninth level Core Formation disciple like us!!!."

He was loud but no one was irritated by him other than Ace, however despite his irritation Ace still stopped and spoke to them.

"Brothers I know you want to fight me right here and now but I cannot fight against everyone here one by one as I have to find a friend so please let me through as I need to go."

Ace sounded like a real junior to the disciples when he spoke, but the group of disciples who stood in his way didn't want to waste any chances of letting anyone have their prey. What if stronger disciples picked a fight with him what will they do?

Can they beat a Minor Saint with their meager strength? Certainly not, so to get into the Demon Rankings even if it's just for a while everyone in the Core Formation stage wanted to fight against Ace and try to take replace him in the rankings.

This is the only time they can fight with him before the Saints could, so many hurried here after getting some information that Ace would be passing through the southern entrance.

"Senior Brother Ace, the rules of the sect does not encourage any kind of cowardice from its disciple especially for those in the Demon Rankings. So you what that means right junior brother Ace?"

Ace was left to click his tongue in irritation, why? That's because he knew what these people were talking about the rules of 'not encouraging cowardice' for those in the Demon Rankings, and this is the same reason why he binge on Restoration Pills earlier.

In the Lower Demon Plateau, except for the rule of not being able to take advantage of a defeated opponent and killing fellow disciples, there was another rule exclusive for the disciples who was able to enter the Demon Rankings and that rule was simple and was suppose to make a proper example for those who are not in the ranking.

'To anyone who's in the Rankings whether it be the highest ranked or the lowest if challenged by a first level Minor Saint and Lower it must be accepted until the limitation is met.'

, this is the rule, simple yet hard to follow through.

It was a simple rule but it was effective, the rule encourages low-level disciples to challenge those who are placed higher and it wasn't just in the Demon Rankings because this is also the unwritten rule of the inner circle rankings.

But like the first rule of the Lower Demon Plateau the challenges there are limitations to these challenges and those are; the bets must be higher than one hundred Restoration Pills or of equal value and the other was the limit of the fights which is three bouts or bets per day and if the said disciple were to suffer any kind of injury that will impede his or her capabilities.

The sect had taken proper measures for any kind of tricks that might be applied like making the ranker exhausted and intentionally making the ranker suffer by having to fight hundreds of disciples in a day, but because of these rules and the personal pride of the Saints no one dares to use any tricks to enter the Demon Rankings as it was no honor, only humiliation.

Ace has no loopholes to escape to but thinking about it Ace didn't mind fighting these people, in fact, he was glad, if he loses here he can leave the rankings but if he wins he will be able to see his current limitations now that he's in the ninth level so after a few minutes of contemplation Ace nodded his head in agreement.

"I agree let's make this bet already, but I will not place anything higher than one hundred Restoration Pills, anyone who wants to join in the bet will only have to pay the required amount and as for the…"

Before Ace can finish his words someone in the group immediately interrupted him asking in confusion.

"Senior brother what do you mean anyone who wants to enter the bet? Don't joke around junior brother, are you actually starting one of your betting brawls with the ranking on the line?"

Ace looked at that person and smiled at him.

"Brother do not worry about anything, I am indeed serious with this if you are worried for who will enter the ranking if I am beaten the observer watching this fight will decide for us, also no rules were stated that I can't accept this kind of bets also if we do this normally only three of you will be able to fight against me."

It was simple words but no one was able to answer back and everyone who was present there just chose to start the bet by placing One hundred Restoration Pills on the floor next to Ace and even before one minute pass everyone present have already placed one hundred pills on the ground which Ace picked up and place on a leather bag.

He took the bets and put them to the side then returned back to his opponents.

"Let the fight begin."

Ace looked at them and with a tap of his right foot, a ten-meter long serpent appeared from underneath his foot and instead of coiling around his body the <<Flame Serpent>> formed a spring-like image and Ace stood on top of its head.

The <<Flame Serpent>> was different than before its temperature was higher and its redness had more depth making it look darker and Ace could feel the different feeling he had when he uses the <<Flame Serpent in the past, it made him feel like he can control it like his own limb.

Ace was bathed with this kind of sensation and like he was moving with instinct Ace moved the <<Flame Serpent>> like his own arms making it take twist and turn and go to directions it never could and with a ten-meter long <<Flame Serpent>> being controlled by him like some kind of weapon was able to defeat four disciple in one go.


In a secluded area in the Lower Demon Plateau Altair sat in a cross-legged position on top of a giant tree. His eyes were closed shut and his senses were directed at himself, his mind was serene and one with nature and the entire world.


Then, the wind started picking up and the leaves of the surrounding trees were swaying and dancing with the strong wind. It was ominous and it was eerie but Altair kept his eyes closed and his senses inside himself, then, ever so slowly, an ominous and baleful demonic looking face appeared above his head.

Its whole face was a bare skull, having no skin to show the demonic skull showed a very ominous smile on its white face.

The 'demon' didn't have any physical body but its presence alone made the surrounding took a severe drop in terms of temperature and Altair' body was slowly covered by an ink-black smoke which started converging on his face until it formed a mask that hid his face from the world.

The mask that covered his face was the same and exact image of the demonic face above his head after it appeared Altair's heavenly essence spiked up in terms of quality and quantity.

"Huuu, the Mask of the Death God is finally formed and I have reached the peak of the Core Formation stage I only need a while before I can break through the next realm, hehe, even senior brother Ace will be surprised by this change."

Altair's cultivation stage was advanced compared to other people. He will be considered a genius if people knew of this fact but Altair didn't want others to know and that's because Altair's sudden rise wasn't just contributed to his talent but from the inheritance, he got when he was a mere child.

The inheritance he got was the 'Death God's Inheritance', he got it from a lucky encounter and when he got the inheritance Altair didn't know what kind of heaven-defying he obtained but only thought of the

Death God's Inheritance as a curse, but now, the Death God's Inheritance will lead him to greatness in the future.

The Death God's Inheritance left an invisible mark on his forehead that appears on rare occasions and starting from that mark Altair will be able to create 'Death's Armor' that gives him almost impervious defense and even let summon undead monsters and humans from the underworld.

He also obtains the chronicles of death that improves his comprehension and cultivation to the point it can be considered as cheating. Altair tried sending his senses around his surrounding but when his senses were about to stretch for over one hundred meters a giant explosion and blazing heat made him lose composure.


The explosion was followed by a loud but familiar roar that sounded from somewhere far away. Filled with curiosity and interest Altair stood up from there while wearing the Mask of the Death God, Altair left for the scene of the battle.

"Seems like senior brother Ace is having some trouble being in the Demon Rankings… but it seems like the senior brother has improved yet again."

Altair can feel it through the air and the amount of pressure being released all over the place. After watching Ace fought for a few days Altair had a vague image and sense of his <<Flame Serpent>> and this time he was feeling it.

Altair hurried, even using his Mask of the Death God to quicken his pace and after moving for about two hundred meters a ten-meter Serpent made of flames blocked his path and the sounds of screams entered his ears.


Another explosion occurred and the <<Flame Serpent>> that had long been too big vanished into the air leaving three disciples of the ninth level Core Formation stage lying on the ground unconscious and slightly burnt and with these three disciples down Altair saw another ten lying on the floor like some rag that had been used to kindle a bonfire.

"Amazing, so senior brother set up another devil's bet and it seems like his target had gone up in cultivation."

Altair praised Ace's domineering stance as he watches him descend from above while being covered by terrifying lightning. The sight in front of him was awe-inspiring making him feel his blood boil, wanting to jump ahead and fight against his senior brother right there and then to see if he can stand in front of him like a rival.

However, Altair stopped himself from acting irrationally. From the first time he saw Ace fighting against the one hundred forty-eighth level Core Formation disciples Altair thought that he can fight him if he breaks through the next level but that wishful thinking had long been wiped off his mind.

He made the mask he was wearing disappear and just sat there in the shadows as he watched and learn Ace's movements while enjoying himself with the great show.

Ace moved as fast as the howling wind and broke through the defense of the last disciple landing a hit straight to his abdomen and with that done thirtieth ninth level disciples are finally done in one fell swoop. Wiping the formed up sweat from his forehead Ace turn his over when he heard movements from above.

'Ding… ninth level Core Formation disciple defeated… experience + 3000.'

'Ding… <<Core Flames>> + 5000.'

'Ding… <<Core Lightning>> + 3000.'

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> + 5000.'

Ace had been able to control the <<Flame Serpent>> to a certain extent and he has yet to even scratch the surface of the <<Lightning Demon Body>> but one thing was for sure the thing that enabled him to do such things was the Elemental Variants that was blaze and sparked inside him.

But before he reasons with this wonderful change, he saw a red shadow moving from above and after looking at the shadow's countenance, Ace was immediately able to recognize him and quickly after he was already moving towards his direction and with glee he smilingly said;

"Altair I have been looking for you!"

"Senior brother seems like business is booming ever since you entered the Demon Rankings, hehe, I knew you won't miss the business opportunity knowing how many people will come after you later."

Altair jokingly said.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》