Heaven's Wrath
22 Unlockable Elements and Limits of Low-Level Pills
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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22 Unlockable Elements and Limits of Low-Level Pills

Ace and Altair sat on the tree branch and after exchanging some pleasantries with one another the of them started talking to each other about the current situation regarding Ace's current predicament.

"Do you know the current situation in the Central Plains of the plateau?"

Altair was in deep thought for a few seconds and then, he shook his head.

"Sorry senior brother but I am also clueless about the current situation of the Central Plains the only thing I know is that the Central Plains is being rowdy right now with someone at the ninth level of Core Formation realm replacing Riku in the Demon Rankings."

The only Altair knows of the current situation was about Ace entering the Demon Rankings nothing more nothing less because right after Ace's name appeared in the Demon Rankings Altair's cultivation hit an important point and he chose to break through the next stage of the Death God's Inheritance so he was as clueless about the current situation like Ace.

Ace raised his head and looked up the blue sky then started thinking of various things;

'I don't like how that sounds, how did I even enter the Demon Rankings? Well, I can't do anything about it, the observers know what they're doing so I suppose the best course of action to take should be accepting two more bets and meet with senior brother Molat.'

Ace thought as he looked at Altair to ask another question.

"Altair, what do you know of senior brother Molat? Anything you know like who he is or what kind of person he is would be enough."

Molat was one place higher than him in the Demon Rankings and from what he saw earlier today, Ace didn't have any particular reason why he should be worried about him but Ace still had some doubts against him especially after remembering Lorenz's reaction about Molat.

Altair heard Ace's question and immediately after hearing him, Altair showed a serious looked on his face when he answered this question.

"Senior brother Molat is a well-known personality in the whole outer circle of the sect, he entered the Demon Rankings about a year ago and uses beasts that he had tamed to fight for him and one of these beasts was a Lightning Bull he named Vahut. He also conducts many transactions in the sect like in Lorenz's case but it is known that he's extremely greedy and that he will do everything he needs in order to get what he wants."

Altair explained everything he knows about Molat to Ace and the more he explains the more he thought if why was Ace asking for this kind of information when Riku was the one he surpassed, is Ace already trying to go up in the Rankings by fighting Molat?

"Senior brother, are you thinking of fighting Molat already?"

Ace was startled by his sudden question and he quickly denied this accusation right after realizing.

"No I'm not, but I was invited by senior brother Molat this morning to his place so we can talk about something important, I don't know what he wants to talk about but I plan on meeting with him after I finish three bouts."

Ace explained himself. No matter what he thought of Molat, he was still invited personally to come and talk. He was wary of Molat but he didn't have any legitimate excuse he can use to reject and avoid this meeting.

'Well meeting with senior brother doesn't actually entails anything dangerous, besides there's nothing that will hurt me if I come to meet senior brother Molat and the only thing that will get me more into trouble would be declining his offer.'

Ace thought back to the two rowdy bunch and immediately after thinking about their reaction if he actually decided not to come to the meetup place made him shudder, because they just may in fact, come to him for a challenge.

"Well, what will you be doing now senior brother? I think you should go to the edge of the Central Plains so you can find more people to challenge you that way you will be able to finish the three bouts quicker than normal." Altair suggested.

Ace heard Altair but he just shook his head then took the leather bag beside him that contains the earlier bets. He took five bottles inside and pass it to Altair then said;

"I have a job for the future God of the Shadows."

Altair was once again taken aback by Ace's payment but after hearing him say that it was a job Altair's ear perk up and started listening intently to Ace's request.

Ace was munching on Pills while sitting on top of the tree, this is his twenty-eighth bottle of Restoration Pills and he was getting tired of chewing on these pills for quite some time now.

+ 10000

'Ding… Stored experience: 283800 (Can level up character level, can level up the martial skill level, can level up elemental variants.)'

Ace swallowed the pills and immediately after, Ace got the experience needed to level up his Martial Skill. At that instant after getting these experience points Ace didn't even hesitate and started pouring it to his <<Core Flames>> and <<Core Lightning>>.

'Ding… <<Core Flames>> raised to 8th level.'

'Ding… <<Core Flames>> raised to 9th level.'

'Warning… Insufficient amount of experience points.'

Ace was planning to raise the <<Core Flames>> level to double digits but when he reached the 9th level of the <<Core Flames>> Ace's mouth was left open as he stared dumbfounded at the sight of the experience points he will need just so he can level it up once more.

Elemental Variants: <<Core Flames>> 9th level (0/500000) (<<____________ Flames>> waiting to be unlocked next level.)

"Are you serious? This is rather too much, isn't it? Five hundred thousand for a simple level up? I get it that it goes up every level but to suddenly spike up like that from fifty thousand to this much is simply cheating."

Ace was feeling hurt at the sight of the necessary amount that he will need to level up and if it wasn't for the line next to it stating about a next flame getting unlocked Ace would have long gone wild but that next line made his heart from going full irritated to full excitement.

What does a next flame mean? It just meant that he can get another type of flame next other than the <<Core Flames>> and base on his knowledge he has about the system, the next type of flame he will unlock will be stronger than before.

It took Ace quite a while before he fully calm himself but after he did, Ace didn't bother with any more useless actions and directly went to level up the <<Core Lightning>> to the utmost limit that he could and just like the situation with <<Core Flames>> Ace was met with a wall.

'Ding… <<Core Lightning>> raised to 7th level.'

'Ding… <<Core Lightning>> raised to 8th level.'

'Ding… <<Core Lightning>> raised to 9th level.'

'Warning… Insufficient amount of experience points.'

Elemental Variants: <<Core Lightning>> 9th level (0/500000) (<<____________ Lightning>> waiting to be unlocked next level.)

The wall of the lacking experience points was once again met but also like the situation with the <<Core Flames>> Ace was presented by a teaser of the next type that will be unlocked if he can make the next level of elements reach the 10th level.

"I need a million experience points just to unlock the Elemental Variants and if I count the Martial Techniques and my own character level, I will be needing over two million experience points just so I can level all these up, it would seem that I need to find another way of getting stored experience and also find stronger opponents so I don't need to leave everything to store experience."

Ace stood up and decided to head deeper in the Lower Demon Plateau. Taking out his black medallion Ace made his senses enter the medallion and find the map within that Molat left him, but instead of using the map so he can look for Molat he made use of the map so he can go and find the Central Plains.

Ace found that he can't rely on pills for experience points, at least not on Restoration Pills because he found that if he continues on what he is doing Ace would need to consume millions of Restoration Pills in the near future if he wanted to reach the next level.

"I need stronger opponents."

At the moment where Ace is being hunted by both low level Minor Saints and ninth level Core Formation disciples Ace actually found something very interesting and useful that will help him level up in every aspect he needed at the moment.

Then, as he was moving deeper in the Lower Demon Plateau Ace saw a group disciple ahead, and it seems like they were also waiting for someone, most likely him. And after seeing them his mouth went up to a curve.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》