Heaven's Wrath
23 All Out Part I
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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23 All Out Part I

Hiding in the shadows Laius and Jako were staring at the ninth level Core Formation disciples that had formed a group and waited for Ace to come through. Looking at the twenty or so disciples all clump together Laius smiled as he remembered something.

"Did Molat sell another batch of information?" he asked Jako who was standing beside him.

Jako heard him and sighed before answering, "Sigh, yes young master, as always he loves doing things like this. If the young master hadn't stopped me all this time, I would have long gone to him and thought him a lesson for scheming like this."

Laius only smiled at Jako and looked at a far off direction before saying with a smile,

"Forget it, he has his own reasons for doing this and it also gives me much entertainment as I watch this guy go and brawl against people his own level. Well, that may change in a few minutes but I supposed that kind of show might be more interesting."

Jako looked at the direction where Laius was looking and after seeing the sight from afar, Jako was honestly stupefied and at the same time he looked at Laius and wanted to say something to him as he worries for what might happen if that thing goes and meet Ace but when he looked at Laius the only reply he got was.

"Just watch the show, this is pure entertainment! Also, we need to watch so nothing will slip us by someone beat him in a fluke, while he fights in a brawl, sigh, this guy just loves stretching the rules for himself doesn't he?"

Laius was waiting for what will happen when that guy appears but for now, the thing he should be focusing on must be the appetizer that is, the fight against Ace and the mob of ninth level disciples and who knows if someone actually beats him this time around that will be entertaining in its own way for him that is.

Ace looked at the opponents in front of him and immediately after seeing them a smile appeared on his face but he instantly wiped that sile and plastered a serious look on his countenance as he neared them.

"Hey, there he is… Stop! Brother Ace please stop and let us have a bout with the rankings on the line, come on I will even give you two hundred Restoration Pills if I need to so come and fight me."

"Are you kidding me? I have been here long before you so why do you get to fight him before me? I will bet against you three hundred Restoration Pills so you should fight against me not him."

"Bullsh*t, it doesn't have anything to do if you are first or not the one who has the largest offer gets to fight with him, not the one who got here first or last, I will bet five hundred Pills to fight against you."

It was a chaotic bunch and it made Ace feel that he was being auctioned off into some kind of slave house making him feel uncomfortable so before things become more chaotic than it already is, Ace stepped forward with his chest puffed out and announced in a loud and overwhelming voice.

"Brothers no need to fight amongst yourself, we need to be unified and in order for all of you guys to have a bout against me I will gladly take all of you on in one single match so for all of us to be satisfied I will bet two hundred Restoration Pills anyone who wants to join the fight is welcome as long as you pay, and if anyone is worried about how this fight will be judge you do not need to worry as the one who lands the final blow will immediately replace me in the rankings."

Ace said confidently as he threw a single leather bag in front. The bag contained nothing but two white bottles that each contained a hundred Restoration Pills and after seeing his aggressive attitude the twenty or so disciple wanted to argue but after thinking what he Ace said about everyone getting to fight, all of were somewhat reluctant but they all agreed in the end.

There were twenty-three ninth level disciples and all of them who are present there chose to fight against Ace in this stupid idea of his and although some felt like fighting like this was demeaning no one took this fight half-heartedly and chose to join in this fight to fight seriously with Ace without holding anything back.

They have heard from Molat's companion how strong this Ace was and no one in this fight took him for a weakling or someone who only got into the Demon Rankings by a fluke so almost all of them except for those who only uses their fist to fight started taking out weapons as they readied themselves for the signal of the match.

Taking the leather away and placing it somewhere safe Ace stood in front of twenty-three opponents, looking at them with a serious gaze as he announced in a serene and audible voice.

"Whenever you are ready."

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Multiple loud explosions happened all over the place as the ninth level disciples took the initiative to engage in the fight. They looked at Ace while holding different weapons, starting from a short sword to a halberd.

No one had any intention of holding back, as they use their heavenly essence and circulated it inside their body vigorously. Different colored lights started appearing as different kind of elemental attacks were being hurled at him without any kind of hesitation.

Ace saw eight different lights closing in on him, the sharp edges of swords, halberds, spears, ax, chakrams and other types of weapon were tearing the air as it flew towards him carrying fierce and very sharp sword intents.

Tap! Tap!

"<<Lightning Demon Body>>" Ace lightly jumped up as he chose his strongest defensive stance and technique and prepared to take his opponents on using nothing but his body.


Coated with blue lightning, Ace didn't run but chose to step forward and rush his opponents.

'If I back away I'll restrict my own movements, this is my first fight using my own body…. I better try out what I can use my lightning body.' Ace thought as he directly went for one of the disciples.

It was but an instant but Ace was able to move in on one of the disciples in one breath. His eyes met with his opponent's and lie a sneaky snake his right fist move closer to the disciple's chest and smashed it is, the chest of the disciple caved in and an electric shock entered his body and into that disciple's chest knocking him out cold.

'Ding… defeated ninth level Core Formation disciple + 3000.'

Ace's attention was directed at another place right after giving a decisive assault. Using what left of his motion earlier, Ace jumped and went for the person holding the short sword and with his body still covered by lightning Ace let out a kicked on the stomach sending that disciple flying to the nearest tree.

'Ding… defeated ninth level Core Formation disciple + 3000.'

Ace disrupted and dodged the weapons but hen, made two of his opponents out of the battle Ace planted himself on the ground as the attacks that had was coming for him. He crossed his arm and positioned it above his head, he was able to dodge the weapons but two attacks were closely homing for him like it had eyes.


'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> + 12000 experience points.'

Ace didn't move and protected himself by letting his lightning protect him like armor. Dust acted like smoke and covered everything including his own body making it a natural smokescreen that obstructed the sight of the disciples.

However, this kind of obstruction didn't stop the disciples from sending out attacks from afar. Sword intents were flying all over the place and different kind of elemental Martial Skill attacks was closing in on the smoke.

<<Water Cannon>>, <<Five Solar Beam>>, <<Red Lion's Aura>> these are the few Martial Skills the disciples use to subdue Ace. Their attacks were not letting up, they had seen Ace move as fast as lightning earlier and it would be dumb for them to give this opportunity.

They were fierce and every attack blew the smokescreen that hid Ace away but, when their attacks were about to hit their mark a towering lightning rose up the air that sent out lightning sparks everywhere and theses lightning sparks were not alone because a <<Flame Serpent>> that towers for ten-meters soar up and roared at them like it was alive.

"Haha, so this is why he is known as the Lightning Fire Demon? Truly that lightning and flame of his is simply too much, is he really only a Core Formation disciple?" someone who was fighting Ace actually praise while complaining at the same time.

"<<Flame Serpent>>!!" Ace roared on top of his lungs and sent out the Flame Serpent to devour his opponents, the <<Flame Serpent>> moved with terrifying intensity and in mere instant Ace made the <<Flame Serpent>> take out three people before it slowly dissipates in the air leaving scorch lang and burnt body of his fellow disciples.

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> + 15000.'

'Ding… character experience points + 9000.'

And with the dissipation of the <<Flame Serpent>> another rose to the air and with but a single thought of his, the <<Flame Serpent>> went for the disciples who held weapons against him and as for Ace he descended from above like some kind of thunder god and faced those who were fighting with their bare fists.

Behind him was a wall that was made of the serpent's body and in front of him were eight disciples that were looking at him ferociously like how a predator looks at its prey. They all exchanged looks with one another and stared at Ace.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Without any warning, these eights disciples jumped at him. These eight didn't have any prior experience fighting together but because their goals align with one another it was like their minds and will have been connected as they moved at the same time.


They were strong and fast but in Ace's eyes when he's still using the <<Lightning Demon Body>> their movements were slow and he didn't even need to make any plan of attack and without any weapons flying at his face Ace didn't have to worry about being hacked or being injured that much.

"<<Water Cannon>>!!"

"<<Earthen Wall>>!!"

"<<Stellar Palms>>!!"

"<<Crushing Tiger Fangs>>!!"

"<<Five Solar Beam>>!! "

"<<Red Lion's Aura>>!!"

There were six offensive attacks while the other two move fast using movement techniques. Ace saw their attack and his heart started beating faster and faster from excitement. From deep inside his heart and mind the <<Core Lightning>> that dwells deep inside moved and released sparks and with its movement, the lightning that covers Ace's body became more aggressive.

'There are two things that I know about the Elemental Variants, first is that the more it level's up the more power it possesses and the second is that my control over it also improves.' This is the only thing he understood of the Elemental Variants.

Although he can subconsciously feel the limit nearing Ace felt the immense strength hidden deep inside. He had seen the change the <<Flame Serpent>> went to when he tried using <<Core Flames>.> subconsciously.

The <<Flame Serpent>> can now be controlled using his mind and he can make it move in more than before and now he is using this kind of effect in the <<Lightning Demon Body>>.


Ace exuded great force and the lightning that coated his body got ready for the incoming attacks, but before the six attacks could touch a single hair on Ace's body the ground beneath Ace's feet suddenly caved in and was destroyed becoming rubbles as for Ace he suddenly vanish in front of his opponents.

"Where is he? Does he know some kind of instantaneous movement technique?" Someone scream.


A shadow appeared behind the disciple carrying with him two sounds, the sound of wind being torn and the other was the sound of crackling lightning. The disciple knew that there was someone behind him but before he could even turn his head to see who it was a heavy palm struck him on the shoulders.

Ace didn't stop his movements even after defeating one of his enemies and in the span of five breaths Ace moved like true lightning and like a clap of thunder Ace defeated the other seven other disciples.

"Huff, huff." Ace felt tired, but he wanted to finish this already so with a tap of his feet on the ground the <<Flame Serpent>> that had been harassing the other disciples disappeared but when it disappeared another replaced it, this cycle continued three times and before long, Ace finally defeated the disciples who use weapons.

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> + 65000.'

'Ding… character experience + 60000.'

'Ding… <<Core Flames>> + 30000.'

'Ding… <<Core Lightning>> + 50000.'

"I wanted to fight them without spamming <<Flame Serpent>> but it seems like directly using the Elemental Variants to enhance the <<Lightning Demon Body>> is too tiring compared to using Elemental Variants when controlling <<Flame Serpent>>."

Ace felt tire but he still manages to drag his tired body on the place where he kept the bets and underneath a tree Ace sat and took out a bottle of Restoration Pills and started gobbling it up.

Just like before Ace felt his body becoming better by the minute. Before long Ace felt that a third of his strength had already been recovered and as he sat there waiting and eating on Restoration Pills Ace felt an overwhelming presence that came from somewhere near.

Ace looked around and before long he saw dust clouds being blown away and when he saw that Ace felt a tremendous amount of heavenly essence coming towards his general direction.

"What is that?" Ace shuddered, as he felt some hostility.

Then, as he looked at the dust clouds something or someone jumped up the sky and like a meteor, it descended from the sky and creating a crater.


Ace was fifty meters away and at this moment he looked at the disciple in front of him who was wearing the same clothes as him. Then, as he looked at the other disciple Ace had a thought that he wanted to reject but when his eyes met with the other disciple that disciple spoke and his hopes were broken.

"Are you Ace?

Ace instinctively nodded his head and that disciple smiled hatefully in response.

"My name is Riku come and fight me with the Demon Rankings on the line."

Ace heard Riku and at that moment the full brunt of a Minor Saint's pressure seemed like it wanted to crush Ace.

'A Minor Saint is going to be hard.'
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    《Heaven's Wrath》