Heaven's Wrath
25 The Incarnation of the God of Lightning
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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25 The Incarnation of the God of Lightning

Ten years ago, in a very ordinary mountain there live a very ordinary family. A mother, a father, and a hopeless son who seemed to have no talent for cultivating whatsoever, the son wanted to become a peerless warrior but he didn't have the means of a genius so he was stuck in cultivation so in order to make up for his lost the child use his body to compensate, so learned how to handle weapons and martial arts.

Basic swings of a sword, basic manoeuvers of the spear and halberd, simple archery skills, fundamentals of hand to hand martial arts these are what he learned. The child thought he can be strong if he mastered them all, alas, in the end, he didn't even master any weapon or arts but he didn't give in and after nine years of hard work and practice the young boy set out to enroll for an Immortal Sect that was three cities and six mountains away.

As anyone would have guessed that young boy is known as Ace and from being an average person he soared to become a genius in the Immortal Demon Sect that he is now, even in the Demon Rankings in spite of being a mere Core Formation disciple and now that he can become someone he has the chance of becoming a peerless warrior as he had always wanted to be, Ace did not want to become someone simple that won't leave a mark on this era.

And so, as he faced the man who was placed in the Demon Rankings for two years before he came, Ace didn't falter even though his body was battered and beaten. His clothes were scorched by the intense heat of Riku's 'judgment' and although most of it had already turned to vapour Ace had been bleeding from an injury on his head.

'Full Control: The mastered element can now be manipulated to your will, the <<Core Lightning>> has reached its maximum potential of power now you are granted with the chance of using this skill to the fullest.'

Information of what the so-called full control flowed inside his mind as if it belonged to him for years. However, this is not the only thing that flowed in his mind as various information that can support him also showed up.

And with these information appearing in his mind just like a tide, Ace was walking forward with his mind slowly getting clearer, it was weird for him but the more he learns the more he understood making his mind feel lighter and lighter and as he stepped out of the melting crater Ace had already understood what the system was trying to make him learn.

'<<Core Lightning>> has maxed out my <<Lightning Demon Body>> can become even more powerful if I use it now but, the <<Black Storm Lightning>> is also good.' Ace thought as he exchanged gazes with Riku.

"Your good, although I judge you as someone underserving you are still far better than most of my previous matches who challenged me for the rankings… but, you are still only at the base on the path of immortality who has yet to step on sainthood so just give up before I really kill you this time."

He was speaking truth from the heart. For the two years that he had been fighting to protect his position, Riku had never seen anyone as resilient as Ace and he had yet to see anyone who had stood up after taking the full brunt of his 'judgment'.

He respected him but he was his opponent so he wanted him to give up this pointless fight where Ace can never hope to win.

"Senior brother you don't have to worry about me being unable to best you… let me show you something even more interesting than before."

Ace's words were soft but they didn't seem weak in the slightest and as he finished talking blue colored lightning started sparking and crackling around Ace's body what use to be that weak lightning that can't even equal regular lightning of a regular lightning storm was now stronger by another fold.

"I don't like being in the rankings this fast but if the observers judge me as competent then I will give them a show that they will enjoy, I have no intention of stopping in my path and I don't have any intentions of staying at my current level so when I rise to the rankings you can fight for it then… being last is simply a disgrace compared to my ambitions."

Ace didn't hold any words back as he spoke of these overbearing words, it seems like the old flames of his ambitions were being rekindled once again. He had been quite timid in terms of his position in the sect but for a few days now Ace had been slowly gaining confidence in his own skills and as of this moment Ace wanted to win so bad that he didn't mind the future repercussions.

After hearing Ace speak of him in such manner Riku once again felt anger welling up inside him, this person spoke of the top 100 in the Demon Rankings as a disgrace and for Riku who held the rankings for two years looked at Ace with much hate.

"You are too arrogant! You may have the talent but you better know your place! If you don't even know your limit then my sight must be starting to wane because it seems that I was wrong about you, we are not allowed to kill each other but I will now show you the true difference in our strength!"

Riku didn't want to talk anymore and the reason was simple, he simply wanted to see Ace on the floor at this very moment. In a rage, he stabbed his halberd on the floor and with much vigor and power, he places his two palms together and ever so slowly did his hands separate from one another and in the middle of his palms a pole was starting to form and that pole got longer as time went on.

"<<Fire Demon's Spear>>!" Jako knew what Riku was going to use.

It was his best move and from what Jako can see Riku was truly looking to defeat Ace in the most dominating way possible. However, he didn't move from his spot even after seeing Riku's movement because in the opposite of Riku a <<Flame Serpent>> rushed up to the sky slithering like a true serpent.

His <<Flame Serpent>> has already been beating once but this time it will be different. The flame serpent's body was big that it can be considered gigantic and the moment it showed up Ace didn't stop as its body was slowly engulfed in blue sparks.

Riku saw this happen and as he was just about done of his <<Fire Domon's Spear>> the <<Flame Serpent>> that was ten meters in size was already covered in blue armor that is fully made of lightning. The detail of the armor was truly simple that it looked like an incomplete weaving of a basket but the sharp sparks of lightning were enough to make people shudder in fear.

'What the hell is with this kid, did he actually kept something hidden all this time?' Riku thought but he didn't waver as he wields his dark red spear.

"I don't have anything against you senior brother Riku but I don't want to lose to someone who is content on protecting his place and don't have any plan to move forward nor to anyone else but please try and survive this."

The serpent didn't have look like a <<Flame Serpent>> in the slightest, from what others saw what Ace just summoned was the chaos that had slumbered deep in the depths of hell. With nothing but thought the chaotic serpent that Ace created rose up the sky and after reaching the highest point it dove straight down to the destroy Riku.


The wind seemed to have been turned to flames of destruction as it corroded the heavenly essence of the Core Formation disciples and made it hard for the Minor Saints to see what was happening, the sky had unknowingly turned darker and as the serpent descended from above Riku readied his spear that shall pierce Ace's serpent right in the middle.

Riku didn't run and positioned himself, he planted his feet on the ground and with a roar that shook the earth the air bent in distortion as Riku threw the two-meter spear made of pure dark flames into the direction of the serpent that had the image of pure chaos.


Scorching flames started spewing out everywhere and the wind rose in temperature. A giant beast of pure destruction and some youth who uses a spear was painted in front of the spectators, for many people it was like a scene from the tales of the old legends.

Riku supported his <<Fore Demon's Spear>> by continuously sending out heavenly essence but the serpent fought it with all its might. The <<Fire Demon's Spear>> was truly powerful as it started pushing the serpent backward and as Riku saw this scene a black shadow appeared on top of the serpent's forehead.

"<<Lightning Demon Body>> + <<Black Storm Lightning>>." Ace stood on the serpent's forehead while being covered in <<Black Storm Lightning>> that he just unlocked.

He looked at Riku from above and disregarded the fact that his <<Flame Serpent>> was to be pushed back because right at this moment Ace jumped up and dove down to Riku like a black meteorite leaving behind black trails.

Ace didn't need any weapon as his body was already an incarnation of terrifying weapon that came directly from the Heavenly Devil Continent of the Chaotic World. Riku saw Ace descend from above and immediately his mind was place in complicated thoughts.

If he didn't stop Ace he will be beaten by a punch but if he were to intercept Ace right now his <<Fire Demon's Spear>> will lose to Ace's <<Flame Serpent>>. Riku didn't have much time to think an in time before one can even take a single breath Riku made his decision to intercept Ace so before Ace even come to him Riku held his halberd.

"Come at me!!!!" Riku roared and Ace answered in kind as he clapped his hands and just like what Riku did earlier a makeshift spear was created out of pure blue colored lightning.

'Ding… <<Indra's Spear>> (learned).'

Ace meant to copy Riku but it seems like he was able to learn something about the system once again and with the <<Indra's Spear>> on hand and his body covered by the black lightning Ace descended down like an incarnation of the god of Lightning.



There was a momentary silence when the two of them met but when Riku's halberd met with Ace's lightning spear the Rock Valley seemed to have trembled as the ground shook with great intensity.

"Break!!!" Ace roared like a demon and from deep within his body his soul seed resonated with his own will and in a split second Ace's eyes changed from crimson to a blood color but that instant gave Ace enough strength to split Riku's halberd in two.

"Sh*t!" Riku saw this happen and his mind became distorted with thoughts and with his mind being rattled by Ace's sudden attack his <<Fire Demon's Spear>> wavered and at that moment Ace's <<Flame Serpent>> overwhelmed the <<Fire Demon's Spear>> and broke it to dust.


The <<Flame Serpent>> seem to have roared at it descended down on the ground and devoured Ace and Riku at the same time, it didn't have a mind of its own and only followed orders to descend and with Ace right above Riku Ace's body took some of the attacks as well.


Another explosion happened that covered the sight of many. The <<Flame Serpent>> disappeared as it had descended so the clouds of dust were starting to settle in and as it started settling down one silhouette stood in the middle of this great battle.

"Who won?" this is everyone's thought.

The hazy silhouette seemed to raise its hand upwards and a roar of victory sounded out everywhere just as the dust of clouds settled in.


It was a youthful scream coming from the heart, and with his body still flickering with black colored lightning Ace stood there with Riku on the floor bloodied and unconscious.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》