Heaven's Wrath
26 System Update
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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26 System Update

Ace opened his eyes only to find a somewhat unknown ceiling that gave him much comfort. He found himself lying on a soft bed that was even more comfortable than what the sect provides, slowly, Ace sat up and after he did the door in front slowly opened.


The door made a slight creaking sound and the moment that it did Ace found a familiar face enter the room.

"Haha, senior brother you're finally up, hehe, I knew you won't be lying down for so long seems like the medicines that the observers gave me was truly effective. But, I have to say this senior brother, your body heals too fast, even the people of the Alchemist Association was rather surprised when they saw your state two days ago, but now you're already up."

Altair was full smiles when he saw Ace moving and sitting up front the bed. The fight that happened two days ago was simply amazing and luckily he was there to see it happen. The job Ace gave him was to gather some information which ultimately led him to the Rock Valley where Ace and Riku's fight was held.

"What happened? What am I doing here?"

Ace grumbled and asked Altair, and when Altair heard Ace's question he took a deep breath before explaining what happened in that fight against Riku.

Altair started explaining what exactly happened after the fight with Riku ended. After Ace let out that roar of victory his body could not stand firm much longer than a few seconds before he collapsed the ground whilst bleeding heavily.

From what Altair said he was helped by two odd observers one of which looked very irritated and complained a lot and the other was someone who had a carefree face that made him and Riku swallow some kind of pill that both stopped their bleeding temporarily before taking them to the 'Palace of Healing' so they can be treated and Ace woke up two days later.

'Two days!? Seems like even with my increased recovery rate thanks to the system can't actually instantaneously heal grave injuries and over usage of the body so easily. Well, I did win so what the heck, two days or a week of rest couldn't hurt.'

He thought as he sat there thinking of various things and then after a while Ace looked at Altair and with a soft voice he asked;

"Altair, what happened to senior brother Riku after that fight? He didn't die, did he? I think I used too much strength in my last attack."

Ace was unsure, the attack he used that day was experimental that even he didn't know what will happen if that were to hit anyone. That attack of the <<Indra's Spear>> was something he had learned on the spot when he copied Riku and the serpent that he covered with lightning was something he created by imitating synthesis function that he has yet to unlock.

Some time ago when he tried combining the Lightning from his <<Lightning Demon Body>> and <<Flame Serpent>> he failed so without any proof that he can now do synthesis Ace made use of his full control on the <<Core Lightning>> to create that serpent that looked like it came from the depths of chaos.

Altair heard what Ace had said and thought, 'senior brother is still too kind for his own good… but, his opponent was still a fellow brother of the sect so I suppose it's not that surprising.' This thought passed his mind and looking at Ace in the eyes he answered him back.

"Don't worry about him senior brother, he had already left yesterday. Although you did win the fight your body still had more injuries especially the burns in your body was also severe enough that the Alchemists that came to check up on you had to concoct an Earth rank pill just so it won't affect your meridians in the long run."

Altair explained, Ace was in deep thought once more but after some time of thinking, Ace remembered something made him feel odd and before long it even made him sweat bullets on the surface of his forehead, it took him a considerable amount of time before he calmed himself down and asked Altair.

"Did you say Alchemists from the Alchemist Association? When I was being treated no one made some kind of reaction like they knew me right?"

Altair thought back to the time when Ace was brought in here and it didn't even take him a few minutes before remembering those beauties that he saw that welcomed Ace and helped to treat Ace's wounds.

"Hehe, senior brother I don't know what kind of connection you have in the Alchemist Association but to get the direct help of senior sister Lei-Lei and that new girl who got in not too long ago is simply too much, you have to do this junior of yours a favor the other girl has too much of an attitude for me so senior brother please let me meet with senior sister Lei-Lei."

Altair jokingly stated to lighten the mood but right after seeing Ace's countenance that time Altair thought that he might have said something unnecessary.

'So the thing that senior sister Lei-Lei had to do was to work in the Palace of Healing and the other girl should be Rea, huh? It seems like I owe her something after doing this for me, well I better do everything that I can before this reaches senior brother Min Ren's ears.'

All this time, Ace had been trying to move through the Forest of Dreams so he can avoid being seeing by anyone from the Alchemist Association. He didn't want to let Min Ren know of what he is doing so even if it was a hustle Ace went through all that trouble but now that Lei-Lei and Rea most likely knew what he is doing he had to ask them to keep quiet of this incident from Min Ren.

Many had seen his fight with Riku but he was hoping that nothing of it reaches Min Ren's ears because he didn't want to hear his bones to be broken by him, so even though it might be a long shot Ace thought that he can ask Lei-Lei and Rea's help.

'I need to avoid getting caught by senior brother Min Ren, at least before I can concoct a one hundred percent affectivity Restoration Pill.' Ace thought.

He looked at Altair then said.

"When can I get out of this place? I need to hurry back to my own house and do something really important, can you ask someone? Also, if you ever see anyone who came to help me, especially those two beauties you talk of please let me know where to find them later, I need to talk to them for something important."

Ace asked him a little favor and Altair didn't say anything back before leaving. Ace looked at the door where Altair exited with and thought how he made such a good friend. As Altair was leaving Ace heave a sigh and as he waited for him to comeback Ace opened the system and to check something.

The moment Ace opened the system and the translucent board appeared out of thin air Ace saw the new statuses and his mouth immediately curved into a smile the moment he saw the numbers that are written in the system.

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 9

Experience Points: (352000/400000)

Stored Experience: 3,503,800 (Can level up character level, can level up the martial skill level, can level up elemental variants.)'

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 13th level (50000/800000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 11th level (90000/800000)

<<Indra's Spear>> 1st level (70000/100000)

Cultivation: Core Formation (To be unlocked: Minor Saint)

Extra Jobs: Alchemist level one (0/10) (Apprentice)

Elemental Variants: <<Core Flames>> 9th level (190000/500000)

<<Core Lightning>> maxed level — <<Black Storm Lightning>> 1st level (35000/100000)

The numbers that were listed on the board was insane. His level can be leveled up for fifty thousand experience points, his Martial Skills increased and some leveled up, his Elemental Variant got an extension after the <<Core Lightning>> maxed out, and the thing that made him speechless was the number that was on his stored experience.

This is the first time that he had seen something like this and in the back of his head, he was already thinking what could have given so much experience points in two days without him even knowing anything.

'Did I eat some a Heaven Rank Pill or something? From what Altair told me, I ate two pills and one of them was an Earth Rank Pill and the other was something those observers gave me when I was out so that means either of the two must have given me something precious or else this kind of numbers won't just appear without reason.'

Ace was in thought but he wasn't complaining in the least instead he was celebrating this event. The fact that he entered the Demon Rankings doesn't even bother him anymore and without wasting a second Ace started thinking of where he should spend all of these experience on.

Ace sat there for a while and before long he started pressing on the translucent board without rest.

'Ding… character leveled up.'

'Ding… character leveled up.'

'Ding… Minor Saint unlocked.'

In that instant when he finally reached Minor Saint stage Ace felt that the inside of his body was burning and his plans of maxing out his <<Core Flame>> was out on hold as his vision got blurry from the sharp pain that was happening inside his body.

As his senses were about to go on off he heard a voice inside his head.

'Ding… Unlocking Primordial Dragon's Soul Seed: full mutation of the Soul Seed will take ninety-nine hours. Please wait until update is completed.'
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    《Heaven's Wrath》