Heaven's Wrath
27 A Being That Lord Over Everything
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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27 A Being That Lord Over Everything

Ace closed his eyes and got ready for the update to happen. As his eyesight slowly turned dark his mind was slowly starting getting used to the fact that he will lose consciousness and that he will wake up after ninety-nine hours like what the system had said.

His eyes got heavier by the second and finally, he couldn't resist anymore and he finally closed his eyes.

However, when he closed his eyes Ace was not asleep nor was his consciousness taken away from him. Floating in some kind dark and empty place Ace didn't know what's happening one bit is, he couldn't move his body nor could he cove any of his limbs.

'What the hell is this?' Ace questioned himself after he stayed at that dark and eerily quiet place after some time without anything happening at all. But then, after that single resounded inside his mind as if his surrounding was answering his question something suddenly moved and slowly, a light came down upon his body.

The light that he had been waiting for appeared but he was not interested in the light one bit because his attention was taken away by something that made him open his mouth open agape.

The sun slowly appeared right above his head but when it did Ace noticed what made the entire surrounding go dark. Its body blotted out the sun, space, and the sky, every movement it makes exuded great power and it held nothing back as it flew over at the never-ending dark space into the burning sun that stood from afar.

'What is that?' he questioned.

Black scales that is darker than the darkness of night, claws that look sharper than any legendary blade, body bigger than what a single continent can contain, eyes that are even more colorful than the bright red sun in front, and wings that stretch at a never-ending distance.

Its massive body was enough to inspire awe to anyone and its power can also inspire fear to everyone.


Ace was in the presence of such great beast, but he knew, that he was not physically present in that place. He knew that while he was currently there he was also somewhere else, but that didn't stop him from feeling excitement because what he was seeing seemed to have more life than anything he had ever seeing in this world.

After seeing the beast fly towards the sun, every planet and world that stood on its way was crushed to space dust leaving nothing behind and when it finally reached the sun the black beast opened its gigantic maw and in one single swift, overwhelming action the gigantic black beast devoured the sun and darkness once again prevailed.


But before the darkness can fully take over Ace was able to catch its eyes and as if it knew he was there it locked eyes with him right before it disappeared.

The image in front of him finally vanished and felt his heart thumping with excitement as he remembered the gigantic beast that flew over his head and devoured the sun in one overwhelming move.

But before he can even recollect his thoughts and make heads or tails of what is happening his surrounding was suddenly changed from dark into something bright.

Unlike, the first image of a beast that seems to embodied pure darkness the next looked like it embodied light. Golden scales that seem to have more value than any gem and crystal shone with great blinding light, teeth, and claws that seem to have the ability that can cut everything into pieces, a serpentine-like body that slithers around and coiled around itself, whiskers that seems to have more strength than the strongest metal.

The next beast rose up the sky and gave light to everything that was in the universe. it soared up to space and coiled around tens and hundreds of planets while showing speed that seems to have torn time and space itself.

The golden scaled beast finally rested after its massive body was able to rest on of the planets and as it did, its body slowly lost its luster as it slowly closed its eyes but before it could fully close both of its eyes stared back at Ace who was watching it from the start, it didn't do anything to Ace and only stared back at him with eyes that seem to have the ability to see through anything until that beast finally lost its luster and disappeared from the existence.

After the second image Ace once again watched another scene, and just like the first and second scene a beast showed up once again.


A giant ball of crimson flames appeared and from that crimson ball of flames a beast slowly unfurled until it had an image to show. Its body didn't seem to have any kind of physical matter as even its body was made of pure dancing and weaving crimson flames that seem to have the heavens asunder and turn anything to ashes.

The beast roared and burnt anything around it destroying everything by bursting them into flames and after burning everything around it the beast once again started turning into a ball of crimson flames and slowly, something seemed to be wings hid its burning eyes but before it can truly be hidden it was able to exchange gazes with Ace until it disappeared.

For fourth the beast, he was taken away from space and into a vast world where thousands of magical beasts worship an azure beast that emits purple lightning and other elements. The azure beast looked at the myriad of magical beasts and with but a single thought a flash of purple lightning descended from the ninth heaven and destroyed everything.

The fifth beast, Ace was taken into some place where many souls and mind destroying monsters lived. The land he was in was filled with chaos but before the chaos can destroy everything a beast that had purple scales that radiated power suppressed and devoured everything in the world leaving nothing behind but desolation.

And lastly, he was shown a beast that bathed in blood and carnage of every living being. Blood and gore were everywhere and a single beast rested in the middle. It showed no remorse nor did it show anything but hate and rage for the world. Its scale looked like flowing blood of the beings it had killed and with a ruthless glare, it stared pass the void and into Ace's eyes directly as if it can truly see him there.

Ace was shown six different types of monsters and beast that overthrew everything that stood on its way, the first one blotted the sky and devoured the sun, the second coiled around the worlds and moved pass everything, the third burnt everything asunder with us presence, the fourth ruled over others and decided their lives, the fifth suppressed chaos and devoured anything it wanted, and lastly the sixth showed carnage, blood, and gore.

Six different scenes that showed overflowing might and every scene was so real that Ace felt at some point he too will be destroyed by one of the beasts that was shown. He felt his very soul tremble and in the presence of these mighty beasts, he thought that he will be destroyed by a single and ordinary breath.


In that instance, Ace stood in the middle of nothingness where six beasts descended from above and presented themselves to him. The six beasts showed incomparable might and pride their presence made anyone feel that they have been transported back to the primordial times where magical beings ruled over everything and the mighty dragons stood at the apex.

Then, as he was feeling suffocation from the pressure they exuded he heard a voice echoing inside his mind.

'Make your soul seed bloom and gain the body and bloodline of a true beast that lords over the Six Bests of Destruction. The 'Primordial Dragon Soul Seed' is nothing but a vessel that holds the form you will take when your resolve resonates with the universe.'

The voice inside his head was similar to the system's but he can feel something deeper where happening deep inside him. The voice was more than announce of his status it was more of a grand statement that tells of what he will achieve in the future.

Then, the final words inside his head finally appeared.

'The Dragons are mighty but you shall become a being that stands over everything and looks down upon everyone, to overcome their existence make use of the 'Primordial Dragon's Soul Seed' and create a body that will overcome them. Make the soul seed bloom and face the heavens.'

'You are not bounded by the rules of heaven, receive the records of the ancients and learn of their form and image.'

Ace felt his body slowly being enlightened as an enormous amount of information about every single beast in this world and universe appeared in his mind. Records of thousands and millions of different types of magical beasts, whether it be extinct or not appeared inside his head.

He saw their form and image so vividly that he felt like he had seen every beast in the Records of the Ancient. It took him an unknown amount of time before he can calm himself down and learn everything that is in the records.

He didn't know when the Six Beast of Destruction disappeared but the six mighty beasts were long gone by now.

'Ding… Update Complete: 'Primordial Dragon's Soul Seed' awakened.'

'Ding… <<Records of the Ancients>> has been fully inherited.'

'Ding… Extra Job: Beast Tamer 1st level (Apprentice)'

'Ding… Cultivation: Minor Saint (unlocked) — (Great Saint waiting to be unlocked).'

Ace was woken up by the system's announcement and before he opened his eyes Ace was so happy that he can jump to the ninth heaven, but after opening his eyes his happiness disappeared as a very familiar burn appeared right in front of him.

In front was Min Ren looking at him directly in the eye.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》