Heaven's Wrath
28 Seniors
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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28 Seniors

Min Ren stared at his eyes silently as Ace slowly opened them. He wanted to pretend that he was still asleep but he knew that he was already seen by the Min Ren so he first took a deep breath and opened his eyes and said to Min Ren with a weak look on his countenance;

"Senior brother Min Ren, I apologize for not practicing the art of Alchemy but I swear I will go and practice after I recover and get out of here."

Ace took the initiative and apologize with sincere emotion in hope of avoiding the chances of getting his bone broken and crushed into dust, he acted hurt but he still spoke to Min Ren about Alchemy showing his will and sincerity. Min Ren looked back at him with serious eyes and helplessness.

"It's good that you know that you're wrong about neglecting the Dao of Alchemy, but reflecting is not enough as you must put your resolve into practice or else you will not be able to become a true Alchemist that befits the name of the sect."

After speaking those short words Min Ren took a deep breath and his eyes change.

"With that said you still disregarded my orders of focusing in Alchemy even after my warning you didn't heed my words I ought to break your bones for breaking your words of focusing solely on Alchemy…"

Ace's heart shuddered right after hearing Min Ren's words. He was trying to avoid it getting to this point but it seems like he was still getting beaten up in the end after all. Ace was already half prepared but he saw a bit of light in his predicament after hearing the words that follow.

"…But I supposed you couldn't have done anything about it so I shall give you another chance…" Min Ren stopped talking and a rare smile appeared on Min Ren's face which made Ace's heart tremble some more.

"Turns out that you are a genius in the sect, huh? Don't argue I already know what happened in the Lower Demon Plateau and how you have trained such low-level Martial Skill like the <<Flame Serpent>> into something that could even fight head-on with a Minor Saint's full powered strength that means you have good control on you flames am I right?"

Min Ren's eyes reflected a deep light that showed many complex emotions about this situation. The lesson from the Peak Elder of the First Mountain Peak was nearing and he was counting on Rea who was a genius in Alchemy to create enough Restoration Pills for the Outer circle of the sect.

Previously, he was not counting on Ace that much but right now his thought of him was slightly getting more dependable instead of someone who was only there as a mediocre member of the Alchemist Association but right after hearing Ace's deeds in the Lower Demon Plateau Min Ren now have more hopes for Ace's talent.

'Fighting with flames doesn't mean that he will be a genius in Alchemy but if all goes well then the Alchemist Association had truly been blessed for being able to recruit two geniuses this year round.'

Min Ren cleared his throat and spoke in a deep voice as he asked Ace.

"You have broken your words but I for getting to the Demon Rankings I will not break any of your bones that is if you can prove to me that you are truly willing to put the effort in improving on the path of Alchemy."

In a situation where it felt like he was thrown into a very deep canyon, Ace found a rope that he could cling on for survival and without wasting any time Ace took hold of that rope even though he didn't know where it was connected.

"I will do anything Senior brother Min Ren, I wish to become an Alchemist with all my heart, I will even stop myself from going to the Lower Demon Plateau just so I can practice my craft, please let this junior of yours to his determination."

With that line, Min Ren nodded his head and said to him.

"Good, I will give you the time before the seniors of the Association go to the first peak to receive guidance. If you can concoct a hundred percent Restoration Pill then I will forgive you and acknowledge your determination."

Min Ren said those words and stood up from his seat. He turns around and was went over to the door behind him, as he was about to leave he said;

"You have the permission to take as many ingredients you need from the Association in order for you to practice Alchemy. You can practice anywhere with the recipe in your hands, you won't meet any problem if you focus. Sister Lei-lei will most likely come here after me."

Min Ren was hopeful this time around. He left Ace in that room and went back to Alchemist Association.

Ace sat there alone for a while then, as he sat there alone he had a sudden realization that he should have thought earlier when Min Ren was still there with him.

"What was senior brother Min Ren doing here? Also, it should have been four days since I was out and he was the first person I saw, it seems like I have more questions about what happened this past four days instead of questioning what happened in that weird dream and inheritance of Ancient Records."

Ace murmured to himself as he sat there alone. He thinks back to what happened in that six different scenes and thought of those mysterious words of creating a body that exceeds those beings of destruction that could swallow the sun and burn the heavens.

But if those words were true then he just might truly go and become a being that exceeds them if the Primordial Dragon's Soul Seed was to bloom and his body enter a metamorphosis of some kind. The soul seed was said to be the gateway to the path of immortality and godhood after all.

The path of the immortals does not end after you break through the chains of mortality except if you were to die in battle. The Martial Path that led many people to the next realm was truly hard to achieve and even if he had a system to level up Ace knew it will be harder to collect experience points now that he has to reach Sainthood.


As he was lost in thought the door had unknowingly opened and Lei-Lei entered bringing Ace a refreshing feel to life as he saw a beautiful lady after some time.

Lei-Lei looked at Ace who was sitting up on the bed and after feeling the heavenly essence gather around Ace as if they were naturally attracted to him Lei-Lei showed a wry smile as she elegantly sat on the chair that was placed right beside Ace's bed.

Ace saw Lei-Lei and greeted her accordingly as a junior should and after greeting her he proceeded to thank her.

"Senior sister Lei-Lei I better thank you for the help the help when I was brought here in the Palace of Healing." Ace bowed his head and said thanks to Lei-Lei.

"It's no problem, I am your senior in the Association so it is only natural and if you want to say your thanks to someone then you better go to Rea she was the one concocted the Misty Crane Pill that helps regulate your condition and healed most of your wounds."

Lei-Lei lightly laughed as she said.

"Well, you shouldn't bother her for now as she is currently trying to find her long lost 'fiancé' that should be here in the outer circle of the sect."

Ace heard what Lei-Lei had said and remembered something that Rea first spoke of after they had met for the first time and thought.

'So she really wasn't lying about that thing.'

"Sister Lei-Lei have you seen the one who was with me before? He was the one the young man who was full smiles and cheerful, it seems like he wants to meet you, his name is also Altair." Ace said.

Lei-Lei heard him speak and started thinking for a while before answering his question after remembering something.

"The one who called us when you woke up? I don't know, I have yet to see him since you entered into a coma four days ago."

Ace nodded his head and started talking to her some more about various things but after a while, the two of them stopped. Lei-lei stood up from her seat and looked at Ace before saying;

"Anyone who can move has the permission to leave the Palace of Healing, no one will stop you but remember that this place is not some place that will treat minor wounds so you better watch yourself when you leave. But it's already deep into the night so you better stay here after sunrise tomorrow, and you have to wait for a set of clothing before you can get out."

After hearing Lei-Lei Ace looked at what he was wearing and sure enough, he wasn't wearing the uniform of the outer circle but the standard white robe that the Palace of Healing provides. Ace agreed to stay in the Palace of Healing for the night and Lei-Lei went out to take care of her work.

Lying down Ace opened his system to check the new updates:

Name: Ace (no surname)

Level: 11

Experience Points: (0/1400000)

Stored Experience: 2,455,800(Can level up character level, can level up the martial skill level, can level up elemental variants.)'

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 13th level (50000/800000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 11th level (90000/800000)

<<Indra's Spear>> 1st level (70000/100000)

Cultivation: Minor Saint (To be unlocked: Great Saint)

Extra Jobs: Alchemist level one (0/10) (Apprentice)

Beast Tamer level one (0/10 (Apprentice)

Elemental Variants: <<Core Flames>> 9th level (190000/500000)

<<Core Lightning>> maxed level — <<Black Storm Lightning>> 1st level (35000/100000)

Soul Seed: Primordial Dragon's Soul Seed

"I'll use all of my stored experience tomorrow but for now I better rest, I feel oddly tired although I had been sleeping for four days."

With that Ace slept the rest of the night.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》