Heaven's Wrath
30 Pill Madness
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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30 Pill Madness

Ace wanted to know what happened for Rea's name to show up in the Demon Rankings. He had a couple on how things turn out like this but Ace didn't dwell on them that long, instead he just started thinking just how strong was Rea really?

'Is she truly that strong?' he questioned himself as he started remembering her gentle flames that purified the medicinal plants that day in order to create a Restoration Pill. However, even if Ace wanted to know more of what truly happened he couldn't just leave his house and asks people what happened.

Ace chose to sit there alone and just waited for the Pill to come out. His patience was being tested right now and he was not going to lose out on his chance of becoming a proper Alchemist. The pattern of him getting involved into something unwanted would just once again happen so even if was hard to do Ace didn't leave.

'Ding… concocted 10% effectiveness Restoration Pills + 1 experience points.'

Just as he was about to throw another batch of ingredients to the furnace Ace remembered that he had to take care of something and so, with a single thought he opened his system.


A translucent board appeared in front of him from thin air, he looked at the stored experience and slowly without him even noticing it, his mouth curved into a smile. Even if he couldn't level up his alchemy directly Ace could still level up other things such as Martial Skills his own character and of course his Elemental Variants.

It sucked that he could only use his stored experience for something like leveling up his Alchemy but had to be manually leveled up manually by continuous grinding but Ace didn't mind as he had some thought that just might affect the whole situation.

Ace was rather hesitant at first but after re-reading the description of the <<Core Flames>> Ace steeled his heart and without wasting any more time he just went and pressed away on the Elemental Variants.

'Ding… <<Core Flames>> raised to max level (full control enabled), << Nether Flames>> (unlocked)'

The moment this <<Core Flames>> was maxed out Ace was given a notice by the system.

"You really can switch between the flames you can use, but the effectivity rate of the <<Nether Flames>> is rather low compared the <<Core Flames>> so it really does have something to do with my control on elements."

He was given a chance to change between <<Core Flames>> and <<Nether Flames>>. He was given proper numbers such as the amount of time that he will need to wait if he were to concoct a single pill at that moment.

'<<Core Flames>> (25 minutes) — <<Nether Flames>> (40 minutes)


It was understandable that the amount of time needed to concoct pills was different by flames that were because the levels of each flame were simply too far apart, the other was something he had just acquired.

From what he had learned from the <<Core Flames>> previous descriptions it was that the intensity of flames and his control directly have something to do with Alchemy so at this very instant Ace didn't even hesitate and started pouring his stored experiences on the <<Nether Flames>>.

'Ding… <<Nether Flames>> raise to 2nd level.'

'Ding… <<Nether Flames>> raise to 3rd level.'

'Ding… <<Nether Flames>> raise to 4th level.'

'Ding… <<Nether Flames>> raise to 5th level.'

'Ding… <<Nether Flames>> raise to 6th level.'

'Ding… <<Nether Flames>> raise to 7th level.'

He was only able to level up his new flames to the seventh level but Ace could feel that it had greatly improved to the point that it can even match up with the <<Core Flames>> in terms of heat and intensity he even thought that the <<Nether Flames>> was stronger than the <<Core Flames>> now.

With that slight improvement, the data of the two flames changed and the previous forty minutes of the <<Nether Flames>> change and became fifteen minutes. In such a short time he was able to make the <<Nether Flames>> become stronger than the <<Core Flames>> at least in terms of Alchemy he had yet to use it in combat to know its strength.

"Hehe, it seems like this <<Nether Flames> will be much more interesting and powerful than my original <<Core Flames>>, I want to level it up once more but I am low on experience points at the moment… I'll just put it on the other Element I supposed."

'Ding… <<Black Storm Lightning>> raised to the 2nd level.'

'Ding… <<Black Storm Lightning>> raised to 3rd level.'

Elements were truly a black hole for experience points but he didn't hesitate to feed it to them. He had seen the capabilities of the Elemental Variants so he was willing to invest on it and as for his Martial Skills, it had to wait at least until he could get another pill that's Earth rank or above.

Ace chose the <<Nether Flames>> and threw in a batch of ingredients inside the furnace.


The red color of his <<Core Flames>> were changed to black giving out a baleful aura that even made Ace shiver. The black flames looked as if it came from the devils of the underworld, as he was waiting Ace started checking the information that was given to him.

'Nether Flames: it came from the Purgatory Flames that turns devils and monsters to ashes, in the purgatorial realm were bale monsters live and survive this flame is only second to its progenitor the Purgatory Flames in terms destructive power.'

Ace had heard that the Purgatorial realms in the legend that his father told him when he was a child. The Purgatorial realm was created by a peerless warrior of ancient times to banish the devils and monsters who have invaded his country and to this day the location of the Purgatorial Realm has yet to be found.

No one knew it the legendary Purgatorial realm was true or not, but seeing that this <<Nether Flames>> came from that place Ace didn't doubt its existence anymore. The system had never given him many things and information was the best thing it gave him.

Information about an ancient record of beasts, records of martial skills, instructions of martial skills, comprehension of martial skills. Information was the best thing that the system could offer him, he believed that there truly is six beasts of overwhelming strength so why should he doubt that a place where devils and monsters exist in this world.

The Nine Worlds is vast and holds many secrets, a single continent alone can hold trillions of life and a single world can easily hold ten such continents. Beings of undiscovered nature and beings that had yet to be seen exist everywhere, unexplored cavern and mountains are scattered across the plains of existence, this world is vast and mysterious so nothing was truly impossible.

Heck, a human can ascend to godhood and gain everlasting life so what else could he not believe? If he were to doubt more it will only result in clouding his Martial Heart and might affect his future endeavor in the future.

'Ding… concocted 30% effectiveness Restoration experience + 1.'

The experience that he had gotten was simply the same, he had yet to actually get something bigger than one experience points but that was enough to make him smile because the time needed to concoct a single pill had drastically been reduced already and so he proceeded to concoct pills more and more.

"Hehe, I can do this! Two months is simply nothing if I have patience."

His thoughts were like that a few weeks ago after unlocking the <<Nether Flames>> but after that day the only thought he had inside his head was to go out and fight against someone to move his body.

It wasn't that he became a battle junky that loves to fight, no, it was because that he had been locked up inside that room with nothing but Restoration Pills for food that even he was starting to think that fighting with Riku once again would be better than this torture.

He had gone out several times to get ingredients and every time he went out to get some the amount he takes with him increases, but on his fifteenth time of getting ingredients, Ace requested a huge number of ingredients just so he can speed things up and so that resulted in his current situation.

Ace concocted pills for a long time that even he had forgotten how long he had been sitting inside his room. At this point of time, he had reached the ninth level of the Alchemist extra job and he had been able to concoct ninety percent effectiveness Restoration Pills thanks to his <<Nether Flames>> and the that he needed to finish a single concoction had become a single minute.

But his biggest hurdle was the sheer amount of pills he had to concoct just so he can reach the next level, at this point of time he had created a total of over ten thousand pills and by now he had lost count how many pills he had already created.

Ace was getting absent minded but after one minute he heard the announcement;

'Ding… concocted 100% effectiveness Restoration Pills experience + 100'

'Ding… extra job: Alchemist raised to max level proceeding to upgrade to a true Mortal rank Alchemist.'

'Mortal rank Alchemist: you can now concoct any pill that is considered a Mortal rank, to upgrade to earth rank you must concoct the pill yourself.'

'Furnace Upgrade Commencing: 'Chaotic Universe Furnace' will be created after an hour please wait for the update.'

'Ding… Furnace upgrade completed.'

'Congratulations for completing the hidden Twenty Thousand Pill initiation.'

'Ding… Information Transfer commencing: Twenty Thousand Pill initiation had been completed, transferring the knowledge of twenty thousand pill concoction repetition.'

'Ding… Information Transfer Completed.'

'Congratulations for completing the hidden Twenty Thousand Pill initiation.'

'Ding… stored experience + 5,000,000.'

Ace heard the announcement going off inside his head and the only thing he could think of was.

'That's satisfying.'
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    《Heaven's Wrath》