Heaven's Wrath
31 New Things
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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31 New Things

It was deep into the night and it had been a total of three days ever since Ace finished the twenty thousand pill concoction trial that he had unknowingly done. He had been too tired to go and report back to his senior brother and even with the aid of the system the mental taxation in his mind was too great for him to do anything else at the moment.

The amount of time that Ace had used up to become a Mortal rank alchemist was simply too short that if someone who specializes in Alchemy heard of his achievement he or she will immediately want to know Ace's secret.

Even the greatest alchemist of the sect, the First Mountain Peak Elder will be surprised to learn that Ace was able to become a Mortal rank alchemist in no more than one and a half month that's not counting his achievements of becoming a personage in the Demon Rankings immediately after only a week or two he had been in the Lower Demon Plateau.

Truly, Ace had become a genius inside the Immortal Demon Sect even if not many of the Elders knew of his existence. But, he was not the only rising star in the Immortal Demon Sect's outer circle because two other juniors had been gaining a name for themselves while Ace was inside his own house slaving away to concoct twenty thousand defective pills that even he didn't know what to do.

The first person who was gaining a name for himself was Altair who entered the Demon Rankings a week after Ace entered seclusion. Fighting with unearthly techniques that came directly from the underworld, Altair fought with the top 93rd disciple and won that fight.

However, Altair doesn't seem to have been contended by such minor achievement so he went to challenge another disciple who sat on the 89th seat of the rankings. The disciples who sat on the 100th ranking to the 90th were all first level Minor Saints above that were second level Minor Saints at the 89th to the 80th ranking of the Demon Rankings.

Altair being capable enough to beat the 89th ranked disciple meant that he had enough strength to beat a second level Minor Saint meaning that he had been improving lightning fast the past couple days while Ace was not looking, at this point Altair was basically a genius capable enough to match Ace in terms of improvement thanks to the Death God's inheritance.

Another person was Rea who sat at the top 15th of the Demon Rankings. A genius of Alchemy with unknown potential with her unmatched beauty and peerless control of the purple flames Rea had been getting a lot of attention in the outer circle man and woman alike.

She had gained a name for herself thanks to her unwavering attitude that never backs down from any fight against any man who disrespects her and she disrespects and at this point she is hailed as the third most powerful lady disciple in the Immortal Demon Sect.

There are only a few women who are capable enough to rise up in strength in the Demon Rankings and other than the 3rd and 7th ranked who are both women and the most women were below rank 21. Rea, one of the second youngest name in the Demon Rankings together with Altair and Ace was rising and are becoming geniuses of the outer sect and little by little the three of them are garnering attention from the Elders of the sect.

At the fourth day of Ace's long sleep, he finally woke up at the fifth hour of the day. Just like when he recovers from an injury when he got enough rest even his mental fatigue was cured thanks to the system's help.

His surrounding was littered by black, brown and other colored Restoration Pills that he had created through sheer effort and patience alone. He slowly sat up and released a yawn.

"What am I going to do with all these?"

Ace stated as he looked at the thousands of bean size pills on the ground. The sect doesn't distribute any low-quality pills so he didn't know what to do to these things other than throwing them out, but he felt it would be a waste if he did so.

Not wanting to waste any if the pills Ace gathered them in one spot creating a big mound of Restoration Pills that can almost touch his rooms ceiling. He heave a sigh and checked his filthy clothes and body that had was releasing quite an awful stench.

His body was already that of a Saint's so he could clean it with the help of the heavenly essence of the world. But it seems like he still can't do that with his clothes so he needed to take a change of clothes, taking off his clothes his well-toned muscles that had been trained from his ten years of continuous training with martial arts and weapons were shone to the world.

He took one of the three set of clothes that he still had and wore it. He started checking if nothing was wrong with himself and with his clothes before opening his system.

Level: 11

Experience Points: (0/1400000)

Stored Experience: 5,144,800(Can level up character level, can level up the martial skill level, can level up elemental variants.)'

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> 13th level (50000/800000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 11th level (90000/800000)

<<Indra's Spear>> 1st level (70000/100000)

Cultivation: Minor Saint (To be unlocked: Great Saint)

Extra Jobs: Mortal Rank Alchemist (Upgrade requirements: Concoction of an Earth Rank Pill, second flame (unlocked).) – <<Chaotic Universe Furnace>>

Beast Tamer level one (0/10 (Apprentice)

Elemental Variants: <<Core Flames>> maxed level — <<Nether Flames>> 7th level (1000000)

<<Core Lightning>> maxed level — <<Black Storm Lightning>> 3rd level (0/400000)

"I really did get five million from completing that weird trial."

He commented after looking at the stored experience he had gotten from the twenty thousand pill trial he had finished. Ace's eyes turned to his Alchemist Job and saw the requirements and started thinking that the requirements were grounded in the rule of the Alchemist world.

Every alchemist can only be considered to have broken through if he or she were to concoct a pill that's a rank higher than what their level is. Ace has the knowledge of concocting twenty thousand lower rank pills making up for any experience he may lack but Ace was sure that his skill was far from enough to concoct any Earth rank pill at the moment.

His eyes traveled to the other new addition on alchemy. The furnace that he had been using till now was only a bronze furnace that looked like it came from some backwater place but this new furnace of his sounded some kind of top-class treasure that should belong to a peerless.

The name alone was enough to make Ace stare in awe. Before he could even realize what he is doing his right hand was already on the Alchemist word unknowingly tapping it.


A black colored furnace that is designed with some kind of chaotic cloud that looks too real for it to be an ordinary design appeared in front of him while being suspended in the air by some kind of mysterious force that he didn't know about. The furnace look majestic that could contain any kind of destruction.

'Chaotic Universe Furnace: It had been in existence since the beginning of time, created from the chaotic energy of the universe and other plains' creation.'

A simple explanation was given to him for such heaven-defying treasure.

The instant that the furnace appeared another kind of translucent board appeared in front of him. It floated there quietly with a least of Mortal rank pills that he had read from the <<Illustrious Records of Medicinal Plants>.

Except for the words "Restoration Pill", every word in that translucent board lacked any kind of luster. Ace touched the word "Restoration Pill" and what was left of the batches of ingredients was lifted up in the air by a familiar black flame and without even needing a second the batch of ingredients were turn to a one hundred percent effectiveness Restoration Pill.

He didn't even need to do anything other than press a word but Ace somehow concocted a pill. His eyes wandered off and right beside the name of the pills a number was etched with some arrows pointing to the left and the right.

He didn't know what it was so Ace pressed one of the arrows and the number went from one to two, he didn't know what it was for but he wanted to know so he continuously pressed it until it wouldn't go up anymore.

After that, he pressed the words "Restoration Pill" once more and the remaining of the batch of ingredients were raised up the air and turned to Restoration Pills in seconds.

Tak, Tak

The furnace spewed out the same number of pills he had set up which was six.

"It was the number of pills I could create."

Ace noted as he took the pills and placed it inside his leather bag and without any idea what he should do at this point he made the furnace disappear from his sight.

After that, he didn't immediately stood up but first started distributing his stored experience points throughout the system and balancing everything.

'Ding… character level up'

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 14th level.'

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> raised to 15th level.'

'Ding… <<Flame Serpent>> has reached maximum level upgrade initiating… <<Nine Pyro Hydra>> learned.'

"It created another skill?"

Ace was left aghast at the sight of his skill being upgraded and branching out like a tree. His <<Flame Serpent>> had been leveled up to the max when it reached the fifteenth level so does that mean every Martial Skill will be upgraded to this point or is it different for other skills.

Ace had some questions blooming inside his mind but he without anything to compare it to other than his Elemental Variants Ace just threw those questions on the back of his head and went to distribute the rest of his skills.

'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> raised to 12th level'

'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> raised to 13th level'

'Ding… <<Indra's Spear>> raised to 2nd level'.'

'Ding… <<Indra's Spear>> raised to 3rd level'.'

Ace was left with barely fifty thousand and above but Ace was satisfied at the sight of his Martial Skill being branched out to create another skill that sounded powerful just from its name alone.

Ace stood up and went out after spending most of his stored experiences. He didn't have any more skills and elements that he could level up so he went out and left for the Alchemist Association.

The sun was just about to rise when he got out of his house.

He went off to see Min Ren and hopefully Rea so he can show off his skills to them.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》