Heaven's Wrath
32 A Little Detour
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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32 A Little Detour

As he was just about to leave, Ace checked the insides of the leather bag that he had with him and confirmed that the <<Lightning Demon Body>> was there. It has been two months ever since he entered the Immortal Demon Sect and since then he had been postponing of taking the Martial Skill manual back to the Martial Pavilion.

'I just wish I don't end up getting into too much trouble for returning it too late.' Ace thought as he went on his way to the Martial Pavilion.

It didn't take him that long to reach the Martial Pavilion and after reaching that place he entered unhesitatingly.

The moment he entered, the people who were inside started whispering when their eyes laid upon Ace's countenance. Looking at them like that made him want to think that they were talking about how handsome he was but the truth is that they were talking about his current position in the Demon Ranking or comparing him to Altair or Rea.

He had encountered such situations over the past few days this is one of the reasons why he went to take every ingredient that he will ever need in reaching Mortal rank of his Alchemy. Ace walked up to the person behind the counter and when he met eyes with him he took out the <<Lightning Demon Body>> manual and apologizes for his carelessness.

"I apologize for not returning it on time it's just that I was caught up in some things that I had to do."

The guy behind the counter heard Ace's words and became flustered and asked him to stop doing such things, the disciple was surprised to see Ace acting like so as he was someone who is known for his savagery that leads him to harm himself just so he can win.

Ace had built quite a name for himself in the outer circle of the sect… not that it was good or anything but he had quite the moniker other than the Lightning Fire Demon.

"Please stop, your action has not inconvenience anybody. Junior brother has entered the Demon Rankings so you are permitted to take a martial skill manual out for half a year, you don't have to return this if you don't want to."

The disciple explained.

Hearing him say those words enlightened Ace and immediately he felt quite happy about it, and so he nodded his head and asked if he could take another Martial Skill from the Pavilion especially from the upper levels now that he had returned the manual that he first took.

The disciple answered his question with a smile and a few words;

"Yes, of course, you can but you still have to stay on the first floor as your cultivation is still too low. You may be in the Demon Rankings but if you wish to enter the second and third floor you first have to reach Minor Saint stage."

Ace heard the disciple and said.

"Don't worry about my cultivation."

Ace said and took out his medallion that was hidden underneath his clothes. His medallion had gone through some slight changes after becoming a Minor Saint the previously black colored medallion had been changed to a slightly purplish one after it senses the change in his energy.

Everyone knew that Ace was only a ninth level Core Formation disciple but at this very moment when he showed the purplish medallion for everyone to see the fact that Ace had already reached Sainthood was revealed to everyone.

'It's not a secret, either way, senior sister Lei-Lei and senior brother Min Ren already know about it so it's fine already.'

Besides this thought Ace wandered if the fact that he had reached Minor Saint would travel to the ears of his fellow disciples. He had hoped that the fact that he could beat a Minor Saint while still being at Core Formation can make many back away but through this method of his Ace was sure that only those who had a death wish or are really desperate will come to him.

People had already been wary of him and by doing this he will have a clear standing in the sect as someone who has the strength to fight with higher ranking disciples, if all goes well Ace was planning to make use of his momentum to storm the Demon Rankings and reach the farthest he could whilst gaining tons of experience points along the way.

The disciple saw his medallion and knew what the color meant so he let Ace continue giving him the pass to the second and third floor where Saint rank techniques were kept.

Saint rank Martial Skills was segregated to low, middle, high rank. Any high-rank Martial Skill of the Minor Saint stage was hard to find and in the Immortal Demon Sect's outer circle, the second floor contains mid-rank skills that anyone can take and the third floor that had high-rank skills that only those who have better comprehensions compared to the rest could take.

The third floor was a special place which holds many high rank skills and even if the Immortal Demon Sect has over millions of years of heritage it still couldn't give away manuals like it was nothing. Those who deserve the skill can take them, those who don't can take what he can on the lower floors this is the only unwritten rule in the Martial Pavilion.

Ace knew of these rules and sayings but he still went up to the third floor without any hesitation. The third floor was just like the first, it contained many bookshelves that stood in a very uniform manner, normally the third floor of the pavilion will be crowded but since it was still too early many were still out there doing their morning routines.

There were two or three disciples present and he the instant he stepped on the third floor he easily became the fourth. There was a myriad of thin books that was placed on the bookshelves and every thin book was enveloped by some kind of energy.

With eyes alone, he was not able to see but when he used his divine sense he could tell clearly that it was a seal that had to be solved. Its image was just a puzzle of words that create sentences which explains the description of the thin book and what kind of technique it was.

In the eyes of many the thin book's pages could be turned over but its content was hidden away by some kind of mysterious force and to unlock the seal placed upon the books they had to comprehend the words and complete the words and if they ever finish, the book will be opened and they can finally go and present it to the disciple over the counter and exchange the thin book for the real thing.

He walked on the long hallway until he reaches two bookshelves that contained two different kinds of Martial Skills, one was movement techniques and the other was something called Water Manipulation Skills.

Two techniques, in particular, caught his eyes which he picked up and with his enhance comprehension Ace easily broke the seal placed upon the two thin books and without any worries he started reading after breaking down the seal for some off minutes.

The first one was in the Water Manipulation Skill. The Martial Skill's name was <<Water Dragon>> which let him call upon water that had a power that's comparable with a dragon.

It had two set of moves, the first was it let him destroy his enemy and the other was to imprison them by making them drown in an endless amount of water that shots up the sky, the second move also had another name of <<Water Dragon's Prison>>.

As for the movement technique it had much simple kind of description when compared to the <<Water Dragon>> it also had a basic use and this simplistic technique was called, <<Flash Steps>>.

Like its name had suggested, the flash steps let its user move in a flash and getting closer to the opponent with great speed. It doesn't utilize any energy other than heavenly essence so wouldn't give Ace any kind of Elemental variants, but a technique that will let him go and zoom all over the place will be a huge advantage in battle and if he were to upgrade such a technique it just might become a peerless movement skill.

The thought that he was holding two high-rank techniques pass over Ace's head. If anyone was in his position he would be crying right now even if he were just to open one Martial Skill he or she will be leaping for joy and running down to the counter in order to take the Martial Skill out.

Ace had to think long and hard before he could decide what he truly wanted… then, after thirty minutes of considering the pros and cons of the two techniques Ace went down to the counter and carried with him the Martial Skill that he had chosen.

The disciple in charge looked at Ace in confusion as he thought that he had gone up to the third floor to take a high-rank skill but if he was down here already after such a short time the disciple thought that he just might be wrong after all.

The disciple took the thin book from Ace's hand and went to the back in order to take the original manual. He took a while before coming back to the counter but when he did, his face had changed from calm to utter shock as he looked at the Martial Skill on his hand.

'It truly is a high-rank Martial Skill.' He handed Ace the manual and said.

"You can return the manual after half a month, like always you can come back after a month to pick another skill but you have to return the Martial Skill you have previously taken."

Ace took the Martial Skill and before he could say thanks to the disciple he had already learned the Martial Skill on his hands.

He went out of the Pavilion and this time he went straight to the Alchemist Association without taking any more detour on the way. He had gotten what he wanted making his day great and after the Alchemist Association, this feeling will become even better.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》