Heaven's Wrath
33 The Busy Alchemist Association
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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33 The Busy Alchemist Association

Finally Ace stood in front of the Alchemist Association, he took a deep breath and readied himself to meet with Min Ren and with Rea. He took a step forward and entered the Alchemist Association.

He entered the Alchemist Association and what greeted him was not the same atmosphere as before which was lax and steady, it was the exact opposite of that. Disciples were running to and fro while having a look of exhaustion underneath their eyes, it was clear that they had been working for a more than a few days.

Ace was confused as to what was happening and as to why there was no smell seeping outside nor were there any kind of loud noises such as these. Confused and disoriented he stood there alone not knowing what to do and before he could regain his senses he heard a loud scream coming from his right.

"What are you doing slacking off? You're not the only one who's tired go back to pill concoction we still need a five hundred thousand seven hundred to complete for this month, go to the second room on the second floor we need to finish all of these in two days move it!!!!"

Ace turn and saw a dirty looking disciple whose eyes were turning red from exhaustion. From what Ace could see the disciple's spirit was getting a lot of pressure from some his own exhaustion, he wanted to think more of what was said to him but when he said that he was there to see Min Ren that loud disciple started getting even louder.

"Are you a dimwit? Senior brother Min Ren is still together with senior sister Lei-Lei purifying hundreds of thousands of medicinal plants for us to use and you want to meet with him? Just go and freaking do your job already or what? Do you want to go and purify the remaining medicinal plants?"

The disciple said with intensity and when Ace heard him speak in such manner he couldn't even react by getting offended because he felt some kind of sympathy to him as he had also been through this kind of thing the past few days so without asking any more questions he just nodded his head and went up to the second floor and find the second room the disciple spoke of.

He had been here a couple of times already so when Ace got to the second floor he just went to the first hallway and saw the second door and in fear of getting in the way by standing still Ace went in directly and what he found was something even more chaotic than what was happening down below.

The pill concoction rooms of the Alchemist Association was created by a master who controls space so the space that's behind every door does not coincide with the size of the Alchemist Association's building.

There were around twenty people inside that single room and all of which were too concentrated on their work for them to actually notice that someone had entered the room. Pills were right by their side creating a small mountain that's as tall as their sitting height.

Every disciple who was concocting pills had another helper by their side who was getting the pills inside the bottle every time they finish one. In most disciples cases, there was only one disciple who was helping him but for those who were particularly fast on their craft, there were two.

Ace looked around and found an empty space at the very back of the room, he walked up there and when he sat down there were five hundred batches of pills sitting right in front of him.

Five hundred batches of ingredients and five bottles that will contain them. Ace opened his eyes wide and took a deep breath, the ingredients were already fully purified so without any hesitation he took the ingredients to toss it up the air.

The ingredients were tossed into the pill furnace that's in front of him and he started using his flames to control each of them. Then without wasting any more time, Ace started the concoction of the Restoration Pill.

He didn't need to purify any of the ingredients so he didn't call out the <<Chaotic Universe Furnace>>, three ingredients floated upwards and were coated by burning flames that was being controlled by Ace like his own limbs.

His flames dance and weave like they were alive and the three ingredients started moving closer with one another. His every movement was fluid like flowing water on a river that came from the top of the mountain and without experiencing any kind of problems the pill that was being concocted started shining with a white light signifying that he was able to make a hundred percent effectiveness pill without any problem.

This is just one pill and Ace took about two minutes to concoct it and compared to others who were twice or even three times faster than him no one paid attention to him. He currently had no one who could help him and so he placed the pill he had concocted on the bottle himself.

"So that's how it feels to concoct a pill." He said underneath his breath without letting anyone hear his remarks and after saying so he went and took a deep breath and smell the nice aroma of burning medicinal plants Ace started while his body was still feeling the sensation he had just gotten from concocting a Restoration Pill.

The second pill was starting to form with his flames starting to dance with elegance, the movement that had been too quite slow had improved by a bit this time and before two minutes were up he had finished the second pill.

This time around he didn't place the pill on the bottle and just set it down on the floor it wouldn't have any effect to it after all. A pill of one hundred percent effectiveness will not get tainted so easily by such dirt as it had already been tempered by flames that burn impurities.

The next one floated and his flames move with great elegance once more, his every movement was precise and on point not missing anything no matter how small it is his eyes were focus, his mind and spirit were not wavering and after one and a half minute, the third pill was created.

He didn't stop and lifted another medicinal pill batch and started creating one more time, his mind was already set to complete this batch of ingredients so he could meet with both Lei-Lei and Min Ren and hopefully he could show them his improvements, after a single minute his fourth pill was created.

By this time someone saw him creating pills at the very back of the room and seeing that no one was helping him that person came over to help him instead. The disciple he was helping earlier already had another disciple helping him so after talking it out with his companion that disciple went over to help Ace sort out the pills he had completed.

He walked over with the intention of fist talking to Ace but when he saw those fiery eyes that glowed with a crimson hue that disciple didn't dare to disturb him as he was feeling some sort of pressure from Ace without him knowing about it.

He sat crossed-legged and started doing his own job. He was someone, like the other helpers were the people who had exhausted their spirit from concocting too much pill so they were doing this kind of menial job and even if they wanted to concoct a pill they knew that they would only slow everyone down so they were doing this kind of job so they can at least help.

There were six pills on the ground and one pill inside a bottle that had already been completed, he went to pick up the six pills and gently started placing them inside the bottle with great care but before he could pick up the third pill another was one was created.

The disciple who came over to help Ace didn't mind and just continued picking the other pills up and when he had just finish Ace he had estimated that the time Ace needed to finish one pill was around forty seconds so he thought that he could manage it alone but shortly after thirty-seconds another pill dropped on the ground.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

The sounds of pill dropping on the floor were not loud but it made his ears ring because every time a pill was created it would become faster than before and at this time every pill was being created at a rate of one pill for every ten seconds.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

Ten seconds, ten seconds, nine seconds, nine seconds, nine seconds… the disciple was counting but he didn't notice that his hands had stopped moving and by now twenty pills were already on the ground littered everywhere.

With haste, he started picking them up and when he had finally caught up to Ace the amount of time that Ace needed to concoct a single pill was already at the five-second mark… people were starting to take note of Ace at this time.

Having the information of concocting twenty thousand pills Ace was above and beyond others and by now he knew that in order for him to create pills faster he only had to get used to it and he was truly starting to get used to it.

If he had done this using the system it wouldn't take ten seconds to finish five hundred batches of ingredients that had already been purified, he even doubted that it would take five seconds because the longest preparation was the purification of every ingredient.

Ace looked at his flames dance and weave he was too focus and by the time he was about to grab another batch of ingredients he had noticed that there was none left so he raised his head to checked and when he did he saw people looking at him.

He was about to question what was happening but a disciple who was sitting cross-legged beside him beat him to it.

"Brother I don't know who you are but you just have to sit there and we will bring every the medicinal plant that you will be using, with you here with us we will be able to finish the quota soon enough."

Said the disciple and sure enough, someone came in and brought a batch of one thousand Restoration Pill ingredients and place it down in front of Ace.

Ace didn't know what is happening but from the looks of it he was being looked at with eyes filled with happiness and before he could understand what was happening he heard the system.

'Ding… + 500 stored experience for concocting five hundred Restoration Pills.'

He didn't know what they were saying but Ace was surely not going to stop his pill concoction now that he knew he can get experience from them, and so without knowing what he had done to make others look at him like that he started concocting pills for the experience points.

'Who cares what it is about?'

He said to himself.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》