Heaven's Wrath
34 Behind the Mask of Arrogance
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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34 Behind the Mask of Arrogance

He didn't mind working and concocting pills for the Alchemist Association. He was a part of them and didn't have any ill feelings towards them also he was starting to like the fact that he was concocting pills by hand and by himself.

All this time he had been concocting pills through the system and the <<Chaotic Universe Furnace>> he had been relying on the system for concocting a single for him but having felt the pill being created by his own hands Ace was feeling elated and couldn't help but focus on the single ingredients which floated together with the furnace right above his head.


Another pill drop on the ground and the other disciple who had been helping Ace helped him picked it up and put it inside the bottle. Ever since Ace entered the second room and started concocting pills the number of pills beside him was starting to pill up and at this time there were ten bottles by his side.

He didn't know himself how many he had created and he didn't care because the experience points that he's targeting for was rising as he continued concocting a pill.


Another pill was finished. Ace was concocting pill at a speed that no one in that room could ever compare, with movements that's as fluid as flowing water and elegant as a flying crane Ace was getting the attention of the people inside the second room, those who were too tired to even help by placing a pill inside a bottle sat on one side and looked at Ace with interest.

'Just who is this guy? Just how much time had he placed on alchemy just so he can make pills that fast?'

Some were astounded but many were starting to question why is this kind of person had only appeared now? They had been working for almost a week now and this is the first time that they had seen him.

No one doubted that this is the first time that they had seen him because his features were easily distinguishable in a crowd. But then, someone remembered something about the current talks that had been going about in the association for the past few days.

"I know who this guy is, isn't he the one that had been going in and out of the sect getting ingredients for Restoration Pills? I heard that he had direct orders from senior brother Min Ren."

Someone said which immediately garnered the attention of the people who were around him. Many nodded their heads as they thought Ace had been going through hellish practice under Min Ren for the past couple days.

They were all familiar with Min Ren and no one in that room wanted to go through his training in Alchemy. Min Ren was simply too harsh on the task that he gives out to newcomers and oldies alike and if this kid had actually gone through that experience they can somewhat understand how he got this good and fast in concocting a pill.

"Wait doesn't that mean he's together with that crazy chick? You know the very uptight and arrogant girl and if that's the case isn't he Ace the one who made a ruckus in the Lower Demon Plateau?"

The term uptight and arrogant was something everyone in the association knew, it only applied to one of the two new guys who entered the association this year and that was Rea. Almost everyone would have ignored Rea if not for her talent and beauty because her attitude was simply too much for them, they didn't know if she was acting in that manner intentionally so others would leave her alone because it's working.

Many had some… ill feelings towards Rea but for the other person who was rarely seen in the Alchemist Association Ace's name was rarely uttered in there unless if it had something to do with the rankings of the Lower Demon Plateau.

Many had thought that Ace was simply someone who can only fight and nothing more but seeing how delicate and precise he controls his flames many had different thoughts. His control over his flames was simply awe-inspiring.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

The continuous successful concoction of pills sounded out like thunder in the ears of many, they had thought that only one genius in Alchemy joined them this year but seeing Ace's movements today they finally realized how wrong they were another genius has revealed himself today.

Inside one of the three main rooms that most inner sect disciple members of the Alchemist Association used, a beautiful girl was sitting in the middle of the room without anything with her other than a furnace and a bunch of ingredients for the Restoration Pill.

Her face looked delicate, the purple flames in front of her weaved and danced with entrancing patterns and manoeuvers and then, in a split second a pill suddenly shot out the furnace that was in front of her and a white colored pill emerged.

This beautiful lady could only be Rea but the only difference was the emotions she was currently showing on her face, the arrogance that had always been present was nowhere to be seen and the only thing that was placated there was a lonely and almost robotic expression that she didn't want anyone to show.

"That makes five hundred thousand."

She said under her breath as she took the pill that was in front of her and placed it inside the white bottle that was beside her. It had been a week ever since she entered seclusion so she can focus on pill concoction and ever since she entered seclusion only two people had bothered going to find her inside this dark room and that was her seniors, Lei-Lei and Min Ren.

Rea looked at the five thousand bottles that were beside her and after feeling her spirit was starting to get tired she took a blue pill from somewhere and immediately ate it without any hesitation after eating that pill she lay down on the still somewhat warm air and released a deep sigh that came from deep within her heart.

She felt exhaustion from deep within, she knew that it wasn't from the exhaustion of her spirit as she had already remedied it with the Spirit Revitalization Pill, no, it was from somewhere that stemmed from inside her soul.

"Where are you really?"

The exhaustion of trying to find her love was not physically taxing but it was more emotional and spiritual. Her only remaining pillar of strength and sanity was starting to fade from her memories.

'The effects of the pill that master gave me is starting to take effect already.'

She said to herself. Rea's every memory was clear and was opened like a book to herself that is except the memories of her beloved that was starting to get cloudier as time went on, she knew that from a certain perspective the lady who she formerly called her master wanted the best for her but to her it was an overbearing pressure that limited her freedom.

A single teardrop slowly found its way out from the corner of her eyes without her even realizing it, she yearned for his voice that told her many tales of different legends who conquered many lands but even if she did a slight fear was revolving inside her heart, after all, she was the one who led him to be cast out of his own home.

It took her a while before she could realize what was happening and immediately after she did, Rea sat down and nodded repeatedly as if she was some kind of kid.

"You can do this, you are a genius, you are a genius, huuu, huuu… come on no one can take you one." For some odd reasons she started filling her own head with these thoughts and it took her a while before these words of encouragement turned her face into that 'uptight' and 'arrogant' b*tch that everyone talks about.

Her arrogance was like a mask for her to show and only a few people knew of her true self inside the Immortal Demon Sect like Lei-Lei and Min Ren. She didn't want to go out there and actually talk to others as she had a long history of being isolated from the world which resulted for her to develop a rather awkward personality and if she didn't do this kind of self-hypnotism it would be hard for her to wander around the sect looking for the man she was looking for.

If she only showed her natural temperament to others and avoid pretending to be someone who doesn't know manners and acts arrogant to everyone without showing a little bit compassion to anyone Rea can become the most beloved disciple in the Immortal Demon Sect through her beauty alone, but for some reason she chose to become the exact opposite of her own self to avoid others.

Filled with confidence and resolution Rea stood up and kept the five thousand bottles of Restoration Pills inside her spatial ring that only inner sect disciple should have. She sighed and went out so she can look for Min Ren and ask if she anything else.

She opened the three meters door that stood on her path before she could step out of that room the sounds of cheering and celebrating entered her ears. The whole building of the association felt like it was trembling as the voices of hundreds of disciples were cheering about the completion of this month's hellish pill concoction.

Rea stood there unknowing that is until she heard the talks coming from two disciples who was a few meters away from her.

"Haha, the newcomer is too great, he had actually finished one hundred thousand of the Restoration Pills, hehe, seems like that crazy chick has someone going for her position."

"Well I like Ace better than her though he doesn't show that arrogant air of his like Rea and he's easier to talk too." Another disciple laughed as he commented.

The two disciples talk with one another and Rea stood there without anyone noticing tremble.

Various emotions were welling up inside her heart the fact that Ace was able to concoct a Restoration Pill meant that he was really able to match the amount of time she had said before. Without her noticing it her feet led her to another room where the loudest noise was coming from.

Standing in front of the second room of the second floor Rea heard cheers coming from inside, slowly, she opened the door and what she saw was Ace being surrounded by other disciples with a bright and genuine smile.

She opened the door and was about to enter but no one seemed to notice her, she stood there alone watching the group of people celebrate. She showed a very rare, genuine smile on her face as if to show that she too was celebrating with them.

Turning around she was about to leave and go to Min Ren and Lei-Lei to give out the quota that was given to her. She had finished a total of five hundred thousand pills although only half was the ones she purified Rea's speed for being able to concoct five hundred pills in a week was terrifying enough.

However, before she could even turn to leave a loud voice calling out to her came from behind.

"There you are, haha, I f*cking told you that I will be able to complete it in two months, now hand over the pill."

It was Ace and at this very moment he was quickly coming up to her with great haste.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》