Heaven's Wrath
35 Senior“s Position
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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35 Senior“s Position

"Well, this is a somewhat rare pair."

Lei-Lei passed Min Ren a Spirit Revitalizing Pill and gave Rea and Ace a sweet and teasing smile. Her face was rather pale compared to normal because of the continuous used of her spirit these past few weeks so she together with Min Ren could purify medicinal plants.

"Senio… I mean, big sis Lei-Lei it's nothing but mere coincidence that we are here together."

Rea turned her head and gave Ace a look over her shoulders, inside she was feeling somewhat uneasy being this near with someone who didn't know who she was but on the outside, she kept her cold and arrogant tone without making a mistake.

"Stop looking at me like that, you still owe me something so you better be thankful that I'm letting you go until you can give my pill back."

Ace acted angrily but he didn't mean any ill intent however the fact that he's still waiting for the heaven rank pill was true. Such a great chance to earn some stored experience was hard to come by and he was not going to pass it away.

Rea harrumphed as a response to Ace's words, she then looked back to Lei-Lei and with but a motion five thousand bottles of Restoration Pills appeared in front of her. The stacks of the pills suddenly appeared and Ace who stood beside Rea was in shock on both the number of bottles she had and the fact that she had a spatial item that was a rarity.

'This girl actually made all of this? Didn't the association start creating pills last week? Even if she had half a month making this much is simply too absurd.'

Ace didn't want to believe such absurdity but the proof was right in front of him and as the proof was simply undeniable Ace was left to change his image of Rea from being an arrogant fellow disciple to a monster class prodigy who could defy common sense.

He who has a system to battle and compete with prodigies was made to admit that this girl who was clearly younger than him was in a whole different level when it came to being a genius and prodigy.

Rea's eyes wandered and saw Ace's dumb expression and so she smiled inwardly as if she had gotten something good. After that slight distraction, she spoke to Lei-Lei and Min Ren.

"The number of pills I have created total with the number you have given me and with that done I will now excuse myself," she said but when she turned around she spoke to Ace silently, "I'll give the pill to you after some time."

It wasn't that she didn't have any heaven rank pill in fact she had some higher rank pills that could be treated as a national treasure in some empires but for the time being she had to start thinking of what pill she has to give Ace, because a pill that is not compatible with the person who intakes them is nothing but a very expensive gift and a slightly effective medicine.

That kind of thinking only applied to her, if someone encounters a heaven rank pill while being in Minor Saint stage he or she will not hesitate to intake it if it wasn't poison. However, Rea was clearly not ordinary.

She touched the door's base so she could leave but before she did Lei-Lei's voice coming from behind.

"Rea stop, I need to talk to you about something… let's go."

With that said Lei-Lei left that room with Rea leaving behind Ace and Min Ren inside. Ace turned his head and looked at Min Ren, he wanted to say something to him but he waited for Min Ren to speak first… it took a while but after two minutes and Min Ren regained his vitality he gave Ace a look and said;

"You have done well, you have improved much in only two months. Truly it seems like giving you the job of creating Restoration Pills next month is possible after all so listen to what I will have to say to you."

Ace didn't know what to say back so he kept quiet and made his mind focus so he can hear every word that will come out of Min Ren's mouth.

Min Ren smiled at him and continued.

"There's only you and Rea in the association next month and all of the seniors including me and Lei-Lei will have to go to the First Mountain so we can get the guidance of the First Peak Elder. The number of pills you will have to create will be enormous but because of that the elders decided that you both only have to create about one million pills."

Ace heard him and was left to wonder something. The estimated number of the disciple in the outer sect numbers at tens of thousands and that alone was something was terrifying to hear and if you consider the number if Restoration Pills the Immortal Demon Sect gives out the Alchemist Association will become a desolate area, if not for the fact that the ingredients used in Restoration Pills was nothing but common Medicinal Plants and was easy to grow even the Immortal Demon sect will have problems on providing to the disciples.

The number of pills that the sect provides the disciple number in millions but not all of them came from the outer circle's Alchemist Association as some of the inner circle's association also helps out as they split the work with them.

The two and a half million pills were already the half of the pills that they needed to create but it seems like this time the elders who oversee the distribution of pills saw the current predicament of the outer sect and decided to help them out, especially in the next month.

"The third of the pills will be handled by the inner circle and as for you and Rea the two of you will have to concoct one million Restoration Pills, don't say it is impossible, Rea could create five hundred thousand in a week and you can almost create one hundred thousand in two days, I already got the report don't try and deny any of it."

Min Ren sounded very serious about the upcoming matter, in his eyes the whole outer circle's Alchemist Association was something he should consider as his juniors as he had already the inner circles association together will Lei-Lei and the current problem was also related to him so he went to his master to get some assistance and this is what he got, it isn't much but he will take.

Ace listened to him talk and by the end of his words, Ace was left to laugh on the inside. Although many exaggerated talks about his simple feat of concocting pills were going around the association at this time the real number that Ace had concocted was sixty--seven thousand and above Restoration Pills.

However, even if it was little Ace knew that if he had used the <<Chaotic Universe Furnace>> and got the system to do it for him automatically Ace wouldn't even need half a day to finish a hundred thousand of purified ingredients the only thing that kept him from using the system earlier was the fact that he was being surrounded by people.

Ace was confident on just how many he could create. Nodding his head Ace said.

"I won't let senior brother's expectation down."

Min Ren nodded his head in satisfaction as he remembered his words that day when he met Ace. He had spoken about a promise that he will let him meet with his master someday when he gets better on Alchemy and now that Ace was good enough and had the title of a genius place upon him by his fellow disciples Min Ren had the urge to immediately take him to the inner sect.

Feeling this way Min Ren got a little restless as he was shortly nearing the end of his stay in the outer sect but without anything, he could do Min Ren gave Ace a look and feeling rather happy that he was able to find a genius Min Ren laughed with pure happiness.

"Ace, the others already know this but I and sister Lei-Lei will be leaving after we guide the seniors of the outer sect we will be reporting back to our master and I doubt that I will be seeing you before you enter the Inner sect, so as a reward for actually becoming a Mortal rank Alchemist I'll give you this."

Min Ren threw something to Ace and Ace caught it without much effort.

'Ding… Inventory (item box) unlocked.'

"That's a spatial item called a spatial ring, you will be able to use it for keeping your furnace and ingredients close to you, every Alchemist both outer and inner has one as it is a true necessity but I doubt that you will have enough sect points even after creating Restoration Pills."

"Thank you, senior brother." Ace was a left for a word and could only say those few words as he was already happy to get a space ring and it seems like acquiring the space ring had triggered something deep within him that's called an inventory or item box.

"Just go, the access of the storage will be given to Rea by Lei-Lei. Both of you need to talk about what you will do next month also… never mind, just go and do what you have to do, don't forget to concoct the number of pills I told you."

With those last statements, Ace followed Min Ren's orders to go out. He stepped out of the room and the first people he saw was Rea and Lei-Lei who was standing side by side.

"Senior sister Lei-Lei what can I help you with?"

Lei-Lei heard Ace and answered him back still with a smile on his face.

"You said that you will help me out in the future because I help you right?"

Ace heard Lei-Lei and nodded his head in reply, in his head he was feeling rather uncomfortable with the timing of her request but Ace was not someone who breaks his promise that easily so he was prepared, but what he heard next was something he was not expecting.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》