Heaven's Wrath
36 Two Of The Three Who Will Bring Upon Change
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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36 Two Of The Three Who Will Bring Upon Change

Ace stood in front of the Alchemist Association's entrance and together with him was Rea who had that arrogant and pompous look plastered on her face. These two didn't have anything in common other than being from the same association.

They stood there not knowing what to say to one another and couldn't help back but think back to what Lei-Lei had told them to do.

'Go and make sure no one bothers Rea while he goes through the Lower Demon Plateau' is what she asked of Ace and at the moment while he stood there Ace had yet to understand why he needed to watch over this girl when she is clearly far stronger than him when it comes to cultivation.

'Make Ace accompany you to the Lower Demon Plateau, you need someone to make sure that you don't take things too far and make everyone in the Lower Demon Plateau your enemy. Don't try to argue as you take things simply too far when it comes to your act, also if you don't do as I say I will tell everyone who you are.'

As for Rea's side, it was more of a threat. She knows that Lei-Lei was worried for her but she still couldn't help but pout and complain inwardly as she thought of how she was being treated like some kind of kid out to make trouble in the play area.

Rea and Ace sighed at the same time, the two of them didn't want to be there but they were stuck together. Even if the two of them made did something as separating when they are in the Lower Demon Plateau Lei-Lei would still be aware of it as she had left a piece of her own divine sense on their medallion.

"So where do you want to go? I don't really know what you're going to do in the Lower Demon Plateau but when we get there I need to go in the Central Plains and find someone."

Ace spoke first and made sure that his attitude was not losing to Rea so he can stand as her equal, she may be a monster of a genius but he had the system so he wanted to make sure that he was not backing out or being intimidated by her.

Rea heard him and answered him back with her usual public attitude.

"I don't mind but tell me who you're going to find as I will also be there."

"There are two people first will be Altair, you should know his name at least I think he's supposed to be holding the 75th seat in the Demon Rankings the other will be Molat who holds the 99th position in the rankings the first one is a friend while the other is going to be trouble."

Altair had been moving up in the Rankings even after he went to deep sleep after finishing the twenty thousand pill concoction pill trial and it had been a while since he had seen him so he was planning on meeting him now and talk to him about that job he made him do.

The first one was something he wanted to do but the other was different.

To this day Ace had yet to make any proper contact with Molat after he fought with Riku that one time, he knew that Molat has something to do with him meeting with Riku that time and the other ninth level Core Formation disciples and for some time now he had been itching to pay him back for it.

At the moment he was already at the second level of the Minor Saint stage and he was not planning of letting Molat go and he was thinking of moving up in the rankings after venting his rage and asking him some things.

Rea noted that and started thinking of things and after giving it some thought she decided something that she rarely does.

"All right we can go and see those guys first and after that, I'll need you to come with me to finding something."

She said those words and sounded somewhat considerate but little did Ace know that it all had something to do with what he said about Altair being his friend is in the rankings of the Lower Demon Plateau.

At this time she was still an Earth Rank Alchemist but she wanted to change that soon and concoct a heaven rank pill but the ingredient she needs was something she had to buy from the sect with sect points that could only be earned through dong missions and helping out inside the sect.

At this moment she had about fifty thousand sect points but that's not enough, she needed at least two hundred thousand sect points to buy the medicinal plants she needed and she needed three of those medicinal plants in case of her making mistakes and failing the concoction and from her experiences she needed at least two to three sets of ingredients before she could fully ascend and become a true heaven rank Alchemist.

So in order to earn some sect points, she needed to finish a mission that the sect provides and luckily the sect did have such missions but most of them required her to form a group that's a part of the Demon Rankings and seeing her current position she wanted to thank Lei-Lei for this heaven-sent chance.

Finding her 'fiancé' was important to her but she had to improve her craft and cultivation or else she felt that she will truly disappoint him if she slacks off. She still remembers his praises after she became an Earth rank Alchemist and she wanted to make him say those words of praises after becoming a Heaven rank Alchemist.

"You… I mean Ace, you do what you need to do but in return, I need something that has some connection with your Heaven rank Pill, if you help me with it I can give you your pill faster than normal."

She didn't lie about anything, with her was a myriad of Heaven rank pills like the Bone Cleansing Pill, Twin Elemental Pill, Heavenly Yin Concentration Pill and many more but the one she was trying to concoct was a peak Heaven rank pill known as the Hundred Beast Pill.

A Heaven Rank Pill that borders at the Deity Rank, it needed hundreds of magical beast core and four medicinal plants that are also at the Heaven rank, Millennium Lotus, Blood Rose, Wyrm Dragon's Teeth, and the one she needed the most Black Jade Flower which holds the concentrated energy of hundreds magical beasts energy.

Was she desperate for help? She was, she couldn't ask Lei-Lei and Min Ren to help her as they both of them were in a completely different ranking but as for Ace and his friend she could ask them and it wouldn't be all that bad for the two as they can also earn something from helping her with this little job that she needed.

Ace looks at Rea and thought things through but when he heard the word about his pill he didn't even hesitate and nodded his head in approval.

With that Ace and Rea started walking on the stone path leading to the Lower Demon Plateau as they walked they naturally gain some weird looks like some looks of admiration and some of envy and frustration.

By now many have known where Ace and Rea is affiliated and knowing that the two of the three rising stars in the whole sect both belonged to the same association made many feel like they had lost or something of the like.

Other than that some who didn't know of Rea's attitude and those who have some… preferences were jealous of Ace as the two walks together. Rea's beauty can be considered empire toppling and only a few can match her beauty and seeing such beauty being paraded like made many have some intentions but no one dared to step forth and say something as Ace was also well known for being a barbarian or a savage.

Besides those who knew of Rea looked at Ace with pity as they now of her temperament while some looked at him with weird eyes like they were seeing a very weird person… a masochist or a pervert who liked being talked down upon.

Ace knew of their looks and at first, he didn't mind them because there were ladies who looked at him with admiring eyes but right now those looks were just starting to hurt and so he urged Rea to speed things up.

Using their heavenly essences they sped things up and reached the entrance of the Lower Demon Plateau. It had been two months since Ace had been there while it for Rea it was one week and three days.

The two of them looked at each other and was took a step forward as they entered with two different goals in mind. They have different goals but they overlapped so they can only sigh and sucked it up as they entered the Lower Demon Plateaus the many people who had been waiting for their return all started coming out from the shadows.

Jako who had been waiting at the entrance of the plateau saw Ace and took his medallion so he can contact his Laius. It had been two months and Laius was already about to enter one of his long slumbers and seeing Ace enter Jako hurriedly called over Laius.

Molat's men who were in charge of gathering information also saw Ace and sent out a courier magical beasts to the others. They had no special enchantments that could let them talk from afar but they had the magical beasts of Molat so they could communicate with one another.

For the past few weeks they had been waiting for Ace to come as Molat seems to have been acting strange, it was not just Ace though as they were also waiting for Rea to enter the Lower Demon Plateau for some time now and seeing the two enter gave them the chance of finding them and the chance of finding a business opportunity.

Ace the one who they call the Demon and Rea the one they call the Fairy has entered the Lower Demon Plateau and together with Altair the one called the Shadow who's still yet to meet with them mark their name in the permanent history of the Lower Demon Plateau.

No one knew of it yet but the change in the Demon Rankings was about to start once more.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》