Heaven's Wrath
38 Central Plains 2
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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38 Central Plains 2

Lower Demon Platform, in the Lower Demon Plateau there were many known places where bouts and fights happen there's the Grass Plains, the Rock Valley, Dark Swamp, Green Mountains, but the one single place where the most intense of fights happen would be in the Lower Demon Platform.

There was a rule in the Lower Demon Platform and that's to fight as long as you can, beat those you who you can beat and claim what's yours. This platform was well known where most fights with any kind of wager usually happen.

The only thing that's wagered here would be the position in the ranks and some other weird items and pills. Disciples flock to this place just to watch the matches that unfold here and because it was such a popular site that had fights happening for the whole day and sometimes even the night, observers were constantly here and watch over the disciples who do fight.

With three to five observers everyday anyone could see just how much attention the sect places over this place which is understandable, after all, every contestant that ever fights there were Minor Saints who range from the first level all the way to the very peak.

There was a change in the rankings but Ace could care less because he could feel his heart pounding from excitement. He didn't bother suppressing these feelings because he knew it was useless to try and do so.

He had always been a very straight forward type of guy who acts of his own dreams and ambitions, he may at times let others lead him but when he set his eyes on to something he would try and get it one way or the other and at the moment he wanted to fight in the Lower Demon Platform.

Looking at Ace's face Rea knew what she wanted so she said;

"Just go already, I'll also come with you. We need to find your friend right? Being able to fight means you'll be able to get attention so go, it will make our lives much easier."

The little girl disciple heard what Rea had said and even though it wasn't directed to her the little girl disciple tried to speed things up that it didn't even take them a single minute when they reached the very base of the Lower Demon Platform.

"Again thank you for the help you have given us in the past, we hope that we can associate more in the future." The little girl disciple spoke with Rea once more and try as she might her way of speaking was just as fast as before.

The six girls who had been guiding Ace and Rea left and with the two of them standing in the middle of the road like that made others look at them with weird looks in their eyes. Being observe like this made Ace feel uncomfortable and so with haste, he made Rea move faster and came closer to the platform.

When Ace and Rea got closer they finally noticed just how big that platform was. It was at least a few hundreds of meters in length and width making the whole platform quite wide and as for its height it was ten meters high making it hard to see from below, thankfully there were carved stones that overlooked and circled the whole Platform.

Ace and Rea took the chance and went up one of the carved stones so they can fully observe the whole platform from high up.

They were a few dozens of meters above ground and when they looked down the both them could see the whole platform without any kind of problem. The platform looked old and looked like it had been used for thousands and even millions of years but from how it looked the Lower Demon Platform looked as sturdy as a mountain probably even more so.

The Lower Demon Platform was made of special minerals that came from the depths of the heavens which had descended into the earth, it was made of Stardust Rock that was said to have the durability able to block an attack of a Great Saint without breaking.

At this moment two disciples were fighting one another in the middle of the Lower Demon Platform, one was using a sword and the other was using a saber, both disciples were at the second level of Minor Saint Realm and both were not giving an inch to one another.

"What amazing swordsmanship the two of them are simply good at their own skills, I think they are qualified enough to enter the Demon rankings."

A man that was near Ace spoke to the other guy who was with him and this disciple truly believe what he said but Ace and Rea who was by the side had a look of boredom plastered on their faces making it clear of their current emotions.

Ace had been hyped to go here but when he went up there to the carved stones Ace could only sigh as he was left with disappointment the disciple's blades were fast, faster than any normal eye could see but Ace and Rea could easily perceive them even though they were so far away.

Looking at this fight made Ace think back to the first fight he had seen in the Lower Demon Plateau, he thought back to that time and remembered how he felt about those kinds of fights.


One of the disciple's clothes was ripped to pieces as the air was torn by a sudden gust of wind coming from the saber that his opponent was using. With a sword on his hand, he charges forward bravely in the last ditch effort to win but nonetheless, what welcomed that disciple was the cold handle of the saber and a pure surge of heavenly essence that had been used.

Seeing the fight end like this made Ace want to go away, he had never seen such clumsy movements before he was expecting more from them because they were able to reach sainthood but it seems like he was wrong, the disciple who uses the saber didn't get off the stage meaning that he was waiting for challenges to come him..

Seeing this kind of situation below made his blood grow colder by the second and so, before his will to fight were to disappear on him Ace didn't even look at Rea when he jumped off the carved stones of that surrounded the platform.

He descended gracefully and without much problem, he stood in front of the disciple with the saber, he looked at him and said;

"Can I fight?"

The disciple with the saber looked at Ace and it answered him back;

"Sure why not? But I have never seen you here before, if you're new then let me tell you the rules okay?"

"Oh, what is it?"

"The fight starts the moment you step your foot here."


A saber was swung in full force without any kind of forewarnings. The disciple steps in with a smile on his face thinking that he made a good move but when his saber finally made the horizontal slash a feeling of emptiness was felt as nothing was hit by his blade.

The disciple found it weird but when he looked at the direction where Ace stood no one was there and the moment he finally realized what is going on he felt something behind him.

"<<Lightning Demon Body>>, thanks for the information brother."


A sudden clap of thunder was heard even though the sun was still high and there what followed that clap of thunder was the falling body of the disciple who was using the saber. Ace stood there with his fist releasing steam from his powerful strike.

He became the center of attention and feeling the unbelieving eyes Ace announced;

"Who's next? I am itching to move my body."

'Ding… defeated second level Minor Saint experience + 20,000


Really sorry I have to cut it short this time because I can't write anymore today, I'll give a long one tomorrow.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》