Heaven's Wrath
39 Fas
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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39 Fas

Twelve carved stones circled around the Lower Demon Platform. Rea stood in one of these carved stones as she looked down on the platform from high above.

The platform was one hundred meters in diameter but in the eyes of someone with her cultivation Rea was able to clearly observe what is happening down below, not only that but her eyes were so clear that she could even see the slightest and tiniest bits of cracks that are all over the platform.

'What an ancient treasure.' She mused as she looked continued observing the platform, ignoring Ace who was down below and was waiting for an opponent to step up.

Rea had seen ancient treasures that had dated as far back as a few hundred years ago and some were even a few million years ago, but she had yet to see a treasure as old such as this. A platform made of Stardust Rock was extremely hard and durable and for it to be used like this was a true luxury.

However, even if it is a luxury the platform was never taken for granted as it was being cared by the sect that it is frequently maintained through cleaning and checking of the barrier that's been placed in the platform to make sure that it stays clean and presentable and the way it is maintained was reflected by its current condition.

The circular form that it takes and the clean cut that's made so it can act as a stage made Rea think what kind of person would use such gigantic Stardust Rock just so it can be used as a fighting stage for the outer sect, and with her thought patterns Rea's mind drifted on just what kind of place the inner sect will be.

Her thoughts run wild and while she was being like that, her companion who was trying to stand out at this time finally got his second opponent.

Ace's first match was rather shocking and those of the same level didn't want to have a match with him even though he was showing his strength was only at second level of the Minor Saint stage, without any disciple stepping up Ace could only wait and just as he thought that he will be waiting there before he could fight Ace saw someone finally jumping up to the platform.

The platform did not have any form of stairs so the disciples could just in without mind the right path to take. Looking at the disciple who had stepped up made Ace want to dash forward and just start a flurry of blows, but even with this urges he stopped himself and waited for his opponent to get ready.

Ace was excited but whispers started appearing all over the place, from above the carved stones to the nearby gigantic houses that seem to have been modified that could be rested on while watching the fights, even the people below the platform who saw his new opponent murmured with one another.

It was clear that this handsome looking guy was not anyone without a name in the sect.

The disciple who had stepped up saw Ace's action and could not help but form a smile on his handsome face, with a start he gave a slight bow and spoke with a light tone.

"Junior brother Ace it is nice to meet someone as popular as you, my name is Sin-gak I have been meaning to have a fight with you just so I can see the person who managed to ignite the fire inside Riku."

"I don't know what you mean senior brother, I did not do anything but fight someone who challenged me as for lighting a fire inside his heart that's just him doing his own thing."

Riku, this name holds two meanings inside the sect as of this time, one is that this person was the former holder of the rank 100 that Ace currently holds and the other was the new 87th person in the Demon Rankings.

After his fight with Ace Riku suddenly change in various ways like how he's not someone who frequently fights to improve himself. The fight between Ace and Riku seem to have ignited something inside him and right now he did not bother about his current ranking but only look forward as he continues his fight for higher a higher ranking.

Many have witnessed these changes that happened to Riku and seeing these changes made many people connect it to Ace in some weird ways. Many rumors were going around the plateau for a while but all of these rumors died down immediately after Rea's and Altair's emergence.

However, the truth is that Riku was affected by Ace's words of being too fixated in his current position and have no will to move forward. Those words affected Riku and the blockage in his consciousness was blocked and his way was once again straightened up.

The heart is easily affected and if doubts were to cloud your way and path the only that awaits you will be a bottleneck and this is what happened with Riku, but after fighting with Ace he finally found his path and got over the fact that he was in the top 100 and after he broke through he immediately went to find someone to fight with and in end he resulted in his current position in the rankings.

It was a good short story but not many know not even Ace himself, he didn't know that he affected someone in such a major way.

Sin-gak laughed lightly after seeing Ace's honest eyes which hold no doubt nor lie after observing Ace's disposition Sin-gak spoke once more;

"Don't mind my words, I am friends with Riku so I am thankful for what you have done but the thing is that I have been itching to fight with you for a long time now and now that I got that chance I will not let it go."

Sin-gak carried with him a sword but unlike normal swords, the one in his hand was particularly long and was almost two meters in length.

Ace smiled and wanted to say something clever in return but he, in the end, he chose not to he just readied himself making sure that he had no openings that will be exploited and with that done he spoke a short line.

"Whenever you are ready."

Ace said as he took his heavenly energy deep within him and started by coating his body with black colored lightning… it was the <<Lightning Demon Body>> using the <<Black Storm Lightning>>.

Sin-gak saw the lightning that covered his body and immediately he felt a chill run down his spine. The crackling of the lightning was intense and the power that it holds was seen even though he has yet to meet with it.

Seeing this made Sin-gak's blood boil from the excitement that he is feeling. He looked at Ace and could only smile in return, holding his sword in front of him Sin-gak didn't dally and immediately his feet became blurry and his body disappeared from where he stood.

Ace was startled after seeing Sin-gak's sudden disappearance however that didn't mean that he could not follow him and so with a tap of his feet, Ace became a black shadow that left a trail in the air… Ace was like a true lightning bolt at this very instant.

His movement was fast and seeing this made Sin-gak stare in shock at him while they move at high speeds. The air was torn and created a path for the two of them as they run through it and as they were running they exchange some blows and skills.

Slash! Slash! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They were fast and many of the low-level audience were unable to see what was happening but to those who could the exchange that was happening at this moment was simply amazing. Ace's body was sturdy and Sin-gak's sword was precise and sharp, it was a fight good enough that people outside the platform was actually starting a bet on who would win.

Fighting against someone with a weapon bare handed was a tough thing to do and Ace was learning about it first-hand right now. The power he holds was considerable and the speed he was showing was formidable but Ace felt that Sin-gak has yet to show everything to him.


"<<Light Breeze>>" his sword turns to wind and without that seem to have the ability to pass through anything and find any path will lead to Ace's opening.

Sin-gak's sword passed through a difficult path on his chest and left shoulder, seeing this his mind became alert to the highest point and through sheer instincts alone Ace did something that made Sin-gak and others open their mouth in amazement.

'<<Flash Steps>>'

He disappeared from that place leaving behind nothing but an afterimage of himself to be cut down. He was fast, too fast even, those who were on the same level as he is was only able to see him when he reappeared somewhere else.

'Good thing that I learned this rather than the <<Water Dragon>> seems like I chose right.'

Yes this is his new martial skill and at the moment it was still only at the second level and he could use it with limited variations but that was enough for this single fight and this time Ace knew that he could not waste any more time because the more he waste time the more Sin-gak's movement will turn weird and dangerous and so Ace didn't even hesitate and called out a <<Flame Serpent>>.

Tak! Tak! Clap!

With a tap of his foot, a fifteen-meter long serpent of flames changed the temperature drastically making the surrounding hot and with a single clap of his hands, a speaker that is made of lightning was formed.

"<<Flame Serpent>>, <<Indra's Spear>>"

The serpent shot up to the sky and descended like a burning meteor and with a lightning spear on hand Ace took aim and without holding back he used all of his strength and threw it to Sin-gak without any hesitation.


The world seems to have crumbled in the face of those two techniques but Sin-gak stood there with his feet firmly planted on the ground he looked forward and gripped his sword with all his might, circulating the heavenly energy he used both hands and raised his long sword upwards.

"<<Executioner's Strike>>" the world seemed to have been cut in two as he raised his voice and made his sword descend to meet with the <<Flame Serpent>> and the <<Indra's Spear>>.

Sin-gak that's what he is called, and he was also as the one who holds the 70th seat of the Demon Rankings.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》