Heaven's Wrath
40 Resonance
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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40 Resonance



The ground shook from the explosion that came from Sin-gak's sword and Ace's attack. The <<Executioner's Strike>> was heavy and the force that it holds was simply too heavy for anyone to bear.

His sword hit the serpent's forehead and as if it was nothing but a piece of paper the serpent's forehead slowly begun to be cut down in half. While it was being cut in half the spear came in like a true bolt of lightning lacerating everything in its path.

<<Indra's Spear>> made crackling sounds as it came for Sin-gak's chest, it was timed beautifully and it was running straight to Sin-gak in a straight line… it seemed unavoidable and it truly was like so.

Ace was amazed by Sing-gak being able to cut down him <<Flame Serpent>> but he had already followed through his attack with the <<Indra's Spear>> and so he was only waiting for the time where Sin-gak would be overwhelmed and that would be the right time for him to dash in and deliver the finishing blow.

He was already in the second level of Minor Saint stage and the skills that he's using had reached mastery that no one could ever achieve all their lives especially the <<Flame Serpent>> which had reached the maximum level of mastery it could have.

However, Sin-gak was no ordinary person, he held the seat of the 70th disciple in the Demon Rankings and everyone in the Demon Rankings were not an easy opponent to face everyone has their own skills and specialty and Sin-gak's specialty was the simplicity of his strikes.


Sin-gak's sword met with the lightning spear that Ace had shot through, the spear traveled inside the serpent and it should have been impossible to avoid because his sword should have reached the end of its flight and the strength that it should have was supposed to have been already lost.

However, not one in the audience thought of this because they knew of Sin-gak's strength.

"<<Drifting Water>>" another skill was uttered by Sin-gak and this time it was not an offensive martial skill but a defensive one. His sword became a channel for heavenly essence and just like a river the strength that the lightning gave off drifted and was redirected into the side.

The <<Indra's Spear>> was made to miss its target and right now it shot out and hit the floor creating a slight shake on the platform.

Ace looked in shock as his attack was shattered by a sword, however, instead of feeling down because his attack was stopped the only emotion that he next felt was excitement and before he knew it Ace dashed forward with the intent of clashing with Riku head on.

Black colored lightning begun cloaking his body as he started t get into the mood of the fight. He was excited at the sight of an opponent that is stronger than him, inside his mind he was simulating all the possibility he could beat Sin-gak.

Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

Leaving behind black colored lightning with every movement that he made many was amazed at this sight, his <<Flash Steps>> was not at a point that it could be said that it was mastered, it can't even be called that it was being used at its limits but with using it together with his lightning made it awe-inspiring,

"Here I go, senior brother."


He struck out using his right hand that was balled up to a fist, Ace was not holding back. The air was creating crackling sounds, together with the sounds of clapping lightning everyone who was surrounding the platform could see just how strong the force behind this single punch.

Sin-gak saw this and without hesitating, he moved his sword and swung it to Ace's fist which seemed like a terrifying weapon at the moment.


Ace's body was strong, to the point that it could be considered as a weapon, his body was tempered by lightning and his mindset was fearless to the point that it could be considered as recklessness and at this moment Ace was using his body as a weapon against Sin-gak who uses a sword as a weapon.

Dust was covering the sight of many but for those who have trained eyes and high enough cultivation, they could clearly see the fight that's going on inside the dust which was acting as a smokescreen.

"<<Indra's Spear>>" Ace once again clapped his hands together as he made another spear made of lightning, however instead of throwing it to Sin-gak Ace used it as a weapon.

Clang! Clang! Bang!

The two of them clashed with one another as lightning sparks shot out all over the place if anyone was beside them right now he or she would be able to tell just how much of a pressure the of them are giving out as the fight went on.

Ace was focus at the fight, however, at this point of time his footing became off resulting for him to lose balance and Sin-gak after seeing this did not waste any chances so with a flash of his sword a difficult path was traverse as the sharp edge made its way to Ace's right shoulder.

"<<Light Breeze>>"

Sin-gak was not taking any chances at this fight, he did not see Riku's fight but from the news, he got from the information brokers Ace has many tricks up his sleeves. His sword traveled with the wind and as it was coming for Ace the sound of clapping thunder was heard once more.


A smile appeared on Ace's mouth as he looked at Sin-gak's movement, holding the lightning spear with his right-hand Ace raised his left and black flames started emerging from underneath his feet. The <<Flame Serpent>> which had been originally red was transformed to black.

Ace's body was being covered with the <<Flame Serpent's>> enormous body, Sin-gak's sword was fast but his technique holds no weight so when it hit the <<Flame Serpent's>> body it became nothing more than a ticklish mosquito bite.

<<Light Breeze>> was simply an attack that lets someone attack faster, but without the strength to back it up the attack should be more suited for assassination purposes and a one-hit kill situation.

"What is that?" Sin-gak questioned but he remembered something from the information brokers and so he made a conclusion of his own.

"Devour him!"

The <<Flame Serpent>> rose up the air and descended the next moment. The air started to become hotter than the norm and its rise was not stopping any time soon. A roar was heard and the heart waves many disciples break into a sweat as they watch this fight between the two disciples in front.

From deep within Ace's body the mutated soul seed of his started making sounds, and from deep within it started to move as if it was alive… the soul seed seems to be moving as Ace fight. The resonance it had with Ace was simply perfect and as Ace was fighting he felt this changes happening inside his body, he even heard some words while fighting.

'Create a… suits… become… heaven.'

The words were disjointed as if it was missing words in between. This had never happened before but Ace was happy that it was happening right now.

Ace's eyes somehow turned darker red as he synchronized with the soul seed deep within himself, his face held emotions of a battle frenzied beast but he was keeping his sanity in check.


The black flame serpent descended from above which Sin-gak met with his own attack however when he did the serpent didn't falter one bit and like an unstoppable meteor, it crashes directly to Sin-gak.

The <<Nether Flames>> dance as it engulfed Sin-gak but it quickly disappeared right after Ace decided that it was enough already.

Burnt clothes, broken sword, it was clear who won and no one in the crowd was questioning it. Ace looked at Sin-gak who doesn't have the ability to fight anymore and with a bow slight bow, he said.

"Thank you for the fight senior brother."

Sin-gak who was on the ground showed a wry smile as he collapsed on the ground, his last thoughts were about still about Ace's weird elemental affinities and the lightning and flames that he controls, in the end, he was even thinking if Ace has other elements other than lightning and flames.

'That flame is entirely different than the first, seems like he doesn't only hold varieties of lightning but flames as well. I can't win against him if that's the case, this guy holds too many mysteries with him.'

With that single fight, another change in the rankings was changed.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》