Heaven's Wrath
41 Altair The Shadow
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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41 Altair The Shadow

Sin-gak was carried to the Place of Healing as soon as possible by an observer and the term demon sprouted once more around the sect.

It took a while but the announcement of Ace defeating Sin-gak was announced to everyone in the outer sect and a new named replace the old. Once more, the name Ace started spreading like wildfire inside the plateau and the people who were able to watch the fight were able to make some money out of after, selling the detailed information about Ace's new skills.

The sky was still bright and the sun was still high up it made people feel celebratory. However, the one who was supposed to be celebrating right now stood in the middle of the stage not knowing what to do.

"Create a… suit… become… heaven."

Every word that he heard that time was vague and didn't mean anything at all and so Ace thought that it was simply too disjointed for him to understand. At this time, Ace felt his heart starting to calm down feeling this way he used his right foot and shot up the sky and landed on the carved stones where Rea was watching.

Rea looked at Ace who had just descended from above but she didn't say anything to him and with a bit of an arrogant air she just continued his observation on the platform, however, unlike before her mind was somewhat attracted to what had shown earlier.

'What kind of flames was that I have never seen anything like that not even in the records or textbooks?' She wanted to ask him some question but some she chose not to in the end.

The <<Nether Flames>> was a part of the <<Purgatory Flames>> from the legendary purgatorial realm where the supposed devils and demons were imprisoned so it was only natural why Rea who had intensive knowledge of anything in regards to alchemy did not know what it was.

Well even if Ace was to explain to the best of his ability she would only slightly believe and that would be on the hopes of what he was saying to be real.

The Lower Demon Plateau was starting to get chaotic and excited as two people were already replaced in the rankings and right now disciples of different levels were starting to come in droves to the Lower Demon Platform.

However, the one who started this was currently in deep meditation as he was immersed in the records inside his mind. The records magical beasts from ancient times were being laid out inside his mind and no information about beast was being left out, from their names, to what bloodline they currently have the record of the ancients seemed to have every records of the entire magical beasts lineage starting from the very first being.

Why was Ace browsing through the records? It was because Ace had the sudden impulse of wanting to know what the Primordial Dragon it and what kind of being is being raised within himself… no that was not correct, being formed with his own soul.

Ace sat there in the physical world with a considerable amount of time but it didn't actually take him that long to find the information inside his head because when he thought of what kind of being he wanted to know information would start flowing in his head as if it was old memories.

'Primordial Dragon: the strongest immortal being before the great ascension of the other beings, it was the first being to ever roam the boundless universe and was said to have been the ancestors of all beings. The heaven's bestowed this Primordial Beast the ability to adapt and have the ability to evolve into the form it sees fit… however, this immortal beast vanished without a trace that even its soul disappeared from the great underworld…..'

The information about the Primordial Dragon was long but what it said was that it could take any form of every being in the universe if it so wanted to, it could become a tiger, a qilin, a phoenix, a mammoth, a great wolf and every celestial beast that anyone could ever think of.

From what Ace had read he was sure that the name best fitted for this being was not a dragon but a God of the Beasts because it holds no boundaries nor did it hold no limits to its power. This is his honest thoughts but Ace could not help but think that the supposed soul of this mighty beast was inside him right now and was forming and honing his soul.

"So that's what it meant to form my own body?" Ace murmured to himself as he slowly thought of the possibilities that this kind of being holds, however, now that he knew what kind of soul was inside him the only he should think of now was how to start forming his own body from deep within himself.

Ace was once again thrown into deep thought as he started thinking of moments where he was able to feel the presence of his soul seed.

'That would be when I am fighting opponents that are stronger than me… no that's not right, it should be when I am being pressured.' This is the only single idea he could think of.

The first time he felt the resonance with the soul seed was when he was fighting with Sin-gak who was a level higher than himself and when he was fighting with him at that time Ace knew that he was getting some kind of different power which was welling up inside of him.

Ace wanted to continue fighting and learn if his thoughts were right but he forced himself to stop as he started thinking of various things. By the time he opened his eyes the sun was about to set and feeling the setting sun Ace could not help but sigh.

'So the only thing that I could do at the moment would be to go and fight with the disciples? The rankings are good but the only problem would be the fact that I can't test the effect if I am to be thrown in a life or death situation, but that kind of thing is simply too rare inside the sect.'

The Immortal Demon Sect has a strict rule of making sure the order inside the sect will be upheld and very kind of life-threatening fights will be watched over by high-level observers and at times elders who have free time at their hands which was extremely rare and so the act of a life threatening fight was simply impossible with his current environment.

'I need to find a way of getting out from the sect… wait, didn't Rea talked about doing a mission before coming here?'

Ace found and so he raised his head and looked at Rea so he could as some questions but when he look her face he noticed that she was too focused on what was happening on the platform below.

His mind had been too focused in with his meditation that he had forgotten what he was there for in the first place, however, he immediately remembered by the time he saw the two people fighting on the platform.


The ground rumbled with great intensity as a young man descended from above while being covered with thick, black, and powerful aura of death that came from the bottom of the underworld. His sword reflected the setting of the sun and his face reflected his determination to win.

This young man who was covered with the aura of death could only be one man and he would be Altair no one else. He had been garnering attention to himself these past few weeks so much so that his fight right now was attracting the attention of pretty much half the people of the Central Plain.

He was already in the rankings but because of his improvements, Altair, after he ascended to a saint and completing Death God's mask he has been going around fighting people who're in the Demon rankings so he can stabilize his foundation whilst making sure that he ranks up.

At the moment he was already at the fourth level of Minor Saint stage and he was already on the verge of a breakthrough, he only needs something that will stimulate his meridians and veins and lead him to a breakthrough reaching the next level.

His growth has been going too fast, even Altair knew of this but he didn't want to stay so weak and wanted to focus on improving both his skills and experience together with his cultivation. He had seen Ace's devastating attacks together with his determination and he didn't want to be outdone.

His opponent this time was already at the top 57, he was Joust. Joust was known in the whole Lower Demon Plateau as someone who held great power and impeccable techniques that slashes his opponents without hesitation but at this moment Altair was fighting him toe to toe without showing any intention of backing out or running away.

"Pierce and be torn to shred, <<Hundred Sword Formation>>"

Joust howled as a hundred sword made of his own heavenly essence appeared from out of nowhere and flew towards Altair with great speed. The air was torn from the sharpness of the one hundred swords and the sword intent was scattered all over the place that it left deep fissures on the ground while traveling for Ace's body and vital areas.

Altair saw the swords coming for him and made a split second decision as if it was the right one and the only decision he could make… he dove towards the danger with nothing but a sword in hand.

Placing his sword horizontally in front of his chest without hesitation he swung it with full force towards his opponent who stood right in front of him, his eyes didn't waver nor his attention to the smallest detail change did.


He made the first swing, his pupils were moving in high speed identifying the danger, together with his eyes his mind was also working nonstop. He identified the swords that will come for him the earliest and started deflecting them one by one to the best of his abilities.

His sword movement was fine and exquisite the path it took was simple but they showed practicality as it was the fastest route he could take.

However, even with his sword moving with incredible speed he still suffered injuries. His clothes were torn to shreds and his flesh was starting to bleed as tens of cuts slowly but gradually appeared all over his body.

Joust smiled as if he could see the light of victory but nonetheless, he didn't become complacent as he respected the young man who faced him without backing down. This fight had the ranking on the line and Joust was not willing to lose.

"Descend second for of the hundred swords, <<Descend of the Heaven>>"

As Altair was slowly being preoccupied with the myriad of swords slashing at him with the intent to injure him Joust took that chance and initiated the second form of the sword formation. Another one hundred swords were formed and just like its name implied Altair saw heaven that is made of swords descend to him.

His heart shuddered but he held his ground, he was preoccupied with the other hundred swords and he was starting to feel the intensity and pressure boring at his body. However, his will to win was not that easy to break and without any kind of warning and sign, black aura surged up to the sky as a pearly white mask that is made of bones covered his face.

Death God's Mask was formed and his aura spiked up, his heavenly essence seemed to have been corrupted as its black color started eating at it, slowly changing it to something that belongs only to him… the god of death was called out.

Joust saw this and felt the immense danger coming for him and without hesitation he made the one hundred swords descend from above with much more speed this time, but the moment Altair wore that mask was the mark of the change on the entire situation.

With a sword in hand, Altair made a motion and his heavenly essence started converging into a single point. His sword shone and slowly it became null and black which reflected no light and contained nothing but concentrated of death aura.

"<<Death's Sword>>"

A simple name was uttered and a simple horizontal slash was made cleaning out half the sword that was coming to him. The swords that are on the ground was already not a bother and the only thing that's coming to him was the descending heaven made of pure heavenly essence and sword intent that tore everything on its path.

With such danger coming for him Altair didn't even looked up and just looked forward to Joust, his mask showed his emotion but when he looked at him Altair had already made proper calculations.

He moved forward creating a dark trail behind, his own body was like a true shadow when it moved he seemed intangible.

He dashes forward even though the swords were coming for him and the moment the sword descended Altair twist his body and tightened his grip on the sword that he was holding.

Slash! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of swords colliding was heard throughout the battlefield. The <<Descend of the Heaven>> encompassed a hundred meters radius and Altair was planning to cross that sea of swords.

He defended while moving and from his eyes, it took forever but after only a few short seconds Altair was finally able to cross that path, even though he suffered some injuries Altair made it and he was happy that he did because he was already nearing his limit.

Joust saw Altair and wanted to defend himself from him but before he could an energy sword Altair had already reached him and a sword was already placed on his neck. It was already decided.

"I loss."

Joust admitted his defeat and another change in the rankings was made that day.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》