Heaven's Wrath
42 Enlightening Events
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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42 Enlightening Events

Ace witnessed Altair's fight and could not help but feel some excitement brewing inside of himself.

'Just how strong is he now? He even surpassed me in terms of cultivation, it seems like I've been focusing on raising the level of my Martial Skills that I forgot about my own level.'

Ace thought inside his mind, in the past months that he had been here inside the Lower Demon Plateau Ace had been able to experience many great things.

He had fought in brawls, fought people that's much stronger than himself, unlocked new features on the mysterious system and even became a Mortal rank Alchemist but in the past month his focus on strength had been on Martial Skills and not on his cultivation/character level and seeing Altair right now he knew that he had done something wrong after he learned of how strong he was with Martial Skills.

Martial Skills are made to use the heavenly essence or the potential inside the body the stronger the Martial Skill is the stronger the potential that will be drawn out this is also the case for cultivation techniques, the stronger the technique is the stronger the person who's using it will become in the future.

These are the reason why there were Martial Skills that are referred to as heaven-defying because it could draw out hidden talents that someone could never hope show and all this time Ace was too focus on this point alone that he had forgotten the reason why Martial Skills are for.

'Raising my Martial Skills raises my strength as it could raise any kind of different method of winning the same goes for my Elemental Variants but, raising them to the next level only helps my experience points a little bit but not that drastically and my character is supposed to be my main strength… I've been going about it the wrong way.'

He had finally realized his mistakes, a cultivator is only truly strong if he has a strong Martial Skill and a strong base to match it with there was even a saying 'foundation is everything to a cultivator' only now did Ace finally realized it.

The fact that he could raise his mastery of Martial Skills so fast without any hardships made him lost his own sight of the big picture which is the fact that his cultivation is much, much more important than anything else.

'When I strengthen my level that one time the power of my Martial Skills also increased, sigh, it seems like I have truly made a mess of my status I have been pouring my stored experience in something that I should be leaving out after I reached the peak of each stage.'

After realizing it Ace thought back to his previous stored experiences and started calculating just how points he had and started simulating some numbers inside his head and by the end of his little simulation Ace finally realized just how much he had lost after all this time.

'If I had focused on my character I would have long reached, at the very least the sixth level of Minor Saint stage. But, I can't do anything about it anymore at least it wasn't a waste or anything like that I got to learn new things and also got some powerful skills and elements.'

Ace consoled himself, then as he was just about done thinking things through Ace remembered something truly important, and after a short while his mouth curve into a smile.

'There are twenty thousand pills in my house right now and if I consume them all I will be able to get at least a couple hundred thousand experience points and although its rather early I can get senior brother Min Ren to get me some Mortal Rank Pills ingredients for free in the Medicinal King Garden, if that's the case I'll be able to concoct some pills for my own use.'

It was stupid of him to forget about simple facts such as this. He was an Alchemist and he has a system that makes of his own memories to concoct pills instantaneously and every Mortal Rank Pill ingredient was already inside his head thanks to Lei-Lei's little gift.

In the Immortal Demon Sect, there was a limit in how many ingredients you can use, whether it be a Mortal Rank pill or higher they need ingredients to be concocted first and the place where these ingredients came from was in the Medicinal King Garden.

Manage by the Elders of the sect it is said that this garden takes up ten mountains in total, millions upon millions of ingredients are needed to sustain the sect every month making the Medicinal King Garden one of the most important places in the whole sect.

However, getting even Mortal rank ingredients were harder than it sounds. The garden has millions of plants and the fact that they have millions of plants means that taking care of such a big area was extremely hard, not only that but the cultivation process of these plants were even harder making it hard for anyone to get such plants except for the Alchemist Association.

Mortal Rank medicinal pill ingredients are rather commonplace but the sect provides only top quality items making the plants inside the sect valuable and hard to get, but if Ace asks Min Ren for something like this and say that it's for practicing his craft then he just might get the ingredients he wants.

'Restoration Pill is a low-rank pill but because of its one hundred percent effectiveness I can get one hundred experience points, but what if I concoct a Wind Rising Pill or Pure Red Leaf Pill? Will get a thousand each? I need to get to senior brother fast.'

Ace made the decision right there and then, he needed to level up and he needed to make sure that he will become stronger fast. Looking at Rea's gleaming eyes he spoke in a serious tone.

"Let's go, I need to ask him something for a while."

Rea heard Ace and with a nod, she replied back.

"I also need to talk to him about various things."

The two of them jumped off the carved stones and started descending with fast speed.

"Young master can you please don't do that? The Elder may have raised you but please don't become a headache just like him, even the sect master had been talking to me and wanted you to come back and take the position of the prime disciple already."

Jako looked at Laius and started talking about his current position. No matter how much of an eccentric that Elder might be if even the current sect master couldn't do anything about it made things even more complicated.

The sect master is one of the most powerful people in the whole sect and those who are in outer sect debates over her cultivation stage, some says she was a High God stage cultivator while some says she had already reached True God stage, the sect master was a being that's being revered and adored by her disciples both in the inner and the outer circle.

However, this mighty human which is the sect master can't even make Laius' eccentric grandfather and not only that but Laius was starting to get influenced by his grandfather to the point that he had been rejecting the position of the prime disciple all this time.

Laius raises his head and gave Jako a weird look and then sighed before speaking;

"Sigh, you know Jako? You're a really good guy and you're a true genius but sometimes even you act like someone who doesn't even know where right or left is."

Jako heard his words and immediately he replied;

"Young master I know I am strict to you but you are simply too much acting like this, you have to think of your future, with your talent you can become get any position inside the sect and no one will argue but good things must come to an end Young Master because you have a responsibility that only you can do."

Jako's words rang through but nonetheless, Laius could only shake his head and say something in return so he can defend himself.

"I know you are worried about the bottleneck I am currently in but that is the exact reason why I became an observer is it not? The observers watch over the world and await enlightenment to come, I am only doing what I ought to do also grandfather told me to come here so I can release myself from my current path and broaden my view on the world so you don't have to worry about it."

"But then you could have just went to the Celestial Demon Platform and watch over them, the Elder also spoke highly of the other two disciples who came with him don't you think that watching over them is more productive than watching these outer circle disciples?"

"As I told you before, those two will achieve their goals with ease while they are in the inner sect but that doesn't benefit me in the least. Think of it like this, if you choose a story about a legendary figure you tend to pick those who started from the bottom and when you read those kinds of stories you get valuable lesson that may lead to your own benefit that is the same for me, I choose a story that started from the bottom and I will watch over this story unfolds until he enters the inner sect."

The more Jako listened to Laius the more he understood his reasons but when he thinks about it he couldn't help but worry about him.

"Then you will watch over them for three years?"

"What do you mean three years? It will only take one year at most."

"No Young Master I am not talking about how long he will need before he could reach the peak of Minor Saint what I mean is the time that he will need in order for him to break through the next stage of cultivation."

"And that's what I am talking about, with his speed he won't be needing three years and only one maybe even shorter, what, you don't believe me?"

Jako spoke with helplessness welling up inside him.

"Young Master, you may have been able to achieve such feats and maybe those two new guys in the Mountain Peaks but he is not like them he may be strong but he will meet a mountain and that mountain will be the Great Saint stage."

Laius heard his words and harrumphed he didn't want anything to say anything anymore because he knew that he was right. Not only that, he had been observing the situation inside the Lower Demon Plateau and he had seen people going in and out but only a few could truly catch his eyes.

As of now, he has three people he had taken interest on, four if you count Molat who's the true misfit of the Immortal Demon Sect and if he didn't know who that guy was Laius would have longed made Jako go and beat him black and blue.

First would be Ace, the young boy who had been keeping to himself in the servant's quarters up until he soars up the sky like a phoenix who experienced a full rebirth.

Mastery of skills that had been thought impossible, perseverance that made even him feel impressed and the drive to keep going forward no matter how things go way down. He had some thoughts that Ace needed to change but he couldn't interfere in person because he has a position in the sect that's even more important than an Elder's so he chose to watch over silently and witness the decisions that he would make.

The second person would be Altair who seems to have been rising like a dragon amongst his peers inside the sect. a nobody turned into someone who can contend with the ranked competitors was simply too entertaining to watch.

Lastly, there was Rea. He did not know of her background, rather he didn't want to know it. The mysterious disciple who entered an Immortal Sect in order to find her lover, it was a charming tale but it was simply too unbelievable.

But Laius could not do anything about it because she was already judge and it was a known fact in the Mountain Peak that the first peak elder has his eyes on her as his possible disciple.

All in all the three brings about change to the scene that he regularly sees the different paths that only a few could see were laid bare in front of his eyes when he looks at the three young disciples down below.

'These three are simply too interesting to watch over, they have their paths to take but they always intersect creating a grand road that all of them could take. If I don't know any better the three of them shouldn't be connected in any way but thanks to someone those two disciples can meet with one another and have an effect on each other's destiny.'

Laius smiled and buried deep within that smile were hundreds of meaning that only he knew the meaning, he looked down below and saw the three talking and moving to somewhere else so he called over Jako to follow them.

With a smile, he moved forward and thought.

"Show me a wonderful show."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》