Heaven's Wrath
43 Ace“s Questions
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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43 Ace“s Questions

Chapter 43

In one of the buildings of the Central Plains which Altair had been staying in Ace, Rea, and Altair sat in the middle of the room with a cup of tea placed atop a wooden round table in front of them.

The air was rather tense as no one had spoken up until now, they went here to have a talk in private about something important but Rea the one who have called this meeting was as quiet as a mute.

Unable to handle the pressure Ace took a sip of the tae in front of him and spoke first of his intentions;

"Altair, have you found out of the information I told you to get before?"

Ace opened the discussion on the floor and Altair shortly followed with the answer to Ace's inquiry.

"Yes Senior Brother, but is it fine for me to talk about while she's in here?"

Altair whispered at Ace as he gave Rea a look who was currently sipping tea. Ace gave her a quick look and said;

"Don't worry about it, she doesn't have much friends in the Association and the only one she's always with is the senior brother and sister so she couldn't be friends with the other two."

"Is that so? But why are two of you together? Are the two of you actually an item or is senior brother the one she spoke of us the unlucky fiancé."

The two spoke in the corner and made their voice as low as possible but Rea's ears still twitch when she heard something about her lover.

"I can hear you so stop it already I also don't care much about the things you are talking about so just get this over with already."

Altair heard her speak and wanted to say something back to her but deep inside his mind he was thinking that if he's to say something back and start fighting with this girl he would have a headache in the near future.

Sitting down Altair started speaking to Ace, he didn't want to let Rea listen but their already in a situation where she will listen in anyway so to avoid any hustle he made his voice audible for the two hear.

"Senior Brother asked to look at two people, first would be Molat and the second one would be the observers who placed senior brother in the Demon Rankings that day."

Altair took a momentary pause as he took in a deep breath, he gave Ace a serious look and resumed his words.

"Let's start with Molat, he's rather with for someone in the Demon Rankings, he never fights and always let the Magical Beast he had with him to fight for him and every time he have the opportunity to move up the rankings he refuses to do so but in his most recent fights he fought with someone who's in the top twenty and won, but his ranking never moved any higher than ninety-nine."

Ace listened to Altair and the more he did the more he found Molat as a mysterious character. Fighting with top ranking disciples and then refusing to take on the position was weird indeed as Ace was about to go into deep thought he went back to listening to Altair's information.

"He never moves up but people says that he could take on the top ten rankers with nothing but his magical beasts and no one refutes this fact although the top ten rankers has yet to challenge Molat the strongest one senior Molat had fought was Kevin the eleventh ranker and even then he just made his magical beasts fight for him."

Making magical beasts may sound like its cheating but it certainly is not because in order to train these magical beasts and make them follow you was something only a specialist could ever do, it's like how an Alchemists are the only ones who concocts pill.

Ace was an Alchemist but he also have the ability to become a beast tamer and get a beast companion but he knew that it would be harder than becoming an Alchemist.

By now he had a rough idea why extra jobs can't be insta levelled by the stored points and that's most likely because of the experience needed.

In Alchemy the thing that you need to become first concoct something higher than you can already create but in order to do that you will need a lot of experience and knowledge about your craft then there comes the systems own self limitations.

With Ace's current knowledge he could instantly create any pill that's on the Mortal rank if he have the recipes and in order for her to achieve that kind of application he first had to open up a path for himself by creating those twenty thousand pills by throwing them in the furnace himself and waiting for the concoction to be done.

In simple words the thing that needs to be done is knowledge and the needed ingrained body movements and activities hence there was the twenty thousand pill trial where he got the knowledge of concocting Mortal rank pills.

The system can be seen as all powerful but it takes a path that helps the one who uses it, developing the user is something by letting him find ways around the system's function is also a way for letting its user grow and mature.

With this train of thoughts Ace thought that he will be need to become someone who have to make a beast comply with his calls a thousand times over.

"Senior Brother Molat only have four beast which he lets fight for him but all of them are powerful enough to fight with any seventh level Minor Saint disciples or higher, he apparently also trades information and was the one who told Riku about your location for Restoration Pills."

Ace swallowed a saliva and started thinking of various things, an opponent who used him to earn money was despicable but Ace knew from Altair's information that he can never win against Molat's beasts.

'I need to postpone that after I reach the peak of Minor Saint then, his beasts may number in six but by the time I get to the peak of Minor Saint I can level up the <<Nine Pyro Hydra>> and deal with them accordingly.'

A smile appeared on his face and after noticing his weird smile he said to Altair.

"Then how the ones who placed me in the rankings? Did you get anything about them?"

Altair head Ace's words but he could only shake his head in disappointment because even after all this time he has yet to know even the name of the observes who placed Ace on the Demon Rankings.

"Sorry senior brother, but I don't have anything about those guys." Altair bowed his head as he apologized.

Ace saw him doing something like that and said while him raise his head.

"Don't worry about it, we have enough about senior brother Molat as it is so that's enough for now. Well then, let's move to the next topic Rea come on you need to speak if you want to ask something to him."

Rea heard Ace speak and lowered the empty tea cup on her hands. She didn't speak for a while but when she did she only brought back the silence and the incense anger of Altair's, why? Because the first sentence she spoke was,

"Please go and reach the top forty of the Demon Rankings within a week."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》