Heaven's Wrath
44 Altair“s Eruption and Ace“s Needs
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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44 Altair“s Eruption and Ace“s Needs

"Please go and reach the top forty of the Demon Rankings within a week."

"Huh? Is something wrong with you? Do you even know what you're talking about? I'm only at the fourth level of Minor Saint stage and you think that I can compete with the seniors who sit on the top forty?"

Altair finally erupted and everything he speaks of was the truth. He's considered as a top disciple in the outer sect but that is it, he improves very fast but it's only because he pushes himself beyond his limits… Altair didn't just get where he is this time just because he got a miraculous inheritance.

Rea heard Altair and thought that he's also reasonable but she has her reasons why she's doing this and so she didn't hesitate and started making deals with him.

"Just do it, I'll even help out by giving you pills that will suit your constitution and cultivation, I'll give even give you two if need be, you won't lose anything and you'll only get benefits from it, it's a win-win situation for you."

It would be a lie if Altair rejected the fact that he was swayed by her offer but it's not a lie that he felt that he would lose something if he accepted those pills in this kind of terms… his pride was currently on the line and that made him even angrier.

"How condescending can you get!? You're the one who needs our help but you act as if you're high above us, I respect you as senior brother's friend but you need to get off your pedestal. You may be one of the highest rankers in the Demon Rankings but you're still too arrogant for your own good."

Altair heard Rea speak and in that instant his patience with her peak and he couldn't help it anymore and voiced out his displeasure.

Rea's heart was pounding as she talked to Altair and Ace, she had little experience with talking to people so she was rather nervous. She wanted to someday talk to her peers without any problems in the future but she was still rather shy and awkward.

Her experience at socializing with others can be compared to a deer who had just learned to walk. However, her way of talking when she spoke to Altair and Ace was wrong and hearing Altair shout in such a tone was understandable.

Rea looked at Altair and felt an instantaneous headache which quickly disappeared. She started thinking of what Altair has said and as if it was by instinct she lowered her head and spoke softly which only she could hear.

Her mind at this time was rattled by something making her looked kind of meek on the outside. Ace saw this but he only kept his silence and waited for the whole thing to play out naturally.

However, Altair was different from Ace and when he saw her acting like so he could not help but feel a little prick in the heart, but even so he did not try to smooth out his words and apologize because he knew that he's right and did not have anything to apologize for.

The whole room was silent and no one tried to speak for a while, that is until Rea raised her head and looked at Altair in the eyes as she said.

"I apologize, I have said things I should not have."

Ace was stunned at the sight of Rea actually apologizing, he remembered the first time he argued with her and could still remember how she didn't back down from anything he said but this time, while talking to Altair she actually lowered her head and apologize.

'That's rare, seems like this girl has a weak side to her after all and from what I know Altair is not someone who'll yell at potential customers, how strange.'

Everything he had known about Rea was things she's strong with and how much of a monster she was in terms of her talents in cultivation and in Alchemy and of course her talent on pissing a person off, this is also the same for Altair.

Even though Altair had been going to fights all this time he didn't stop getting information about the current happenings in the outer circle of the sect so of course he knew of the great big sis of the Lower Demon Plateau but the lady in front of him seemed different and oddly enough, he felt close to her for some unknown reasons.

Seeing Rea act in this manner didn't make Altair feel like he had won but felt rather shitty instead, so he made her stop and said.

"It's fine if you understand."

He said as he nodded his head before continuing.

"But, I still can't do it. Even with the pills I still can't do it in a week, I can force myself to enter it but that will only lead me to get my foundations unstable and I can't have that."

Ace heard Altair but instead of denying he said with great confidence;

"I'll do it, but I also need an Earth Rank pill you don't need to care about my cultivation method but if you really want me to enter the top ranks of the Demon Rankings I'll need to top tier Earth Rank Pills."

Ace said outright. He didn't mince his words because he knew that it won't work if he didn't say it outright he will be in receiving end after all and thinking about it he thought that if he could eat at least top tier pills he could acquire at least a few million experience points.

Altair saw Ace and could only sigh. He knew of Ace's needs for pills as he had seen him fight hundreds of opponents at the same time to obtain a Restoration Pill so he wasn't that surprised to hear Ace say those words, in fact, he would be more surprised if he didn't say anything.

Rea heard Ace and thought about it for a short while and thinking things through she took out a single bottle from the spatial item she had which was a ring and took out two jade bottles.

Rea opened one of the jade bottles and took out a six colored pill. A sweet aroma assailed his nose as thick heavenly essence filled the entire room.

"This is the highest Earth Pill that I have concocted, it's called Six King Pill, created from seventeen different medicinal plants one of which is a one-thousand-year-old Phoenix Tail it is usually used as an antidote for the Scorpion Devil Poison."

This pill was personally concocted by Rea she even left a divine imprint on the pills and left a unique fire mark on the pill's surface. When Rea took out this pill she was deeply pondering of Ace's words about a top tier Earth Rank Pills and in the dozens of pills, she had this is what she showed them.

Ace watched as Rea kept the pills inside the jade bottles and when she did the thick heavenly essence dispersed and disappeared without a trace.

"I'll give this pill to you as the consolation for you helping me and waiting for the other pill, but let me warn you directly consuming these pills may harm your body because of the high concentration of the heavenly essence so use it carefully."

Ace took the pills from her hands and kept it inside his own inventory, he then looked at Altair and ask him;

"Do you have any unoccupied room suited for cultivation? I think I'll need a full day before I digest this. Rea I want to talk more about this but the two you must first have to draw a conclusion in what you want, and with that, I'll see you tomorrow."

Altair quickly nodded his head and stood up from his seat before leaving that room and leading Ace somewhere else.

The building they were in has five rooms, four of which was suited cultivation, Altair led Ace to one of these rooms.

After ten seconds since Ace entered the room, that familiar announcement was heard.

'Ding… stored experience + 3,000,000'
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    《Heaven's Wrath》