Heaven's Wrath
45 A Sudden Visi
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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45 A Sudden Visi

That night after talking to Altair and Rea, Ace had the rare dream about his life on the unknown mountains. It was the time when he was practicing with the bow and the time he encountered his first magical beasts.

A wounded scaly beast appeared out of nowhere and at the time he was only twelve years of age. He didn't have enough strength to fight with any magical beasts and when he encountered that beasts he thought that he would die then and there.

However, thankfully his father came to his rescue at the time saving him in time, his dream ended when he heard the fifth bell of the day but when he woke up the feeling of doubt and confusion was clouding his mind.

When he was just a child he did not know what kind of magical beast that scaly beast was but now that he has the ancient records Ace knew every living and extinct beast throughout the unending river of time.

'If I am correct that beast was a Moss Wyvern, I don't know if it's because of the wound it had at the time but according to the records a young Moss Wyvern is comparable to a Minor Saint.'

Ace was in doubt and confusion, as to how his father could have defeated such mighty beast with ease. After thinking about it Ace could only shake his head and get up from the bed which was inside the room he stayed in.

'Maybe I'll write a letter home before going out to for the mission or is it a better if I head home if our destination overlaps?'

After having that nostalgic dream Ace had a sudden urge to get in touch with his parents. It had been a year since he left home and he had yet to get any kind of news about his parents.

The servant's quarters didn't have any mailing services and they were not allowed to head out back to the Mortals that is until they became full pledge disciples or be kicked out of the sect because they're unqualified or did something untold.

Stretching his body Ace started feeling his muscles and bones, the pleasant sense of power surge inside his meridians when he took a deep breath and his blood was filled with vitality that he was itching to try out his own body right now.

Yesterday, he poured the entire experience he got from the Six King Pills and got six million experience points. He was not expecting that much but he was not complaining at the least.

'Better ingredients better and more effective pills I suppose. The experience points I have gotten this time is even higher than the ones I got in the Palace of Healing and the pill given to me by those mysterious observers combined.'

The Scorpion Devil Poison is one of the most potent and dangerous poisons if you have yet to reach the peak of Great Saint stage and the Sovereign stage. It came from the Scorpion Devil that lurks in the Devil Desert of the Barren Continent.

The poison was so potent that it could kill a Minor Saint of any level in mere minutes and cripple a giant beast in one touch and the only thing known cure for this infamous poison is the Six King Pill.

Made from ten Poisonous plants, six Healing Plants and the rare one-thousand-year-old Phoenix Tail as the base. Ace is truly lucky to get one such legendary pill with much ease.

Ace knew of the pill's value and with this pill he thought that it was enough for himself to go and help Rea with her request, but before that, he had to fight with someone in the top forty and claim a spot for himself. Right now he's still at the top seventy which he got after beating Sin-gak.

He wants to storm the rankings and reach the highest point he could but thinking about it, Ace thought that it would be much better if he lets Altair improve first and fight it off with the higher rankers.

'If I get out now and show that I have reach the fifth of Minor Saint stage by some miracle, others will definitely question me. I don't care about them but dealing with them will be a problem so it's much better to start off low.'

With that thought he had finished the stretching he was doing just now. He started walking for the door and was about to get out when he heard a loud crash outside.


"What happened!?"

He hurriedly got out of the room and went to checked if Rea and Altair had finally started fighting but when he got to the place where that loud crash came from what he saw was a man riding the black bull that's covered in lightning and Rea together with Altair was standing in front of the bull with a sword and a flame.

Rea's flames were not gentle at this moment but it was roaring to go and mow down the man who sat on top of the bull in front of her, the usual arrogant and cold look she usually have was replaced by a serious and scary image.

Altair's aura was soaring up to the sky as his sword was held in front of his chest. He knew the bull and the person on top of the bull can only be one person and so he shouted at the man who was riding the bull.

"Senior Brother Molat did you come to make trouble!? If you did then I can assure you that I won't be the only one who will keep you company."


Ace walked towards their direction and his body was suddenly covered with black lightning. <<The Lightning Demon Body>> was used at its limits and he even used the <<Black Storm Lightning>> without hesitation.

The three youths inside the room were already ready to duke it out and start fighting, Molat who sat on top of the bull saw this and immediately he got down and said;

"I come in peace, sorry about the wall but Vahat was too tired to hear me, we have been running all around the place just to find you and it seems like he's a little piss at me."

Vahat who was behind him snorted when he heard Molat's words and with a plop, he went down and started sleeping as if it didn't do anything wrong.

The three looked at Molat with confused eyes but their vigilance did not go down one bit as they continuously became more wary of him.

"Hey you with the lightning, you're Ace, right? Come with me for a little bit, you made quite a fortune after you defeated Riku so I supposed I owe you a debt of gratitude. Also, I'm saying it now, I can't pay you with pills as they are all food for these guys.

Seriously, raising magical beasts are too costly you know? I have been raising them for a long time but the number of pills just keeps increasing…."

Molat's voice slowly became more despondent as he continued speaking about his pills being eaten by Vahat and Roxus and by the end of it he was just mouthing off about his situation.

The three youths looked at each other as Ace spoke up.

"So senior brother Molat what do you need of me? I have something to do after this so I need to get going."

Ace finally deactivated the lightning that covered his whole body and as he eased up the other two followed suit as well.

Molat looked at Ace and started observing him with watchful eyes as he looked at him more the greater his surprised as his cultivation has already been improving to such degree.

'I came here to warn him about his cultivation but it seems like he had already fixed it. His abnormal mastery of Martial skills can never be complemented by such low-level cultivation after all, but seeing him right now it seems like he's on the right track.'

He came here to help Ace with his cultivation but at seeing his progress it made Molat think that what he's doing now is pointless and inviting him to teach him about cultivation would only be waste of time and so with a sigh he said;

"Well it seems like I don't have to do anything for now, but I still want to do something for you though. I kind of feel guilty for putting you in the Palace of Healing so as an apology I'll give you a great prize if you can enter the inner sect."

Ace looked at him with doubtful eyes.

"Do you really not believe me? Well, I don't blame you though, my name in the outer sect is mostly associated with bad things after all but I am serious though. If you can reach the inner sect then I'll give you something that will help you in the future."

Molat sounded insincere but every word he uttered that time was true and came from of his heart. He had said everything he wanted to say and so he walked towards Vahat and gave him a light touch.

He poured heavenly essence in him to give him some strength and after a short while Vahat finally woke up from his sleep. Molat got up on the back of Vahat and then looked at Altair.

"This is your house correct? Sorry about this but I'll make sure that it gets repaired by my men, sorry about this I'll be leaving now."

Watching Molat walk away with Vahat and Roxus the only the three felt was that it was finally over. It was a sudden visit by one of the most eccentric people in the sect and after experiencing that, the only that the three of them could think of was that.

"It's finally over."

However, from the start to the finish they never knew why Molat suddenly barged in and came looking for Ace and after seeing Ace he decided that he'll leave and just give him a reward after reaching the inner sect.

Rea looked at Ace and could not help but say;

"You have the strangest friends."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》