Heaven's Wrath
46 The Three Youths Took Off
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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46 The Three Youths Took Off

"You have the strangest friends."

Rea looked at Ace with teasing eyes as she made a sigh.

"Don't give me that, you know that I'm trying to fight that guy in the coming near future so until I can beat that guy I don't have any intention of playing nice."

Ace spoke with great determination.

"Then you could have just fought him when he's there, the guy came here with no reasons whatsoever resulting in the destruction of his house so don't you have enough reason to fight?"

Rea made a sound argument, the fact Ace was trying to fight with Molat was no secret to Altair and her so when Molat appeared it was weird for Ace to keep his silence.

Ace heard what Rea had said but he didn't have anything to say because what she had just said was right. The only thing he did was to argue with him with some words and see him off.

However, his reasoning was much more profound than that. He has the ancient recordings inside his mind so he was able to see what kind of magical beasts was around Molat and by the time he had realized, Ace just kept quiet for his attempt to challenging Molat at the meantime.

'Great Thunder Bull and the other one should be the Earth Lord Fox. Just what kind of person is Molat if he has those kinds of magical beasts then what kind of strength does he have tamed one of the magical beasts can even fend off Great Saints even if it's in the early stages of their lives.'

He was currently revising his image of Molat inside his mind as realized just how terrifying Molat really is if that guy was not easy going but a war freak like Riku then if Ace still wants to fight he would truly be a stupid person.

"I also have my reasons, besides I have only reached the fifth level of Minor Saint stage so I….."

"What did you say? The fifth level of Minor Saint Stage? How did you jump two levels in one night?"

Rea was astounded that she even interrupted Ace in the middle of his speech. She was known as a calm and collected with a dash of arrogance person so this kind of image of her was nothing short of surprising to the two youths with her.

However, even though Rea knew that it was out of character of her projected image the only thing she had in mind right now was how the hell Ace manages to make his level of cultivation skyrocket in one night.

Rea was not alone in this kind of reaction because even Altair was so surprised that his only reaction was speechlessness while having his mouth wide agape in amazement, his respect for Ace has reached new heights.

Ace looked at Rea's eyes and saw the seriousness in her eyes. He knew that it will be trouble if he didn't answer her but he also couldn't tell them about the system.

"Sigh, you're also an Alchemist so you should know the strain it places on the spirit when you concoct pills. You remembered the pills we had to make right? If I am correct you concocted five hundred thousand Restoration pills, in my case I concocted much less but it was my first time so it resulted in me getting my spirit too overused."

Ace stopped and took the time to catch his breath before continuing to speak.

"With that kind of strains and exhaustion I had long reached the peak of the third level and with it only needing a little more push before reaching the next level I made use of the pills you gave me to break through two levels at once."

It took a while but Ace gave the two answer that was able to satisfy their intrigued minds and Rea was the one who understood his reasoning the most.

She was also an Alchemist and the strain that is put in the spirit was so taxing that it can lead to qi deviation that may result to death if not treated carefully but if all goes well the taxation place on the spirit and body may lead to a sudden breakthrough.

"So that's what happened, but I have to say that you're pretty lucky being able to break through using that absurd method. Well with this you just might actually reach the top forty in a week not that it matters anymore though."

Hearing Re a sudden thought entered Ace's mind as he immediately asks.

"What do you mean doesn't matter? Didn't you say you need us to reach the top forty in a week? Did you retract that absurd idea already?"

Rea looked at Ace and gave a heavy sigh.

"That will be move until we finished the concoction of the allotted Restoration pills which is in a month. I can take care of it on my own if I start a week earlier but it seems like I don't need to worry about you not being able to reach top forty so you better help me finish the concoction as fast as possible."

They looked at one another as they made a silent agreement, the idea of concocting the Restoration pills this month had pass Ace's mind because even alone he could take care of it no problem.

With a wide smile on his face Ace looked at Rea and spoke with his chest puffed up with confidence.

"You don't need to worry about me reaching the top forty, I only need a list of the seniors' name and then create some ruckus for them to challenge me. If I can I don't want to do it on the platform because I want to place some bets so I'll try wandering around for the time being, so with that said can I ask you to provide me with some name, Altair?"

Altair exchange gazes with Ace but instead of proceeding to write the letter he shook his head and explained something to Ace.

"You don't need a list senior brother, just check the names that are listed in the medallion. The list is already there and you only need to send you divine sense inside and you will be able to learn of the list names and if you want to you can also go to the center of the Central Plains and check the jade tablet for yourself."

Ace listened with great intent as he seriously took note of everything, after a while, he turned around and said before leaving the house.

"Senior brother Molat will be covering for the damages right so you can just talk to him. Rea, ask for the medicinal plants a week from now, I want to finish everything a week earlier so we can leave once Altair beat the one he chooses to fight, well then see you in the Association in a week."

With that Ac left Altair's place and went someplace else.

Rea gave out a yawn as she felt strangely tired for today, her cultivation was already high enough that he doesn't need to sleep for a year without any problems but the frequent headache he had been having since he talked with Altair has taken a toll on her.

"I'll be using one of the rooms so I can take some rest. You don't need to care for me, I'll just leave after a short while… and just like the condition, we made I'll tell you everything about him after the mission is done and I have concocted the pill that I want."

Rea turned around and went to find a room for herself.

The agreement with Altair had just finished and she was planning to go rest for the day and if not for Molat's sudden appearance she would have long been staying in one of the room right now.

Her mind was confused right now after the talk she and Altair made yesterday. She doesn't know the exact reason but she had a hunch and if that hunch was true then she just might truly hate her master for it.

Altair stood there alone and just like Rea she was confused about what is wrong with him, he had been drawing a blank thought since he had seen her in the Palace of Healing but talking to her directly has affected her even more.

However, he didn't want to think of it because he already has a way to know what he wants to know. Right now, he only needs to reach the top forty as fast as possible and end the mission as fast as he could.

'I need to get stronger as fast as I can, seems like I need to hasten the formation of the next part.'

With that thought Ace left and went someplace else like Ace, he wanted to meditate and feel the death energy so he can break through the next level as fast as possible.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》