Heaven's Wrath
47 The Changing Demon I
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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47 The Changing Demon I

'I need a weapon.'

A thought appeared inside Ace's mind as he was walking through the residential area of the Central Plains.

'All this time I have been fighting with my bare hands but I didn't just practice the bow and the other weapons to fight bare handed. Even a low ranked weapon will do.'

By now Ace had found his weakness and that is his immaturity, all though he may act with great care he still has some traces of his childishness appearing here and there from time to time.

Although it was understandable Ace was still someone who will traverse the Martial path someday and travel the Nine Worlds and if he still has this childlike behavior it will become nothing but a hinder to him in the near future.

Ace was trying to change his lacking behaviors little by little as he tries to better himself mentally. However, what he has yet to realize that he had been starting to change ever since he entered the outer circle of the Immortal Demon Sect.

In the past, he wouldn't have much confidence in himself but after his fights and achievements, he is quickly gaining enough confidence in himself. Add to that his different outlook on the way cultivation and Martial Skills have and his transformation is slowly beginning to show.

'I have the <<Flash Steps>> in order to close the distance, but if the opponent has any unexpected hidden weapons that will become a problem and if my enemies are to use a spear or a halberd. Even overwhelming cultivation can be overcome with the mastery of a certain skill, my mastery in Martial Skill is peerless if I have enough pills but to make sure that I will never lose to anyone I need to compensate for the things I am lacking.'

Ace made a stiff and determined decision as he started looking at the rankings inside the medallion. The formation that had been placed inside the medallion was extremely smooth and almost perfect.

He looked at the rankings and his name of the sixty-eight position of the whole rankings, however, instead of feeling happy Ace got serious as he started checking the names of the people higher than him.

His strength was already at the fifth level of Minor Saint Stage and at this point, the only people who will accept a fight with him are other fifth level of Minor Saints like himself or people higher.

'The seniors higher must have some pretty good low ranked weapons with them if it's possible I'll just bet a thousand Restoration Pills for a single low-ranked weapon.'

At this time Ace had finally made the decision, he did care not if his next opponent will be stronger than him because he much preferred than a weaker opponent who will only act as a playmate to him.

'Seems like I'll try visiting the senior brother sitting at the 35th seat, senior brother Lucas. Will I get any chance to use the <<Nine Pyro Hydra>> then?'

He wandered as Ace was just about to make a move forward, but before he did he realized that he was nothing but a new disciple here in the Central Plains so he had no choice but to approach other disciples and ask for directions.

Walking up to a male disciple who had a rather tall stature and an eerily scary scar on his face Ace lightly tapped him on the shoulders as he asked a simple question;

"Might I inquire where Senior Brother Lucas' house is? I need to find him."

Ace's voice was calm and non-threatening he did not mean any kind of ill will from his words but when the male disciple heard him speak that disciple unexpectedly made a rather big commotion.


The male disciple made a loud noise and as if it was his goal the other disciples who were nearby to hear him and draw their attention to Ace and himself. At this time Ace had a bad feeling about this kind of reaction.

"Aren't you the one who just ascended the rankings, are you already making a move on the higher seats of the Demon Rankings, Junior brother!? Haha, don't worry your senior brother here will he…"

At this time Ace forcibly stopped the disciple from talking by making him shut up with the help of his hands. The other disciples around have heard the most crucial details by now and are starting to get closer to hear more of what the disciple has to say.

However, Ace did not want anyone to hear any more for the simple reason that he was feeling that he's getting used by this crude disciple in front of him.

With his hand covering the mouth of the tall disciple, Ace prevented him from speaking any further. However, the disciple seemed to have a problem with it and tried to take it off him, he wanted to brush away Ace's hand but when he did the image of a giant mountain appeared in his mind.

'This brat… the other brothers said that he's easily taken advantage of but from what I'm experiencing the only who save me now is either one of the observers or senior brother Molat.'

No unauthorized fights were allowed in the plateau but if the observers judged that it is nothing but a minor squabble then they would not need to interfere or call one of the punishers to apprehend the one creating the chaos.

The act that Ace made was in the border of this rule, he made a move but he didn't harm the disciple in front of him so he was safe.

Even if an observer tried to say something Ace will be safe even though he doesn't know of it, after all, Laius was behind him and is watching him from afar with great interest that's also counting this occasion.

Laius was somewhere in the shadows watching with great interest as he witnesses Ace's unprecedented actions. He did not know what exactly happened but it seems like not stopping Molat from approaching Ace was not such a bad thing.

These thoughts were not correct entirely but Laius was still happy that Ace was starting to mature that he can take action if need be. He could feel the major change in his cultivation and spirit making him even happier.

Aside from Laius, there was Molat who was currently alone without any of his underlings and pets with him as he secretly observes Ace's every action and movements.

Like Laius, he was a man plagued with terrible boredom but he felt like Ace was someone who will strip him off this feeling. He was having fun seeing the ever so changing and chaotic emotion of his junior brother to the point that he didn't even do anything when the disciple Ace was in conflict with was one of his men.

Considering the time when he left Altair's place and the time when he saw Ace, Molat's speed was also truly fast to the point that it was terrifying.

"Now I get why Laius like watching this guy, his every appearance brings a change. Seems like the old man in the peak was right, the only thing really is change, hehe, seems like I might just give this kind an even bigger reward if he really does enter the inner sect."

Ace didn't want to create any more trouble so he leaned forward and whispered something to the disciple's left ear real quick.

'Please hold your tongue, I don't really care if you make a profit from this but please do it when I am not around. It's too disrespectful to the other party.'

He made a fair and honest warning without much thought but when his voice reached the ears of the disciple he was in conflict with a chill run down the other disciple's spine and after a short while he could only make a slight nod.

Slowly Ace retracted his hands from the tall disciple's mouth and asked once more.

"Where can I find senior brother Lucas' house?"

The tall disciple shook but after a while, he swallowed some of his salivae as he said.

"I—I'll lead you to it."

Ace only smiled and motioned him to start walking, the other disciples who were around looked at one another as they also felt something was wrong.

But nonetheless, humans are curious creatures so they still followed the two as they walked away from the scene.

Laius, Jako, and Molat followed slowly after. Even though Ace didn't want it an audience was already made before the fight began.


Author's thought, reason for sudden hiatus.

Um, I think I need to tell the reason why I stopped the update after all. Sorry about the sudden hiatus but I needed time to make the third revision of the Martial Spirit World's vol. 2.

I promised I'll complete that story so even if others don't want me to, I had to at least update until the latest chapters.

Also, if I didn't update that story I feel like I would have lost something. Sorry again but I'll do my best to dual write each story.

P.S to those who read MSW, the start of the 3rd volume will start the week after this (Hopefully at least) it won't be much of a Mass release anymore though but only until the end of the second volume.

Well the constant power outage is also stopping me though...
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    《Heaven's Wrath》