Heaven's Wrath
48 The Changing Demon II
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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48 The Changing Demon II

There was a group of disciples following around Ace as he followed the disciple who he 'asked' direction from.

The feeling of being followed because for entertainment was something Ace didn't want to feel because it makes him remember of Molat but he couldn't do anything to the people following him.


I want to fight them or incapacitate them in a way, but I fear that the punishers will come for me if I do that.'

He was wary of his actions that may lead to further unfavorable circumstances so he chose to suck it up and just get this thing over with.

Lucas, a sixth level Minor Saint stage cultivator. He is known for his unique cultivation of controlling a spear just like his own limbs and not only that but he's also known for getting the hate of many men inside the sect because of one particular reason.

"How long will it take before we reach senior brother Lucas' house?"

Asked casually asked.

"I—It won't take much longer, just a bit more."

Stuttering the tall disciple answered.

Ace could not wait any longer to fight. He was itching to let out some of his stress and 'hate' for Molat, he may know how strong this senior brother is but he knew that the people of the rankings who stand above the top fifty are all not ordinary.

Cultivating techniques that so unique that only they would know or being a genius in the art of wielding a weapon.

Many say that the barrier for entering the inner sect was to enter the top fifty and above. The few people who could enter the inner sect were geniuses after all and those who became core disciples can only be described as geniuses among geniuses.

Ace was not a genius but he has a system and the path that he alone seeks and refines. He did not know what's at the end of this path but he knew that in order to reach it he has to fight and earn the title of the strongest.

However Ace knew that if he wanted to earn such title dominating the Demon Rankings is a fitting step for him to start his path.

"We're here, junior brother."

While he was lost in his own thoughts Ace had unknowingly reached Lucas' house. He looked at the sleazy looking tall disciple and smiled.

"Thank you, senior brother, I can take it from here."

He spoke in a loud voice so the other people behind may hear him. Ace wanted to make them leave, well his method was nothing but useless though.

'I don't want to let many people see what I'll be doing though. Should I keep with the plan of trying everything or should I use the usual method of <<Flame Serpent>> and <<Lightning Demon Body>>?'

Ideas keep flowing inside his mind but at the end, he just sighed and decided to act according to the situation and as he was just about to take a step forward Ace heard some talks coming from behind him.

"This junior is really something, after fighting with Sin-gak he's already trying to take the seat of the top 35 from Lucas? I want him to win this but Lucas is not an easy opponent and challenging him is not easy."

Someone in the crowd spoke with a carefree tone.

"What do you mean he's not easy to challenge? I hear that anyone in the rankings accepts any challenge that comes on their way to let others know their place? Do you mean that senior brother doesn't accept any challenges?"

One unknowing disciple asks as he did not know why Lucas was so hard to challenge in a fight. The questioned disciple only smile and said.

"Wait for it, you'll see when that junior brother takes a step forward."

Ace came forward and approached the building in front of him. The building was rather big having two floors, it was made of some kind of special wood as it was oozing with dense heavenly essence that made Ace shudder.

'What kind of place is this?'

Ace thought as the hair on his body stood on one end to the other. Some kind of pressure was bored at his unprepared body once he got close enough, the pressure was so heavy that even the nearby vegetation was crush to the ground.

'What's happening!?'

Ace questioned as the mysterious pressure kept boring on his body which tried to keep his body from moving. He did not know what kind of thing was emitting this pressure but as Ace activated the heavenly essence inside his body and made a coat of energy around his body.

'With this, I'll be able to keep moving forward. Ugh, it keeps getting stronger the closer I get.'

As Ace was getting troubled because of the pressure the disciple who had been talking about why Lucas was so hard to challenge spoke once again.

"Can you feel the pressure? That pressure came from the inside of Lucas' house and the pressure outside is only a fraction of the pressure inside if this house is not made of refined Jade wood then it would have long crashed down and turned to dust because of Lucas' training method."

The disciple who had been questioned explained pause for a second in order to catch his breath before continuing.

"This is the reason why he is so hard to challenge and in order for junior brother Ace to challenge him he first needs to knock on his door and let Lucas know that he was able to cross this field of crushing pressure, you can even call this the great trial of the challengers. Many of the top ranking brothers have this kind of houses to help strengthen their cultivation and especially foundation."

Because of this single fact, the act of challenging top ranking disciples was already hard resulting for it to be such a rare sight and from these two reasons, the sight of challenges coming to the door of the top rankers was simply too entertaining that many disciples gather to watch the challenger make an attempt.

"I bet he won't be able to even get near the door any more than ten meters."

"Well, this should be the end for him. He's even having problems just after five steps forward I bet that the last step will make him collapse and the observers saving him."

This is the reason why the disciples who heard the tall disciple announced that Ace will be challenging Lucas followed them so fast. Most were even here just to witness Ace fail to stand in front of the door.

Ace heard the talks behind him and so he decided to make this farce end. He was not here to put up a show for them so to avoid wasting any more time he made his heavenly essence shot up and took a step forward.

'I want to end this as soon as possible.'


With that thought, he stood tall with his body oozing with heavenly essence to guard him against the oncoming pressure and in mere seconds Ace was finally able to stand in front of the door.

Everyone who had been

The junior who asked the other disciple made a quick statement.

"So, that's the great trial of the challengers?"

The so-called trial was cleared in a mere instant and as Ace stood in front of Lucas' door with the pressure still boring down upon his body. He was just about to knock on the door when the door pressure suddenly disappeared and sounds of steps came from the inside.


The door opened as a loud and manly voice emerges.

"Who came to challenge me? Is that you again Huo?"

A man came out of the house and as he did the disciple who had been asking a question ask once more.

"I thought you need to knock to let him know?"
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    《Heaven's Wrath》