Heaven's Wrath
49 The Changing Demon III
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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49 The Changing Demon III

"Is that Hua again? You piece of shit, I told you over and… over… wait you're not Hua, who're you, junior brother? Did you see anyone oozing with heavenly essence just now? It felt like someone came to make a challenge so I came out right away."

Lucas came out and as he stood there Ace looked like a puny human looking at a giant.

With a full meter difference, Lucas was way above Ace in terms of height and as he was not also big because his muscles of his bared upper body made a particular and heavy impact to those who saw him.

This is Lucas, with a giant build and strong presence it is clear that is no ordinary human, heck, he's one of the few non-human disciples inside the sect so it was not surprising to see such huge difference in terms of physical build.

Strong build, long black hair, slightly tanned body, piercing eyes and an aura that straightforwardly speak of his very presence, Lucas gave Ace a completely different feeling than those of the other disciples he had seen in the past.

'Senior brother Sin-gak alone gave me much trouble and compared to the top fifty disciples he's supposed to be normal correct? It seems like I don't have any reasons for holding back when I fight with this guy.'

Ace instinctively swallowed his forming saliva as he felt a giant pressure in front of Lucas. From the time Lucas came out, he had also made the heavenly essence covering him go away and now Ace was sweating at the presence of this person.

However, despite the single fact that he could not stand tall before him… most likely because he was tiny compared to Lucas Ace still gave back the piercing gaze he was given as he stood his ground and spoke with great confidence.

"Don't worry senior brother Lucas, you're not wrong the one who was emitting the earlier heavenly essence is undoubtedly I, Ace and like you have said I am here to challenge you for your place in the Demon Rankings."

Lucas heard what Ace had said as he made another piercing glare although it was intentional the aura around him affected most of the disciples behind Ace resulting for a scary scene of low-level disciples from falling on their knees as they lost their strength.

"Humph, know your place kid. I don't know who you are but you expect me to believe you? You're a mere fifth level Minor Saint and you think you can beat me?"

Lucas closed his eyes for a while as if reminiscing something and after a short while he opened them carrying a large amount of killing intent as he continued speaking once again.

"There's two whole level difference between us kid. I don't know who you are and where you got your confidence but don't think you can win just because you got popular and beat some minor people in the past. Now get out of here and grow some hair before coming back."

Lucas was pissed and he was not hiding it as his killing intent and bloodlust was all over the place. The previously interested disciples even took a step backward instinctively as they like they will be devoured by some beast.

Ace, however, just returned the glance that was being thrown at him. The disciple in front of him was not human and the difference in their power was big, however, he did not cower or even took a step back from the immense pressure.

He stood there with his chest puffed up as if saying 'I don't care' he did not waver one bit and even answered back.

"Senior brother, please don't look down upon this lowly me. What? If you doubt my skills then you can say it after fighting with me."

He said with a fierce look on his face, at this time Ace has finally had an expression of fitting of a challenger, getting looked down upon triggered unpleasant thoughts in his mind.

"Do you really think you can take me on, kid? If you can even make me think you are worthy then that's enough, but face reality kid you are weak and no matter what y—"


A compacted rise of heavenly essence exploded into the scene as Ace was once more looked down upon and ridiculed by Lucas.

Ace finally reach the end of his patience and the usual calm expression he had was taken off that his face was a long shot from being kind. The expression he showed was fierce making him look like ready to take a bite from Lucas' neck.

"Senior brother, I don't know how you see me but stop judging me before we fight. Do you think because you're ahead you have the right to say I am weak? If you're scared of me taking your position then just say so in my face, don't spout more nonsense just so you can find a hole in this argument."

He was bold and straightforward, every word he uttered meant something and they were direct although he did not stay all of that to ridicule Lucas it was still effective as a way to rile him up.

Was Ace a calm and collected person yes he is but he is also a man, he may be weak right now but hearing others rub it on his face was something even he could not take.

Even in his mind, he was already simulating the way he will be beating Lucas.


As Ace's heavenly essence shot up to the sky Lucas' own heavenly essence became just like that of a rampaging beast as it made the wind roar.

"You have a pair in you I'll admit and I don't mind having a junior such as yourself, however, you have said something you should not have and do you really think you I can let this pass? As a senior, I'll let you know your place and make you grovel before me."

The provocation has been thrown at Lucas' face and by now he could only to one of two things.

One is to decline and get publicly humiliated as a coward and the other would be to make Ace learn his place by talking to a senior in this manner… naturally, a man taking on the Martial Path can only pick one answer in this kind of situation.

"Then come, I'll take you on here and now."

Ace was ready his motivation was already sky high and his intent was getting thicker by the second, however, Lucas stopped him before making a move as he said;

"Are you an idiot? If you want to destroy the surrounding buildings then start but I won't fight back. If you want to have a real fight, we'll do it on the platform. There we won't have to worry about destroying anything and there's a lot of observers who will stop me in case I lose myself and accidentally kill you."

Hearing this kind of words Ace's irritation got the best of him as he made a statement just as he was turning around to leave.

"Don't worry senior brother, I will not be needing that kind of treatment but as for you… I'll try my best not to injure you as much as possible."

He returned back what was said to him and to avoid any more comebacks from Lucas Ace took the chance to rush over to the platform leaving behind Lucas who was still topless and was having a hard time keeping the anger from blowing out.

Ace and Lucas just met today and they hardly knew one another but as the two said more inappropriate remarks to one another some kind of light hatred was coming out of the two in other words the two were about to fight to keep their own pride.

One was junior belittled and had his anger incensed because he was looking down upon. The other was senior who was challenged by someone younger than himself and someone clearly weaker than him in terms of cultivation.

In all truthfulness, some might see the reason for this fight as petty and even laughable when one thinks of it but for men, this fight will decide if they are correct or not.

Besides even though the reason was petty the fact that the disciples around were able to know that there would be a fight for one for the top rankings the talks inside the Lower Demon Plateau spread like wildfire.

The disciples passed the rumors by mouth and the observers used their medallions to make sure to the pass the message as fast as possible the only difference was that the rumors that the disciples pass around started changing little by little as time went on.

But at the heart of these rumors, one thing was a single and untainted fact and that's Ace will be fighting a top-ranked disciple after his fight yesterday and this alone made many come to the platform so they can watch this upcoming fight.

The disciples around the platform numbers at hundreds by the time the rumors hit its peak.

The carved stones were packed with people and the nearby houses that overlook the platform were booming with disciples who wanted to watch the upcoming fight.

Ace's infamy inside the lower ranked disciples plus top rankers' reputation made this kind of scene possible and Ace who wanted to make his fight as unknown as possible was standing in the middle of the circular platform not giving any more care.

He had been standing in the middle of the platform for quite a while now and the rumors have all been caught by his ears after all this time.

His name was getting around but he cared not as he kept looking forward waiting for Lucas to arrive and after waiting for ten minutes the sounds of wind breaking were heard from afar as Lucas appeared in the platform.

Many were not able to see his movements but the moment he stood in the middle of the platform none were made unknown of his presence.

Lucas looked down at Ace from a higher vantage point as he made a large grin.

"I thought you'll be running away junior brother, I never thought that you will have the courage to wait here. Most of my opponents run away before I could even appear… because I'll kill them you know? HHAHAHAHAHAHA—"

Ace did not speak for a while and only released a heavy sigh and after taking deep breaths for a while he looked at Lucas and with a calm voice he said;

"Don't worry I won't be leaving today until I can take over your position, don't worry I'll leave you half dead, senior brother Lucas. HAHAHAHAHAHAH—."

The sound of laughter echoed throughout the whole area of the platform and as the sounds of joyous laughter continued to echo for a solid minute.




The scene of towering black flame snakes rose up the sky while battling Lucas who was wielding an abnormally long spear while being covered with some kind of white energy.

The battle has commenced before anyone ever notice.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》