Heaven's Wrath
50 The Changing Demon IV
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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50 The Changing Demon IV


Two light collided as they seemed to have rushed up to the sky, the exchange of blows between the two was too sudden that many were not able to follow their movements.

They looked up at the Lucas and Ace as they seemed to have been sent flying upwards as they clashed with one another.

Swoosh!! Swoosh!

Lucas made various variations to his attacks as he tried to make Ace's movement as limited as possible. He thrust forward with all his might and Ace tried his best to guard using the black serpent he had called earlier.

<<Dance of the White Lion>> this is Lucas' cultivation method. With his bloodline not pure human this cultivation technique of his was tailored specifically for himself not only is this so his bloodline synchronizes nicely with this cultivation method.



The wind made the sound fierce explosion made as the two collided. Their every strike was wild and their heavenly essence was domineering but as they reached the peak of their ascension Lucas made a grim smile.

"<< White Lion's Fang>>"

He roared on top of his lungs as his spear came from above like a pouncing white lion. With his white heavenly essence still covering his body, Lucas was like a white beast coming for Ace without mercy.

Ace wanted to dodge or even evade the 'fangs' coming for him, but his feet were away from the ground making him unable to use <<Flash Steps>> for instantaneous movement so without any choice, he made do with the next best thing and so he roared.

"<<Core Lighting>> + <<Black Storm Lightning>> + <<Lightning Demon Body>>."

He made use of his two lightning and immediately shrouded himself with two destructive elements in order to prevent any kind of damage from going through Lucas' attack.

Not only that as he even made use of the serpent he had called even acted as a shield for him that blocked most of the hit.

Lucas saw his actions and immediately a wide grin appeared on his mouth and as it did his heavenly spiked up and for a split second it became that of a true beast's as his strike became even more powerful, his eyes shone with an ominous glint as the spear moved faster than before.


A deafening explosion echoed throughout the entire Central Plains as the base of the spear collided with the serpent's body.


Lucas roared as his grin became wider and as it did the serpent made a cracking scene as it quickly became flickering lights that disintegrated into nothingness. It would have been good if that was it, however, the spear continued moving forward as it aimed for Ace's body.

'Not good!!'

Ace braced himself for the impact of the oncoming attack but as he readied himself he experienced no pain nor any kind of shock from some kind of attack instead his eyes were caught by Lucas' weird movement as they started descending.

He did not know when Lucas positioned himself but at this moment Ace was right below Lucas and as Ace looked above Lucas has already made a fist and with all his might he strikes forth with an earth-shaking strength.

"Haha eat this and die you arrogant fucker, <<White Lion's Great Force>>!!!!!!!!"

Lucas cussed out as he looked at Ace's face, he saw the slight confusion made from the delay of the attack he had created earlier from the << White Lion's Fangs>> and made used of the situation.

He was ruthless with his attack and his actions were like that of a savage but that did not mean that he was not using his mind because from he had just done it was clear how meticulous and observant Lucas' fighting style.

He may have the blood of a magical beast running through his veins but he knew that no matter how strong a lion is if it is outsmarted by tactics then it can be slain by anyone.


Ace was like a black comet as he crashed on the ground like a boulder that had been tossed in the air. He left trails of both his lightning and flames.


Crashing down on the platform face down no dent was made but it still lightly shook as the impact made by Ace's crash was simply too strong.

'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> + 40000 experience points.'

Ace tried getting up from the ground but as he was just about to get up felt a surging killing intent from right above him Ace wanted to move but before he can use the <<Flash Steps>> he felt his body being pressed by a huge mountain resulting for him to cough up blood.

"<<White Lion's Fangs>>!!"

'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> + 50000 experience points.'

This scene made many open their mouth agape as Lucas was simply too overwhelming of an opponent. This is the power of the top rankers and in the eyes of many disciples, it seemed like an insurmountable mountain that they could never hope to pass.

It was nothing like the usual fight that happens in the platform, this scene was more brutal and was more intense compared to other fights.

'So this is how a true top-ranked battle.'

This thought was inside the head of many disciples around the platform and no matter how they see it from the side Ace didn't seem to have any kind of chance of winning.

However, when Lucas looked down at Ace he did not feel any kind of pity nor did he feel any kind of guilt even though his opponent has already coughed up a lot of blood.

Why is that!? Simple because Lucas knew that Ace has yet to show him anything. The lightning he was using was interesting enough add to that his mysterious and unknown black flame Lucas was already thinking of how he should break Ace.

Lucas, with this kind of thought in his head he raised his spear once more and despite the lightning covering Ace's entire body he proceeded on stepping on the back of Ace's head. Heavenly energy started gathering at a single point on his spear.

The <<White Lion's Fang>> was about to be unleashed once more but as Lucas was circulating his heavenly essence he spoke to Ace;

"Come on, don't sleep yet. You have to let me taste each and every kind of attacks you can give me or else I really will kill you."


The <<White Lion's Fang>> descended from high above targeting Ace's head. It matters not if Ace was covered with lightning or his body was strong if this hit him directly this battle will not end in a pretty manner.

The disciples saw this scene and thought that it was already over they wanted to see a show but they didn't want to see the death of a fellow sect brother so they hoped that the observers intervene as fast as possible.

However, despite their wishes, no observer came to Ace's rescue. Not because of Laius' presence nor Molat's, the observers did not move and tried to save Ace because all of them knew that the one on the ground did not need to be saved and the reason was about to be shown.


Everyone thought that Ace would be defeated by now but strangely enough towering red flames emerge from out of nowhere, enveloping both Ace and Lucas.

Ace wanted to create a flame serpent but he was too rush and just call upon the <<Core Flames>> and made it go berserk.

The red flames soar up creating a fifteen-meter high pillar of flames, using his method of controlling flames the chaotic pillar slowly became stable and as it did Lucas who was entrapped inside the flames felt the danger slowly encroaching upon him.

'This is bad.'

Lucas jumped back and immediately to make the distance but the pillar of flames was so hot that he still needed to cover his entire body with his own heavenly essence.

By now Ace was still inside the pillars of flames that has yet to become stable, but after a while of adjustment, Ace manages to finally grabbed the proper form using the <<Core Flames>> which he has full control of.

'Ding… Martial Skill created: <<Blazing Pillars>>'

In the middle of the fight with Lucas Ace, made a martial skill and the moment this happens the <<Blazing Pillars>> slowly change in color as it became eerie black.

'Hehe, so that's how it is. Seems like I won't be needing any kind of techniques using fire and lightning any time soon.'

Ace slowly walked out of the black pillar and gave Lucas another look, he made the pillar go away as he was walking out and called upon a black <<Flame Serpent>>.

"Senior brother let us go for round two."

As he said those words he dashed forward and initiated the attack using the <<Flame Serpent>>, Lucas got ready and pointed the spear at Ace as he roared.


Ace made the serpent rushed up to the sky and dive down to Lucas.

Getting ready Lukas met the <<Flame Serpent>> with his spear and was just about to strike it down from the sky and then rush Ace one again.

"You're a one trick phony junior brother. I have seen this already."

Just before he met with the <<Flame Serpent>> Lucas did not miss the chance to mock Ace, however, instead of Ace getting offended he only smiled making Lucas feel uncomfortable.

'What the hell is this guy planning?'

Then, as Lucas was just about to clash with his serpent Ace made his next move.

"<<Nine Pyro Python>>"

He shouted out loud and as if it was magic another two fifteen meter long serpents made of <<Nether Flames>> appeared.

It appeared from Lucas' both sides entrapping him from three sides above, left, and to the right, Lucas did not have anywhere to run and just as his situation was becoming increasingly Lucas did not panic and instead smile from delight.


Three ginormous serpents devoured Lucas from all three sides.

Swoosh!!! Boommmmmmm!!

A resounding explosion echoed throughout the entire, however, instead of celebrating Ace felt tremendous beast like energy soaring up to the sky.

Feeling this spine chilling sensation Ace had a bad premonition, his instincts told him that something was coming but he did not know what and just as he was worrying about it a horrendous voice suddenly rang from inside the black flames.

"Seems like junior brother is right, it is time for round two. HAHAHA!!!"

A white and terrifying light flash and before anyone could even notice a white and hairy beast found its way in front of Ace. It looked like a human from the way it stood with its two legs but from its hairy appearance and spine-tingling energy, it was clear that it was far from being a human.

Ace looked at the white beast and could not find the right words, no it was more like he didn't have the time to think because his instincts screamed at him telling him to get away.

"But it seems like the second round would not last that long. But don't get discourage junior brother, I, Lucas acknowledge your strength I was wrong about my evaluation so now, sleep for a while."

"<<Thunderous Claw of the White Devil Lion>>"


Ace was sent flying across the entire platform and because there was no barrier place on the edges of the platform Ace was blasted off from the platform and ended up crashing to the nearest carved stone.


'Ding… <<Lightning Demon Body>> + 150000 experience points.'

Being embedded on one of the carved stones Ace coughed up a lot of blood, the fast movement of Lucas and the heavy hit he received was enough to kill any peak Core Formation disciple and it has the ability to cripple most disciples at Ace's level.

The fight was clearly over and Ace has finally lost the only thing the disciples and Lucas were the same, he even turned around as he was sure that from that single attack Ace could never hope to stand up from.

However, despite this fact, no observers came out to assist Ace out of the carved stone this confused the present disciples once again and as for Lucas this incense his anger.

"Where the hell is the observers? Do you not see that he needs help? Come out and do your job properly... I'll do it myself."

Lucas has acknowledged Ace's strength after this single fight and seeing that no one was trying to help him after he had defeated him made Lucas truly made that he started walking forward so he can get over to Ace's position.

Lucas' transformation slowly became undone as he walked forward, but, when he took his fifth step he heard a loud voice coming from someplace he did know.

"Don't be too presumptuous, do you really think that this fight is done? If I hear any more nonsense from your mouth about the observers, I'll personally come down there and punish you before the Punishers can come over."

Lucas heard the voice and got extremely irritated. It was clear that Ace was already out but the person possessing that mysterious voice said that it was not yet over and it was not him but the other disciples also thought the same as Lucas.

"What the hell are you—"

Just as he was about to argue with the voice Lucas sensed a terrible energy coming from the general direction where he had sent Ace flying.

'What the hell is that?'

Lucas questioned, but before he can think anymore he felt a surge of demonic energy which rushed his whole being and through sheer instinct alone, Lucas once again transformed to his beast-like form.

Slowly, Ace got out of the carved stones and as he did his entire body trembled as he once again synched with the Soul Seed inside himself and as he did his eyes changed color from crimson to a bloody hue and from the moment it did Ace seemed to have transformed from an entirely new being.

Lucas watches Ace as he changed and slowly got up to the platform and as Ace did the resounding voice once again rang out all over the Central Plains.

"Hahaha, now then, let us commence the third round!!"

Laius watches on with a wide smile on his face.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》