Heaven's Wrath
51 The Changing Demon V
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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51 The Changing Demon V

A clap of thunder was heard as the bloodied figure of Ace walked forward with much difficulty. Laius' voice cannot even pierce his concentration at the moment as he was too focused on observing Lucas' every movement.

'Ding… you have aggravated the sleeping soul of the dragon, proceeding to [Trial: Soul Remodelling]'s Minor Saint stage limit.'

The system made an announcement inside his head which should have woke her up from the trance she was in but the single fact that Ace was connected to the mutated soul seed simply made his focus heightened to its very limits.

Laius, Jako, Molat, various top-ranked disciples of the Demon Rankings who happened to have their attention taken because of the rumors looked at Ace's current presence and could not help but think just what kind of human this disciple is.

However there were only two people who managed to see past through Ace's current conditions and they were Molat and Laius, if Rea was there, although not as clear as them, she would also be able to faintly trace out what happened to Ace.

'This guy has something special with his soul, this kind of energy only happens when the Soul Seed reaches the second stage which is the Soul Embryo but this kid is able to use soul essence even though his cultivation is still weak. Now I understand how he skyrockets in cultivation.'

Although it was not specifically the same Laius and Molat had this kind of thoughts in a way. Their cultivation has reached way past the norm and they have a deep understanding of the soul essence so seeing Ace use it like this made them think of one reason and that is.

'He is a true genius.'

Their earlier thoughts were not in synch but this time around it was. It was not that hard to think although they are few some legends tells of peerless cultivators having sensed the soul essence as early as Core Formation stage and using it at Minor Saint stage.

However, the only thing the two was confused about was the thing about that beastly and almost demonic energy he possesses and not only that but they want to know just what kind of beast it was.

Lucas has the bloodline of the White Devil Lion and that's really about it, he changes and obtains some of the features of the White Devil Lion when he activates his bloodline and even transforms into one in special circumstances.

However, Ace was clearly different. The presence he has was clearly different and it and from what they could tell the aura he had was a mix of different creatures.

Ace stood in front of the platform and as it had a height difference with him he had to jump up in order for him to get back up there.

Jumping up he stood at the very edge of the platform, in front of him was Lucas who, by instinct reverted back to his transformation where he is a mix of a human and a White Devil Lion.

Looking at Ace Lucas knew that something was different at the Ace in front of him.

The junior he blasted away earlier was now gone and the only thing in front of him was something he could not hope to comprehend.

Ace looked forward with blood red eyes at the moment there was silence. No disciple dares to make a sound as they could feel the tension in the air.

No one knew what was happening but they could feel the thick and heavy mysterious energy covering the entire platform and his entire being, then, when everyone was silent Ace's blood red pupils widen as his feet became blurry followed by his whole upper body.


He was fast that Lucas could barely follow his movement, with the spear on hand Lucas readied himself and was just about to strike forth when his beastly instincts told him to back away.

Lucas listened to his instincts and jumped backward to avoid Ace and just as he did the whole area became like a sea of mysterious black flames.


A pillar of black flames arose from where Lucas originally stood and seeing this Lucas felt the joy that he followed his instincts instead of meeting with Ace.

However, before he could fully celebrate the black pillar seemed to have been pierced by some kind of black spear that carries the sound of the clapping of thunder.

"<< Indra's Spear>>!"

Ace's roar echoed in his ears and as it echoed the more it reverberated.

'Oh, shit!!!'

He cursed out inside his mind and immediately frantically circulate the heavenly inside himself. The heavenly surged inside his meridians like a raging river heading to the great seas.

"<<Great Fangs of the Lion>>!!"

He screamed and simultaneously drop the spear on the ground. The heavenly energy raged through his whole system and just like a fountain, it gushed out of his body through his ten fingers which had been turned into claws.

Opening both his arms as wide as he could Lucas tried getting as much space as possible then as the spear got closer to him he clasped his hands together and as if it was like a fang of some mighty bit the tip of the lightning spear.

Lucas caught the lightning on mid-flight and crushed it using his bare hands alone. He had discarded his weapon in order to make use of his bloodline capabilities and crush Ace thoroughly.

Ace saw this happen and as if he was some kind of beast Ace became a shadow and dashed forward in a mad sprint. His body was exchanged by two different lightning and his steps became much faster because of the movement technique.

Ace's speed soar up once again. He was already moving at breakneck speed but after using his lightning enhanced body and <<Flash Steps>> his movements can easily be compared to that of true lightning.

He moved like the Legendary Golden Roc and just like a Qilin out to hunt its prey. His movement carries the thunderous might of the great lightning and his every utilization of Martial Skill was systemized but flexible.

He was a true beast and add to that his oozing intent to win and the beast that lay in the very depths of his body Ace, in the eyes of many was truly like a beast that got out of its little cage.

Some even started thinking that he just really might win this fight at this point.



"<<Nine Pyro Python>> + <<Flame Serpent>>"

Three black serpents of flames emerged from the ground and onto Ace's side and as they did he immediately sent them to the three prime directions of north, east, and west as he tried blocking any path that Lucas can take.

One behind Lucas one on the right and the last one being on the left. Lucas was entrapped once again and the only direction he could head to be Ace's direction.


"<<Indra's Spear>>!"

Putting his hands together Ace quickly made a spear made from black lightning and that black lightning had flickering blue lightning as it was some kind of coating on top.

Lucas saw this and tried escaping above just but the moment he motioned to go up Ace made the three serpents of flame dive down and devoured him from above

It blocked Lucas' path of escape and it as it did, Ace gripped the lightning spear with his right hand and looked at Lucas with his blood like eyes. His bloody image looked like an injured but mighty general and as he held that spear Lucas felt fear at an instinctual level.

He felt a mighty that should have never existed awoken and that this beast was something that his blood could never hope to defy.

Ace only gave him a look and said nothing and as the three serpents descended from above with their ginormous maw Ace drew his right arm and lowered his body he contracted every muscle on his body and with his heavenly essence as the very foundation Ace launched the spear like a sieging weapon.

The air was broken and it seemed illusory, his heavenly essence was poured directly onto his arms and body and just as Ace released the 'sieging artillery' his whole right arm's veins ruptured resulting for his blood to spurt out of his ruptured veins.

'Ding… Warning, current cultivation limit has been met the usage of beasts has now been halted.'

Three ginormous serpents of mysterious black flames that's about to devour him and a spear of lightning about to pierce. These two things made Lucas placed in a breaking point.

The feeling of death was coming and he knew that the three serpents of flames were also different than before and with the spear thrown with all of Ace's might it would surely be a fatal injury.

'I'm going to lose?'

This single thought appeared in his head and the moment it did something inside him broke free and his body that had been resembling a merging of a human and a white furry beast changed into something else entirely.

His body quickly grew more fur and his body became much bigger and sturdier looking than before. His originally brownish skin became pale white and his black hair became complete that surrounded his entire head making it look like a mane of a lion.


Lucas' eyes showed a deadly as he chose to move away from the deadly serpents coming for him and dove head first to the unavoidable spear.

At this point, his mind was leaning more towards sheer beastly instinct rather than a normal human mind.

With the aura of death, the sense of defeat, the shame and his pride, this four became the driving force for Lucas' sudden burst in bloodline power.

The bloodline of the White Devil Lion was a fierce and almost uncontrolled but even so it held terrifying might that even in the food chain it holds a high ground and Lucas was making use of his bloodline at this time to the fullest of his current capabilities.

He met with a lightning spear with his terrifyingly sharp mutated claws.

With the Ace's strongest piercing assault with the synchronization of his Soul Seed and System beast usage and Lucas' great mutation of bloodline limit, the ultimate and final exchange happened in a mere instant.


Despite being taken over by the fierce bloodline mutation he had Lucas roared as he tried his best to shatter the spear coming his way.

Crack!! Crack!!

The spear that has been launched at lightning speed started to break in the face of Lucas' sharp and terrifying claws. Lucas made a grim smile as his fangs started showing when his mouth went into a curve.

However, that smile was wiped out when the bloodied image of Ace rose moved and left trails of black lightning.

With his blood like eyes, Ace stared at Lucas and as they exchanged gazes Ace made his move. He moved passed the spear and clutching his fist really hard he made a fist and as if he was a black meteor he descended from above and aimed for Lucas' unguarded head.

"FALL!!" Ace's roar was just like that of a true beast that came from an unknown and forgotten time.




There were no dramatic smokes nor was there any kind of pause that made the other missed what happened the only thing that happened was a pure match of strength and the battle of mental fortitude.

The two evolved as they fought their fight was a magnificent and spectacular sight, in this one particular fight for the seat of the top 35 the number of times when the two disciples encountered changed was enough to make anyone dizzy.

No one was a loser in this fight as they both evolved and got better in their own cultivation and mentality.

However, there's still only one victor and the victor was in a bloodied state all no matter where one look. His eyes were blood in color and his body was spurting out blood, he looked horrible but no one dared to laugh at him for this young man fought with his body push to the very limits.

His veins were ruptured and his heavenly essence was almost drained, Ace almost died but at the end of this fight, he looked below with his blood eyes and gaze at the sorry figure of Lucas who underneath him.

'Ding… defeated a seventh level Minor Saint top-ranked disciple experience points + 500000'

'Ding… Black Storm Lightning + 500000'

'Ding… Nether Flames + 500000'

'Ding… Black Storm Lightning raised to 4th level'

'Ding… Flash Steps + 200000'

'Ding… Indra's Spear + 500000'

'Ding… Indra's Spear raised to 4th level'

'Ding… [Trial: Soul Remodelling], ended, saving information.'

Ace heard the announcement inside his head and smiled at Lucas before saying;

"You truly are strong… but like I said before, I will beat you."

Ace at this point onward solidified his name as Demon who will do anything for victory.


Glossary Time:

Level: 15

Experience Points: (500000/2500000)

Stored Experience: 3,800 (Can level up character level, can level up the martial skill level, can level up elemental variants.)'

Martial Skills: <<Flame Serpent>> Maxed – <<Nine Pyro Hydra>> 1st level (0/100000)

<<Lightning Demon Body>> 13th level (90000/1200000)

<<Indra's Spear>> 4th level (100000/500000)

<<Flash Steps>> 2nd level (200000/300000)

Cultivation: Minor Saint (To be unlocked: Great Saint)

Extra Jobs: Mortal Rank Alchemist (Upgrade requirements: Concoction of an Earth Rank Pill, second flame (unlocked).) – <<Chaotic Universe Furnace>>

Beast Tamer level one (0/10 (Apprentice)

Elemental Variants: <<Core Flames>> maxed level — <<Nether Flames>> 7th level (500000/1000000)

<<Core Lightning>> maxed level — <<Black Storm Lightning>> 4th level (100000/500000)


Important Notes about cultivation facts:

Core Formation and Minor Saint: Soul Seed

Great Saint: Soul Embryo

Sovereign: Nascent Soul

Earth Sovereign and higher still unknown (LOL)

Soul Remodelling: still unknown


Established Main Characters:





Alright, this will be the end of the first volume. I want to call this volume a really long prologue about the three Main Characters' development and interaction.

See you at the second volume which will be focusing on the character relationships and the rest of the Nine Worlds.

As always thanks for the constant support.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》