Heaven's Wrath
52 Serious Meeting I
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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52 Serious Meeting I

Chapter 52

In every era, there're always peerless cultivators that always take the peak of the Nine Worlds. They face adversaries and overcome them with great perseverance and tenacity to become stronger than before and as they hone their self they also hone their souls.

One cultivator once said that the ending of every cultivation stage is nothing but the beginning of a new path. There's no ending to cultivation and the power to rule the universe is yet to be achieved.

However, there is one power that has stayed dormant for an unknown amount of time. It has slept in the very depths of the underworld ruling over death himself who had been serving the great beast afterlife and death cycle started.

This great being was known as the Primordial Dragon. It was said that it had every bloodline that ever lived in every plane.

The Primordial Dragon carries many heaven-defying legends, however, only a handful of beings knows of these legends through vague ancient texts.

It had never been proven that it existed in the first place, even so, one thing is for sure whether this mighty being is real or not and that is, no beast can ever defy this beast once it appears in this world.

There's also one more fact that appears with the appearance of the Primordial Dragon and that is.

Once the Primordial Dragon descends in the realm of the living its servant the Death God will surely follow to assist it in some way or another.

No information has been gathered as to how and when this will happen but this is an absolute truth, and as of now the Death God and Primordial Dragon's incomplete selves has appeared in the world of the living.


In the Celestial Demon Palace where the Celestial Demon resides and the Eleven Peak elders together with the three Grand Elders gather and holds a meeting that discusses the current events of the Immortal Demon Sect.

The Immortal Demon Sect are ultimately controlled by twelve overwhelmingly powerful people, all of which has achieved Godhood at the least and as for the Celestial Demon she who holds the highest in the Immortal Demon Sect.

It was said that in one of the four grand halls of the Celestial Demon Palace there was a round table that is made of the legendary Ancient Storm Wood that radiates true and outstanding energy that could last for eons.

Only a few people can ever enter the grand hall. Only those who have achieved great power can enter this magnificent hall made of awe-inspiring material.

Surrounded by mysterious crystal and gems which contained illustrious lightings the grand hall excluded great magnificence which no one could explain and in the middle of this hall was the Storm Round Table.

The round table consisted of fifteen seats and at the moment, other than the eight peak elder who had recently passed and the ever so eccentrics three grand elders everyone was gathered.

The peak elders sat together with the Celestial Demon in the round table with heavy expressions and from their expressions alone they were having problems with something important.

Then, as the atmosphere thickens, even more, one of the peak elders could not take it anymore and speak up.

"We should let Ashe go alone to explore the outside world alone. That little girl needs experience and keeping her here like a doll will not be good for her growth and letting her out with disciples from the inner circle might make others chaotic for her learning phase. Letting her explore on her own is much more beneficial"

It was the fourth peak elder who spoke up in agreement to the 'all important' discussion and as he did the seventh elder who voted otherwise made an announcement to cement the decision.

"All right, that's another vote for letting little Ashe go to the outside world all alone. With this, we are at a deadlock with one another before we can decide as to whether we should let her go alone or with someone accompanying her."

It was a heated discussion. The ten peak elders who chose to come here were all trying to make the proper decision of whether they should let the oh so precious granddaughter of every peak and grand elders of the whole Immortal Demon Sect.

They had been at this conversation for almost twenty hours and as for how they should confirm the fnal decision everyone in that room unanimously agreed to vote.

However, their votes has finally met the end line. Normally this will be done in a heartbeat but the eighth elder who has died made the number of the peak elders even making the decision go into a complete halt when they met the wall of numbers.

"You fuckers, do you even know what you are suggesting? Do you mean to say that we should let our little angel to go out and experience the dangers on her own? What if there comes a time when she needs help?"

Then, as they met the wall of numbers the second peak elder finally burst as he started bad mouthing other peak elders who chose differently, however, he was not alone in this outbursts as another peak elder suddenly burst into angry shouts.

"What did you say? Then what is the point of letting Ashe go out then? She is old enough as it is and if we make core or inner circle disciples go out with her then there might be a chance where she would not need to make a move, we need to choose what is best for her not to smother her."

The second peak elder smiled as he heard what the seventh elder shouted back at him, he wanted to laugh as he leaned over his chair and spoke up.

"Then why don't you let me tail her then? I have been suggesting this all throughout this entire meeting. If you let me go out with her to act as a hidden master to guide her and look after her then there won't be any problems."

The second elder looked smug as his idea seemed the most plausible of all. He had been waiting for this moment and for him this is the right time when he should say it.

Everyone looked at the second peak elder with reddened eyes. They were angry at his shamelessness for actually coming up with such ideas of both such genuine and pure genius.

A plan that both involves slacking off and having some kind of quality time with their 'granddaughter' it made them envious of not thinking of this simple thing.

They want to say something back but when they were just about to the Celestial Demon who had been keeping quiet spoke up with great fervor.

"If that is the case then I'll just go then, please stop this kind of suggestions already or else Ashe, my sweet daughter will suffer."


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    《Heaven's Wrath》