Heaven's Wrath
53 Serious Meeting II
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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53 Serious Meeting II

In the very depths of the Celestial Demon Place, there was a garden that has been kept with great care. No disciple has ever set foot in this garden nor do they know this mysterious garden exists.

Only those at the very top of the sect knows of this secret garden, the Eleven Peak Elders, the Three Grand Elders, and the Celestial Demon herself.

All of them knew of this place and all of them cared for this place like it was the most fragile and important piece of treasure to have ever existed in the whole universe.

Why is that you might ask? Simple, that is because the most precious treasure lays in this garden and that treasure is the one and only daughter of the Celestial Demon, Ashe and right now she was present in this secret garden she calls Thousand Spring Garden.

She sat in the middle of the garden with only a cloth that kept her from the ground. Wearing a white robe she was radiating with great beauty and excluded magnificent brilliance.

With her long white hair and almost translucent skin, Ashe was a true beauty that could topple an entire empire. Her mysterious red eyes watched the blooming flowers that came from all eight directions she spoke;

"The outside world should have great battles like in the stories, great heroes just like in the legends, and magnificent swords just like the records speaks of… I want to be released of this boredom, I want to explore and see the world with my own two eyes, I want to feel alive and say that I lived my life to the fullest."

For all her life she had been kept here in this garden away from the outside world. She did not hate it as the elders would always come and keep her company and tell her various tales.

However, after being kept in this place for seventeen years the curiosity she had from the outside world finally burst that made her request to go out and explore the world.

She knew that her cultivation was no problem as she has already made advancement through leap and bounds and as she was currently facing the bottleneck of her current stage and the next.

Ashe made use her current condition of not having any kind of experience as an excuse for having a bottleneck. Many Elders were against letting Ashe out but after five days of a continuous argument with her mother a decision was made to let her out.

It was hard to convince her mother but after a while two of the Grand Elders helped her convince her so she was happy to get the chance to go out. The only thing she has to worry about now would be the rules they will place upon her.

The meeting has been going on since yesterday and it has been far too long since she had seen the elders act in such manners.

She the peak elders and her mother cares for her greatly and they will not do her any kind of harm so the only thing she should be doing now would be to wait the decision that will come to pass.

Time went on as Ashe waited for the arrival of her dear mother, one hour… two hours… five hours… then as time went on it quickly reach night-time once again.

Sighing she said.

"They are surely taking their time."

"Don't act that way, my dear child. The elders were proposing too many things so it took a while before we can come up with a proper decision, come to mother my dear child."

Ashe turned and saw her mother standing behind her whilst wearing the clothing of the Celestial Demon. Standing up she walked up towards her mother and gave her a greeting before going in to her mother's arms. She then spoke;

"So what was the decision mother? Will I be able to go out of the sect soon?"

The Celestial Demon let out a sigh before asking Ashe;

"Are you really sure you want to go out? The outside world is not as easy as you think it is and various factions will try to kill you if they knew who you are can't you reconsider my child?"

The Celestial Demon, also known as Miwa of the White River is one of the strongest individuals in all Nine Worlds. Either if it is power in terms of organization or individual strength Miwa stand on top of everyone.

It can be said that Miwa is one of the strongest beings in the universe, but right now before her daughter, she is not the tyrannical Celestial Demon but a mother who is torn if she would let her spread her winds freely.

She was scared of what might happen to her daughter outside the sect, although she knew that Ashe's strength is far above the norm the single fact about her bloodline scares Miwa that it might affect Ashe.

Of course, as a mother, she naturally wants to protect her child from any harm that may come to her in every possible manner.

However, right now as she exchanged gazes with her own daughter Miwa sighed as she see the determination and stubbornness within. She knew her daughter the most so it is natural for her to know that it will be meaningless for her to try and persuade her out of this decision.

'This little girl truly takes after her father and that little shit husband of mine is yet to return home, by the time he returns I'm sure that he will start getting bitchy about Ashe leaving.'

At this point, Miwa can only start cursing her husband who left home two years ago for a little solo expedition back to his original realm. She didn't have anything to say because Miwa knew that it was for Ashe why her beloved did this kind of action so she cannot say anything out loud.

Miwa sighed once again and spoke.

"The decision has been finalized just now and you will be permitted to leave the sect."

Ashe heard Miwa and stood up.

"Really? Thank you mother, I have already finished packing everything so I will be leaving after I get a spatial item. I won't take any kind of universal level item as I will only take Earth-rank ones."

Ashe was technically jumping with joy, for someone who is usually reserve and always takes her image into consideration this kind of Ashe was not normal even for Miwa. Seeing her daughter like this gave Miwa a smile on her face.

However, before Ashe can leave for her room she stopped her from taking a step forward Miwa said something.

"Don't be too rush little girl. That's not the only thing decided in the meeting, the rules were decided earlier today and the only rule for you to travel outside would be to…"

Miwa stopped for a minute, she was originally against this decision but the first peak elder proposed it and after another twelve hours of debate, it was decided that the first peak elder's plan was so much better than the second peak elder.

Taking deep breaths Miwa looked Ashe in the eyes and said.

"You will be traveling outside but you will have to be limited for now. You will need companions."

Ashe did not understand Miwa so she asked.

"What do you mean mother? Do I have to travel with my second grandfather? He said that he'll make sure to accompany me if you guys don't agree of letting me out."

Ashe's tone was not in agreement with the current situation. She did not want anyone to accompany her, and if one of her self-proclaimed grandfathers accompanied her then it will be nothing but a glorified picnic.

"So that's what he meant. No, don't worry about the old man's words, the most likely thing he wanted is to run away from taking care of the beasts so he said those things. Ugh, those master and disciple pair is truly pushing it this year."

Miwa said as she thought back to the second peak elder and his mischievous little disciple who had been hanging out in the outer circle for two years now.

"No, that old man will not be going anywhere until he drags his disciple back to the Core circle and if we allow the second peak elder to follow you the least that could happen would be, half of the peak elders following you in secret."

Miwa told the truth and she did not hold back when criticizing the elders of the sect who had been alive far longer than her.

Most of the time the peak elders are respectable members of the sect, but when it comes to Ashe who they consider the most beautiful flower then those respectable elders will stoop low enough to be called rogues.

It is not far from the truth if Miwa says that every higher-ups in the Immortal Demon Sect will wage war to the other worlds if something were to happen Ashe.

"Then what is the rule mother?"

Miwa steeled herself and said.

"You will join the special mission that is specially assigned for a certain ground of disciples in the outer circle."

Ashe looked at her mother and could not help but show a puzzled look on her face.

"What do you mean outer circle? I am already at the level that far surpasses the inner circle so why do I have to join them? I can do this on my own mother, you can trust me on this one, I will take care of myself."

Ashe was desperate, however, Miwa's next words finally finalized the discussion.

"Stop acting like that Ashe, I'll give you a nice beating again and don't worry about that group even I don't want to believe it but after seeing the achievements of the disciples who accepted the job I had no choice but to accept them.

"Besides, one of them is a true genius that excels in every aspect and just like yourself she's been sheltered and kept inside her former place. Although you didn't suffer like her, the little girl who possesses the flames of the heaven is still like you in a way."

Ashe was forced to cooperate with the oncoming mission and before Miwa ended the discussion about her leaving she said.

"The mission has been accepted but you have to wait at least another week before they could leave. If all goes well then you just might leave earlier, pray for it my daughter dearest."

This is the higher ups of the Immortal Demon Sect and to summarize all of them they can only be called as, easy going gods.


While that kind of talk was happening in the Celestial Demon Palace Ace was currently sleeping in the Palace of Healing as he was currently focusing on healing his injuries.

It has been two weeks since he had been brought here by Laius and Jako after the fight with Lucas and after two weeks of being out cold Ace opened his eyes but when he did a sharp and piercing pain assailed his brain and then his eyes.

'What's this?'

He was in pain and after a while, Ace was finally able to calm himself down and managed to open his eyes wide open and when he did the crimson eyes were now much deeper in color.

'Ding… Reminder, Demonic Trial has been initiated good luck.'

The first thing that Ace heard after waking up was the voice of the system telling him that some sort of trial will be given to him and just like before no information was given to him on just what is the Demonic Trial.

But Ace understood that he's lucky that he had a heads up this time around.

"I don't know what this is but I know this trial will have an effect on me later on."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》