Heaven's Wrath
55 Preparation II
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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55 Preparation II

Ace let out a sigh as he walked away from the Alchemist Association. He did not know what happened but hearing a friend like that still made him feel bad on the inside.

Rea who was foul-mouthed and overly bad in the eyes of many but Ace still considered her a friend of the same batch inside the Alchemist Association. They came to the Alchemist Association at the same time so they have some connection at the least.

Being the kind of man he is, Ace treated her with the right attitude and stood up to like an equal as much as possible it is fair to say that he saw her as a goal for his own Alchemy.

It didn't take Ace to reach the end of the residential area that long. The house that he had been staying in was still the same as ever and the two houses beside it still looked as rundown as ever.

Ace opened the door to his house and thought that he should intake the rest of the pills he had concocted previously. The failed attempts may seem useless but Ace thought otherwise.

Experience points were experience points, no matter what form it takes and Ace, who was hungry for points at the moment wants to gobble up that failure of pills right about now.

"They should let me reach the three million that I need to level up to the seventh level of Minor Saint stage. If I can reach the seventh level as fast as possible it's possible that I'll be able to…"

"Mmm… five more minutes please."

Ace was forced to shut up the moment he heard the voice of a woman coming from inside his own house. He has opened the door so he was able to see a bed where a young lady with silvery white hair slept like a cat.

The girl was beautiful as she looked like a cat that's all balled up and is ready to sleep for a long time. Ace was put in a daze when he saw the sight of the beautiful girl sleeping on the bed.

He would've have mistaken that he had taken the wrong turn and ended up someplace else if not for the lingering sweet smell of medicinal herbs he had used before the mountain of rejected pills was also neatly piled up in one place so Ace knew that he was in his own house.

However, the single fact that there's a lady staying and comfortably sleeping on his bed was enough for him to doubt himself.

Hundreds of possibilities sprouted in his mind and in the end, he was still unable to make heads or tails of what is happening.

'Did I get a roommate or something like that? I am pretty sure I have yet to get a girl of my own so it's impossible for me to get a visit, having a daughter is also out of the equation.'

Ace's thoughts were starting to get wilder by the second. Throughout his virginhood… childhood, the only thing that Ace has ever come into contact with the woman was with his mother and in the present was with Lei-Lei and Rea all in all Ace did not have any experience with actual relationships with women.

Presented by a scene like this the only thing that appeared in his mind that she's a challenger who came to challenge, who fell asleep when he took too long to return.

Were his thoughts impossible and didn't have any kind of logic? Yes, it is, but it was the only possibility he considered.

Ace wanted to wake the girl that was on his bed but he first proceeded to safekeeping his pills first before calling out to her. Placing the entire pile of pills inside his inventory a mystical panel in front of him appeared.

[INVENTORY] it says as the number of pills was segregated by their effectiveness. The inventory was also translucent but it had boxed like patterns that each contains a number of pills.

Ace wanted to take one out so he reached out his hand for the panel he thought what he wanted and got it on his right hand and in a split second the item he got appeared out of thin air.

The inventory was just like a spatial item the only difference is that he didn't need to use his divine sense to find the item he wanted and just think about it. It was very mysterious indeed.

While he was testing the inventory function Ace heard some movements from the side so he turned his head over. The silver-haired lady slowly got up from the bed and presented a messy looked.

Her clothes looked like it was falling off and some of her hair got into her mouth. The girl's head was still unclear about her current position so she started looking around.

Clearing his throat Ace tried to look away as much as possible but some kind of mysterious force kept attracting his eyes towards the almost bared chest of the mysterious girl and try as he might he was not able to keep his heartbeat in check.

"Good morning to you um… miss, I don't know who you are but can you please cover your… everything? This is the house of a man so please have a little decency."

It was a sight to see but with the little amount of conscience he had Ace warned the girl about how she looked.

The little girl looked down and saw her image was too unbecoming and hurriedly covered herself. Her face immediately brightened and became as red as a ripened tomato and proceeded to ask Ace to turn around.

"I apologize for sleeping the sweet smell of various herbs soothe the mind so I must have dozed off whilst awaiting your return, I also apologize for giving you such an unsightly scene, um, can I ask sir Ace to turn around for a second as I ready myself?"

Ace immediately complied to turn around and just as he did he heard the sounds of rustling clothes behind him and when he did his youthful imagination took over his mind.

The sounds of breathing were picked up by Ace's ears and his ears turn red from this kind of situation. He did not have any kind of reason to feel embarrassment but Ace felt like he's doing something bad… rather he felt that the will do something bad if things continue as is.

'Keep your mind focus don't think too much or else something bad will happen.'

He made countless attempts to keep his mind as focus as possible, he forced himself to calm down to the point that he tried to momentarily stop his breathing.

It took some time before the girl finally finish her preparations so she said;

"It's fine now, you are free to turn around. I am sorry about the commotion I have made."

Ace turned around and was presented by a doll-like jade beauty, her beauty was blinding that Ace's heart skips a beat and if not for the next level focus he had at the time he would be either jumping at the girl right now or having his mouth wide open.

"So who are you? I will say it now if you're here to make a challenge then its best you leave, I will be leaving for a mission in two days and I can't afford to be injured at the time."

He did not care about talks behind his back so Ace explained his situation right away.

Hearing what he said the lady shook her head and laughed a little. By now, she was finally able to collect her thoughts so she was able to speak with grace and confidence.

"I am not here to issue any form of challenge. I am here to let you know that I will be joining you in the upcoming mission, my name is Ashe, please to meet you sir Ace."

Ashe introduced herself to Ace who was currently in a blank.


At this time the elders of the eleven Peak Mountains were in a chaotic mood when they learned that Ashe has left without informing them and as for Miwa she could only make a sigh.

"Keeping her for too long inside made her too excited to explore the outside worlds. I want to take her back but that will only become a useless effort, she will still leave in a few days after all."

Miwa knows where Ashe was and as long she is inside the sect Ashe can never leave without Miwa knowing about it.

"I'll just leave it like that, she already took everything she needs so I don't need to worry about her necessities."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》