Heaven's Wrath
56 Preparation III
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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56 Preparation III

"Um… so, miss Ashe—"

"Ashe is fine, sir Ace."

"Oh, if that's the case you can also drop the sir then and just call me Ace."

"Noted… Ace, hehe."

Feeling joy for actually holding a proper conversation with someone in her peers Ashe could not help but show a slight smile on her face as she sat across Ace on the cold floor.

This is the first time she had been in contact with anyone not older than him by a few years, for her it was mysterious and joyous feeling add to that Ace's reaction like he was moving around a new-born child Ashe was having a great time with her first ever 'friend'.

By right, Ashe was as innocent as one could be, take her abnormal power and her bloodline then she is not far from being an innocent and jaw-dropping beauty.

At the moment Ace was having a hard time trying to ease himself but after some time he was finally able to hold a proper talk Ashe and after some time he finally push down every kind of dirty thoughts he previously had.

Taking deep breaths Ace finally made his heart calm down and his mind as clear as a sage's who had meditated for hours and so when he spoke he was finally able to use his usual tone.

"So Ashe, why do you know we'll be having a mission this week?"

A straight forward question was given and as Ace asked this Ashe started arranging her thoughts for a while before saying something back.

"I was originally inquiring for the mission but because I lacked the proper number of companions I was made to wait for people who also wanted to take the mission."

A lie was said, Ashe has her own reasons for lying like this mostly because of her identity and background also because she knew herself that having her background given will become a problem.

Ashe knew of her own situation and she that if fewer people knew of her identity then it will be better for the two parties. Being mindful of her actions and being cautious was something she takes priority of, after all with her background if someone from the opposing sects and power got her then a major catastrophe will happen.

She was not a naive lady who will let herself become a hindrance to anybody else this is also the reason why many elders trust her enough to be let out of the sect.

Ace nodded his head and acted to show that he understood what she's saying but that does not explain what she's doing in his house and how she knew of his name.

'If she wanted to meet someone who will take the mission on with her then it will be best to meet with Rea… wait she's inside the association and concocting pills for the outer circle and Altair should be focusing on raising his power at the moment.'

He started thinking of possible questions but while he was thinking he also answered most of his own questions. Ace wanted to know more about this girl because she will become his companion when they leave.

It took him a while but he was finally able to ask a proper question.

"How did you know where I live? I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who lives in this place and the only one who ever knows that I'm here is me, even Altair does not I live here."

"A man named Molat told me when I came to the Palace of Healing to make a visit, he exclusively said that you will appreciate it more if I let you focus on resting so he told me to come to your house, I thought he was your friend because he knows your residence and all."

Ace stopped her at that, he now knows that Ashe did not mean anything bad when he came to his house and from their earlier talks he also knew why ended up sleeping in his bed.

Overall he did not have much to complain about Ashe being in his house while he's away, even if she took something the only thing she can take here was the book Lei-Le gave her and the rejected pills the only thing he felt unsettled with was how Molat knew where he lives and he was there when he was resting in the Palace of Healing.

He doesn't even frequent this place so when Ace thought about the fact that Molat knew where he lives was something that made him uncomfortable.

However, he couldn't do anything about this fact so even though he did not want to Ace had to let it go. Forcing Molat to forget it is practically impossible and he also knew that he will soon go and enter the inner circle of the sect so it did not matter.

'If all goes well with the mission I'll soon be able to enter the inner circle of the sect.'

Ashe saw Ace's face showing different emotions and could not help but release a little laugh which Ace responded by making dry coughs.

"I don't really have anything against having another one joining us and I'm sure neither does the other two. Rea said that she'll be done in a short while and we'll be leaving the sect after two days, you should make you preparations while we still have time."

"Don't worry I already finished preparing everything, the only thing I have to do now will be to wait it out, with that said good night—"

"Wait what do you mean goodnight? Are you going to sleep here for two days? Wait a minute stop… and she's already sleeping. "

It all happened to fast and by the time he was able to realize what is happening Rea was already down and sleeping on top of his bed.

Releasing a sigh Ace sat on the cold floor and tried to make himself as comfortable as possible by using his [Core Flames] to heat up the ground.

He wanted to curse aloud but for some reason, something deep inside him was stopping him from waking up the gentle and harmless looking lady on his own bed.

He felt his Primordial Dragon Soul Seed reverberating inside him as if to tell not to do something stupid and because of this reason Ace was forced to stay as quiet as possible to let the 'lovely guess' who was sleeping behind him.

'This is bullshit… I better start eating on the pills then, I should also create some good excuses for raising my own cultivation by another level again. Hehe, four more before reaching the next stage.'

With that thought in his mind, Ace proceeded to take a pile of rejected pills and ate them like they were candies he brought from a local candy store.

He looked outside only to see the sun was already about to set.

"I wish time will pass quicker."


While Ace was munching away with his pills to get more experience points Rea was still inside her chamber arranging the piles of bottles with the pills she created inside them. She tried her best to remember important points about her beloved but alas she failed.

This single fact that she has finally forgotten all about him brought Rea's mind into chaos, in fact, she felt that she was slowly becoming a puppet just like how her past master wanted her to be.

She wanted to scream but her voice can't escape from her mouth as her spirit was simply too exhausted.

'Give back my memories— please, I just want to see him again.'

At that moment a single tear escape from her eyes and as it did Rea fell asleep from overworked.


Altair meditated atop a lonely mountain peak in the Lower Demon Plateau, his body still bleeding from the fight he had yesterday.

On his face was the Mask of Death he had conjured from the thick aura of death he had on the past and right now his body was covered with another thick aura of death and this time in front of him was black scythe that's even darker than the void.

His mind was revolving with many thoughts which he did not know about.

'Go to the Master.'

'Serve the Master.'

'Protect the Master.'

'Fight for the Master.'

A cold voice floated inside his mind, he did not know who this master is but every time Altair heard these words the image of an awe-inspiring Dragon appears inside his mind.

The beast looked greater than any kind of being to have ever existed and right below this magnificent beast was a person who stood still like a great warrior.

Altair was not able to see this person but he felt the need to be at the side of this person.

However, while these thoughts revolved around his mind a simple and almost misplaced memory appeared inside his mind without his knowledge.

An image of a girl who had no emotion in her eyes flash by his mind and when it did he felt a jolt pass by him like a flash of great lightning descended from the ninth heavens and when it did a thought pass by his mind.

'Little girl.'

As Rea continuously lost her memories as Altair breaks the barrier in his mind while the Death God searches for its master.


Two days later—
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    《Heaven's Wrath》