Heaven's Wrath
57 Setting Off
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Heaven's Wrath
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57 Setting Off

Ace was headed to the Alchemist Association with Ashe in tow. Today was the day they will be able to get out of the sect for a mission so naturally Ace and Ashe went out the moment the fifth bell rang inside the sect.

The sun has yet to rise from the east but they were already hyped about heading out and this especially refers to Ashe who was practically jumping up and down as they walked.

Watching her do her own thing Ace let out a heavy sigh, it took them a while but they were finally able to see the Alchemist Association's front entrance, and just as they came the front entrance of the association and Rea came out.

Rea saw Ace and Ashe walking together towards her and with a motion of her body, she called the two with her slightly different tone of voice than her usually arrogant and kind of bitchy one.

"Hey, who's she? Seems like you have quite the competent friend you have there."

Rea called them over and when she did her gaze fell upon Ashe and she, in turn, could not help but make a remark about her cultivation. Rea was someone with an unusual background and she had seen many people who hide their cultivation just like herself but because of that, she was able to ascertain that this girl in front of her was strong.

From Ace's point of view and practically anyone else's Ashe was at least a ninth Level Minor Saint but Rea knew that she's hiding her strength by using some kind of technique.

Rea continued her observation, and Ashe noticed her gaze and just like how Rea saw through her little disguise she was also able to see through that Rea was hiding her strength from the world.

Approaching her Ashe gave a bow.

"My name is Ashe, I will be joining you with your mission. I will be sure not to become luggage to your group."

With that introduction, Ashe stood behind Ace as quietly as possible and continued to observe Rea. Ace saw this and was clueless to what is happening between the two ladies in front of him but because Ashe has calmed down he just accepted what's happening as a good thing.

However, even though he did Ace knew that something was happening between these two although he did not know what it was. He felt that something dangerous was brewing while he stood between the two of them.

"So where's Altair? Did he contact you already? We should hurry up before more people gathers here."

Ace immediately recommended. Hearing his opinion Rea shook her head and said.

"No, he has yet to contact me, but from what he told me when we talked a few days ago he should be meeting near the Northern area of the sect, he should know what kind of mission we'll be having so we won't need to talk a lot and go out as fast as possible."

Nodding their heads Ace and Ashe showed their understanding of Rea's words and without any more useless chatter Ace and the other left for the Northern area where Altair is waiting.

They traveled on foot as they still lacked the ability to control space and fly, and as they were traveling with breakneck speed the time they will be needing would only be a couple of hours.

While they were traveling Ace asked something very important to Rea and that's;

"What kind of mission are we doing exactly and where?"

A simple question, but this is the most important one.

Rea, who was running in front of their group turned around for a split second before answering Ace's question.

"An extermination mission and from information the sect has given us we will be fighting magical beasts that are being controlled by some bandits in the White Legion Canyon."

Ace heard Rea's explanation and nodded his head but as one of his questions were answered another sprouted in his mind.

"It's too simple, you said the reward will be two hundred thousand sect points so this mission is simply too simple for them to give us this much. I may not be an expert but this kind of coincidence is not normal."

There are many ways to get Sect points inside the Immortal Demon Sect, but one of the most effective ways will be to accept a mission from the Mission Hall.

The [Mission Hall] is the only place establishment both in both the outer circle and inner circle of the sect gets to accept a mission, there's also a most wanted board in this place where you can go out and hunt the villains who antagonize the sect.

In the Mission Hall, you can get either a mission to complete or get permission to hunt a wanted individual from the [Wanted Board]. The two ways may seem different but it doesn't change the fact that they both have their corresponding difficulty.

However, what Ace and the others took on was something that's beyond the level of any Minor Saints meaning this mission is something that is truly rare and will be truly hard.

Normally the exchange for completing a mission will only be a few thousand Sect Points, but as for Rea's mission she will be able to quickly get two hundred thousand points and that also includes Ace and the others.

"I know what you mean, however, I made sure you have the right amount of strength to take on this kind of mission before we left the sect."

Ace remembered Rea's absurd request and realized something gravely important.

"So that's why you made us enter the top rankers, and here I thought you're nothing but an arrogant person. It seems like I owe you an apology, Rea."

Ace teased as he thought how 'unique' it was for Rea to show her care for her companions and friends.

"Humph, I'll be participating so it will be easy even if I do it alone but because of the limitations of the mission I was forced to ask you and… the other guy for a favor and I can't have you two dying because of my selfishness."

Rea said with her voice the same as always, however, Ace noticed something and immediately said.

"You can call him by his name you know? He's not some bad guy who will get you curse when you say his name."

He said jokingly where Rea responded with silence. This kind of response made Ace think what just happened between the two but because he didn't want to meddle too much with their personal problems he backed down with the questions.

Another ten minutes pass and they finally saw Altair who was sitting on the ground with his eyes closed, his clothes were neat and clean.

"There you guys are, senior brother hurry up already. The world is waiting for the God of the Shadow hahaha."

Altair was as energetic as before and seeing him act like this made Ace shake his head.

"Alright, let's go!!"

Ace shouted back as his use [Flash Steps] made him move faster and before long he together with Rea and Ashe stood side to side with one another and for them not to waste any more time talking Ace motioned Altair to quickly move.

Altair talked with Ace as they moved forward and the main topic they discussed a who Ashe was. Ace introduced Ashe to Altair and Altair introduce himself to Ashe.

"Hey, my name is Altair, I will tell you now so it won't be any problem in the future but drop the formalities."

Altair made an introduction full of vitality and as for Rea who was in front, she had a sour look on her face as she moved faster.

The Immortal Demon Sect was huge that encompasses millions of miles of territory which will make exiting it hell, however, the outer circle of the sect are near the borders of the sect so it will only take a couple of hours for Ace and the others to reach the end of the sect.

"We're about to head out of the sect, our destination is White Legion Canyon but we will first head for the White Legion City."

Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump!

Ace heard Rea but because of the excitement, he was feeling he mostly focus on the loud beating of his heart as he celebrated the fact that he will come out of the sect as a true cultivator.

'I will finally be able to venture the world of cultivators.'
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    《Heaven's Wrath》