Heaven's Wrath
58 Red River City
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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58 Red River City

The Nine Worlds, there are nine different planets that exist together with balance, in every world, there's a power that oversees everything as they are the hold the strongest strength above others.

In some worlds, there're two or three powers that rule and coexist together and of course, if there are worlds that have powerhouses that coexist in harmony there are some who fight for supremacy.

The Old Dragon Continent is one of the five worlds that is ruled by a single power and this has gone on for over a million years and in this past years, they have solidified themselves as the true ruler of the continent.

The Immortal Demon Sect is the most powerful entity in the whole Dragon Continent without any arguments.

Four youths of the Immortal Demon Sect traveled with inhuman speed. Their main destination will be the White Legion Canyon, they first have to head to White Legion City before they can enter White Legion Canyon.

These four youths wore their usual attire, the uniform of the outer circle of the Immortal Demon Sect does not have any special ornaments or any special patterns so even if someone saw them whilst wearing it they will not be recognized as disciples of the Immortal Demon Sect right away.

They are specially designed this way in order for them to be tempered outside of the sect, after all, what is the use of letting disciples out of the world if their enemies will be scared witless of them the moment they see their clothes.

However, if they meet with a fellow sect brother outside of the sect they will be recognized immediately as they are fellow brothers and sisters of the same sect.

As they traveled on foot after a long time they finally able to see the towering walls of a city in front.

"Is that White Legion City?"

Altair asked as he felt the boredom already getting to him. They had been running nonstop without meeting any kind of trouble on the way, which made him extra itchy to 'reap' some 'Soul' and as for Ace, he was just itching to make a ruckus of some kind.

Rea and Ace had noticed them and the only thing they could do was to make a sigh, the energy these two had was something that even Ace could not compete at the moment.

Yes, they were also interested in experiencing some trouble and fighting then hopefully 'killing' them but for some reason, Ace and Altair have been wanting to fight that they were practically craving for it.

"No that's not White Legion City, I already bought a map of the Old Dragon Continent from the "Thousand Treasures Pavilion" and before we can reach the White Legion City we first have to cross this city we are still a long way so don't be too impatient."

Rea explained.

"Seriously!? I thought we're getting closer, but it seems like we're only halfway through this thing. Sigh, why don't we have any kind of spatial transportation formation in the outer circle?"

Altair grumbled.

"Don't be like that Altair, this is also training for us in the outer circle. Many of the elders argued to also place spatial transportation in the outer circle but the former sect masters said that it's best for us to practice the use of our body while we are still in the early stages of the Martial Path, at least that's what I hear from the elder brother and sister."

Ashe explained from the side, she was also just like Altair but she couldn't curse at the sect because that will be like cursing at her own family and especially mother whose the current Celestial Demon.

"Ashe's right Altair, besides, we can do a little detour before we head to the White Legion Canyon it's also a good time for us to gather some information."

Ace interjected and explained, Altair started thinking about it he chose to shut up and followed the group. They hasten their movements and before long they finally reached the gate of the City.

The gate was tens of meters wide making it easy for Ace and the others to enter without experience any kind of traffic. However, even though there was traffic because of the width of the gate there was still a line forming as the guards took taxes for those who want to enter.

This City was called Red River city and the Mayor of this city is known for his love of money even so the city is still filled with beautiful decorations, a popular establishment like restaurants and vibrant nightlife so it's a popular place either way.

Also, the Mayor possesses a strong cultivation base as a third level Great Saint stage so even if some people object about the high tax then he will be able to make them comply, with some "reasonings".

Ace and the other three queued up on the line so they can enter the city but the instant they did, eyes started gathering upon them.

Bewildered stares as if they had seen something out of the ordinary started popping up here and there and these stares fell upon Ace's group.

They were a group of youths traveling the Martial World, some people on the line were even like them so it was clearly uncommon, but the thing that set them apart from the rest is the peerless beauty in their group.

Many were dumbstruck at the sight of such high-quality beauty gathered in one place, however, this is not something Rea and Ashe enjoyed as they were quickly annoyed by the lascivious stares pointed at them became fiercer than before.

"Easy now, don't make any kind of scene by making a bloodbath out of these people."

Ace felt the killing intent flowing out of the two girls and immediately reminded them to take it easy, however, the one he's most worried about killing was Altair who was glaring at people who even brush a gaze at his companions.

Ace was not someone who will stay quiet if someone makes troubles for his friends but it seems like Altair was even more intense than him when it comes to this situation.

"Altair, your bloodlust is too suffocating. I won't ask you to stop it now because some bastards are stopping but make sure to stop when we enter the City, attracting the ill will of the guards will be a serious matter."

Altair looked at Ace and nodded his head in agreement. His body was technically the incarnation of the death god in this world so Altair's death stares were more than effective as a repellent for unwanted stares.

It took a while but the four of them were finally about to make the proper tax payment and when they came forward the guard who was in charge the guard's eyes was automatically drawn to Rea and Ashe.

However, when he felt a chilly air come up behind him the guard immediately came back to himself and became aware of what he is doing.

"Four people… that will be twelve Mortal Restoration Pills."

Rea threw the guard twelve imperfect Mortal Restoration pill and entered the gate with the other three.

She gave the guard imperfect ones so they'll avoid any more unwanted attention to themselves than they already have, she looked at Altair who has forced himself to calm down and showed a satisfied smile.

"Let's go, I want to eat something so let us find a good place."

Rea made the suggestion and hearing her words Ashe immediately said.

"I want some meat, they said that the restaurants here are all good but the best place to eat would be in Golden Spoon restaurant. Don't argue, I got this information from one of my grandfathers."

Ace and the others saw Ashe's enthusiastic smile and immediately thought that the Golden Spoon would be good.

"So do you know where this Golden Spoon restaurant is?"

Ace asked which Ashe responded with.

"We'll find it if we ask around the city… come on don't dally, the Tri Horn Rhino roasted meat is said to be a legendary delicacy there."

And with that, she took off with Ace in tow and Altair and Rea following them to find the said restaurant.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》